Reed continues to yap…and Baltimore is starting to get mad

July 19, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Ed Reed is on the verge of doing something that no other star athlete in Baltimore has ever been able to accomplish.

Quick — name the last bonafide star that Baltimore loved who eventually did something so wrong or mean-spirited (while still in Baltimore) that the sports community here turned on him.  And Mike Mussina doesn’t count, because his move to New York took him out of Baltimore.  I’m talking about a player who did something so wrong while here that everyone in town said, “Eff him…I’m finished with that guy.”

Right.  I can’t think of one either.

Well, Ed Reed…you’re on the verge of making history here.

More and more these days, I’m hearing and reading people lash out at the future Hall of Famer as he continues his whiny half-tirade about getting more money and a new contract prior to the start of the 2012 NFL season.  It’s rare for Baltimore sports fans to get spiteful.  We’re not New York or Boston, where they turn on their players if they strike out twice in a game or fumble a ball on the 5 yard line in the 4th quarter.

We’re soft here.  That’s the truth.  We’re soft.  But Reed’s antics are starting to wear on Baltimore sports fans.  And they’re aggravating the Ravens’ brass, too.

I’ll say it.  It’s evidently the pink elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge, but I’ll go ahead and put it on the table for discussion.  Ed Reed is trying to take advantage of the Terrell Suggs injury to milk more money and another deal out of his employer.

I call that bad form.

Honestly — it’s downright bush league what Reed is doing.

Anyone with a brain knows the Ravens defense is going to have to make some major adjustments in Suggs’s absence.  That pressure will fall on the likes of Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, Jameel McClain and Lardarius Webb.  It will also fall on Reed, which is precisely why he’s campaigning for more money and a new deal at age 34.

Taking advantage – or trying to, anyway – of a team’s weakness in light of a significant player injury is just wrong.  What if EVERY defensive player in Baltimore did the same thing today?  Sure, that’s a big “what if?”, but…what if?  What if Ray Lewis walked in to Ozzie Newsome today and said “I want a new deal and more money.”  What if Terrence Cody did that?  What if Jimmy Smith or Paul Kruger did it?

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