Ravens win and Flacco sticks a sock in the mouth of his detractors (shhhhhhh…)

January 12, 2013 | Drew Forrester

That should, finally, shut up everyone in town when it comes to Joe Flacco.

Thank.  God.

After a season of being raked over the coals – make that five seasons – by fans in Baltimore, the quarterback went into Denver and engineered an epic Ravens post-season victory on Saturday afternoon.  He only beat one of the game’s greatest field generals, in his arena, on the biggest stage possible.  The coup de grace, of course, was the 70 yard strike to Jacoby Jones with 0:31 left in the game that sent the contest to overtime.  A week ago in Baltimore, Joe out-dueled the NFL’s new Fair Haired Boy, Andrew Luck, and today he knocked off the guy that Luck replaced on the league’s Love Chart.

Read it – and weep if you’re a #5 hater:  Joe Flacco went to Denver and beat Peyton Manning.

I assume we’ll no longer be hearing from Flacco detractors, which is truly -golden-silence-to-my-ears.

And I’m also guessing that seals the deal on a new Flacco contract sometime over the next six weeks or so.

With the Ravens making their third AFC title game appearance in Flacco’s five-year career next Sunday, even his most ardent haters have to finally wave the white towel and hop on the bandwagon.

Let’s see now…in his first season with the team, the-then rookie went into Nashville and eliminated the top seed Titans.

In the 2009 season, it was a trip to Foxboro and a playoff win over Tom Brady.

There was a post-season road demolishing of Kansas City in 2010.

And then, today, it was Flacco beating Peyton Manning in his own building.  Another first seed eliminated.  Five seasons in the league and a playoff road win in four of them.

Other than a Super Bowl trip, what more could you possibly ask for from your quarterback, his coach, and the team?

There must be nothing more satisfying for Flacco than to shut up the experts in town who kept saying he couldn’t play a lick or that he wasn’t worth “the big money” he was expected to get at the end of this season.  But, he hasn’t talked much about it, because Joe knows the truth.  Words don’t mean jack.  Winning games is all that matters — and that’s basically all he’s done since showing up in Baltimore back in 2008.

Flacco is keenly aware that plenty of people around town have questioned him over the years.  And, as a competitor, there’s no doubt he’s taking particular joy from proving himself RIGHT and proving everyone else WRONG.

With one more win, the Ravens will head to the Super Bowl in New Orleans and Joe Flacco will be their quarterback.  That’s all that’s left on his “Next To Do” list.  Once he gets there, the goal changes, naturally, but for now — coming up — he’s one win away from playing in the biggest game the league can offer.

I’m just so happy that we won’t have to hear from the anti-Flacco crowd anymore…finally, finally, finally – their ship has sailed.


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  1. matt Says:

    you and i have said this and ill say it again: joe flacco is the best QB the ravens have ever had. but it doesnt mean i cant point out his negatives when his negatives very often rear their ugly head. he seems like he’ll be the 2nd coming of eli manning, but he needs the hardware for me to start giving him passes

    id just like to point out that i said on lukes blog that the ravens were going to win, and before the ravens received the punt with a minute to go in regulation i said on thyrls twitter i felt joe was going to tie the game akin to the way he won the game in pittsburgh last season.

  2. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Like I have said before, it’s always and only about winning games. Win us a super bowl or two, then you will be elite, until then your just ok. Drew, please answer this question; who is the black gentleman that is in the backround when Ray Lewis did his victory lap at M&T wearing a overcoat and in the victory in Denver, is he Ray’s bodyguard, he seems to be around Ray all the time. (DF: The overcoat guy is a Ravens PR staffer.)

  3. Donta Says:

    Drew you know that the fans can not help themselves as far as Flacco bashing goes that is what fans do sit back and run off at the mouth. If its not the coaches its the players. Bashing is what they do. Joe Flacco is a very good NFL QB plain and simple a winner my QB anyday of the week. Its all about winning. WINNING IS ALL THAT MATTERS and Joe does that.

  4. Gil From Perry Hall Says:

    I have always respected your opinions irrespective of whether or not I agree with them. In this case I must say that you are either groggy in the euphoria of this win or trying to ensure combative interchange over the coming off season (may it not commence until February 4th).

    WINNING is IRRELEVANT to the detractors, it is HOW you play that counts. Game winning throws to Houshmanzadeh, Smith, Evans and now Jones pale in comparison to viewing film on the sideline, exhorting the troops on the sideline, having a pulse and well, gosh darn, just looking intense about what is going on in the game (oh wait…did I include a perfectly placed pass to Evans as a game winning throw???)

    Seriously, if anyone needs to know about Joe, take a look at the broadcast (as I remember it) and note that late in the game (regulation) when it was not obvious that the Ravens were even going to get a shot at tying the game, the camera flashed to the sideline and caught Joe smiling in a conversation with someone. That he could smile like he did conveyed volumes to me, considering all that is at stake in his career. Joe has been level headed, grounded, self confident and a WINNER.

    For me that is relevant.

  5. John in Westminster Says:

    He will always be Dr. Flacco/Mr. Boller. But you can’t question his playoff performances over the last few years. He’s been money. (DF: You should be ashamed of yourself for putting the word “Boller” in the same sentence with Flacco. Joe did more yesterday in one game than Boller EVER did.)

  6. jpetrosino Says:

    Drew, you are missed out one detail about the last comment about Flacco-Boller comparison. Joe did more yesterday in one game than Boller EVER did TIMES a 1,000!

    Overall, Joe must have the most success in 5 years than any QB in history. When he negotiates his big contract, I hope he is mindful not to handicap the Ravens salary cap to the point where he has no talent around him. What does Joe want, an obscene amount or money or Super Bowl rings? In this league with salary cap, you can’t have both.


  7. tsnamm Says:

    You know Drew, these were the same criticisms that were leveled at Eli Manning until he won the big one…only 1 correction I would add to your article and that is that Joe’s detractors are hardly limited to he local fan base, many in the national football media have questioned Joe as well; just look at the pre-game panel discussion on CBS for example. But as the old saying goes…”nothing succeeds like success!”

  8. PghSteve Says:

    Great game the Ravens played yesterday. Some questionable decisions by the Bronco’s coaching staff, but you can’t question Mr. Flacco’s performance. He is good when it counts. Having an offensive line that blocks as they have over the past few games helps, as well. I’ve always said that I would be happy to have him behind center on my team. Good luck next week.

    I have a question that is a bit off topic. The new facemask that Ray Lewis and others are wearing. Is there some purpose to wearing that type of mask (like preventing injury..), or have players started to wear that because it looks intimidating?

  9. August Says:

    Everyone needs to stop calling Flacco elite. He is legendary.

  10. PghSteve Says:

    As Mr. Forrester has said before, there are to levels of QBs in the NFL. There are Championship QBs and then all the rest. I think there are 6 of the former in the league, only one of whom is still playing (Mr. Brady). Mr. Flacco has a pretty good chance of joining that group in the next 3 weeks.

  11. Robert Canady Says:

    After the Ravens won, I couldn’t help but think of the scene in Jerry McQuire where Tom Cruise calls out to the owner outside the locker room after the win and just rubs his fingers together meaning “this is going to cost you”

    I don’t know who Flacco’s agent is,but I imagine he was doing the same thing to Steve Bisciotti afterward :)

  12. Glenn from perry hall Says:

    Joe is going to his 3rd afc championship game, 60+ wins … He is a rock star! Wins in tenn vs a 15-1 tenn team , beats Brady in NE beats Peyton , reg season wins in Pittsburgh on the road, also has a 5-4 record on the road in the playoffs.
    Baltimore fans appreciate what you have

  13. BmoreBobRob Says:

    I was at the double ot game with the Colts vs Raiders. This one turned out much better for Baltimore and Jones’ catch is our version of the ghost to the post. Flacco has proven to be a good big game qb. He has outplayed Manning and Brady in the last 2 playoff games. (DF: Wait, no reference to YouPon? You’re starting to slip, chief…)

  14. Unitastoberry Says:

    Beautiful game but if you don’t win it all your Buffalo. 2 more wins are needed.

  15. Lisa, Aberdeen Says:

    I took some pleasure watching National media eat raven!! Honestly I have not been able to listen to any national sports talk for 2 weeks. Congrats Ravens for getting to AFC Championship game again. Very exciting week ahead!

  16. Jason Manelli Says:

    Flacco haters, please SUCK ON IT. No, you can’t jump on the band wagon now. You were too deaf dumb and blind to see the man has been best friends with WINNING since his rookie season, and your punishment is that no matter how many Ravens jerseys you buy, no matter how loud you root for the team or otherwise associate yourself with the Ravens and this amazing run, it will ring hollow because you hated on Joe when things were tough.

  17. Ken Says:

    Drew, you should know as we’ll as anybody that if the Ravens lose either of the next two games, the Flacco haters will be back in full force. Then you’ll have the entire offseason to listen to geniuses who think Tyrod Taylor should be the starting QB.

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