Said it a month ago…saying it again now…Turgeon’s not the guy at College Park

February 05, 2014 | Drew Forrester

I guess we now know why all of the Big 10 basketball programs are licking their chops at the prospect of having Maryland join the league next season.

With a few notable exceptions, the Terps will be everyone’s “homecoming night”, also known in the biz as – no pun intended here – a layup game.

I realize Maryland’s ’14-15 recruiting class is top notch and lots of people in College Park are pointing to the incoming group of newcomers and saying, “Just wait until those kids show up at the Comcast Center and turn things around…”

Not happening, guys and gals.

Not happening as long as the current coaching staff remains intact down there.

They could bring in Jordan, Bird and Magic — but they’d get nowhere being guided by these coaches.

Not a low blow…just a fact.

Honestly — Maryland looks more suited for the Sun Belt Conference than the ACC or Big Ten.

I wrote a month ago that Mark Turgeon is the luckiest man in the world, saved by a now unthinkably poor decision to ink the former Texas A&M coach to an 8-year deal three seasons ago.

If Maryland would have signed him to, say, a 5-year contract, he’d be out the door already.

Last night’s shellacking at North Carolina was another in the long line of turd performances Maryland has produced over the last couple of seasons.  They’ve run together so seamlessly under Turgeon’s tutelage that none of them stand out over the other.

Perhaps, as it usually is in these cases, the players simply aren’t good enough to compete at “this level”.  Maryland’s current group is “B talent” at best.  But Turgeon almost always seems unable to get the best out of them.  Great coaches figure out a way to get their group of players to perform at a level higher than their skill set should allow for…mediocre coaches figure out a way to get their group to perform at a level beneath their skill set.

Anyone want to argue that Maryland – under Turgeon – has performed beneath their collective skill sets?

I’m not a coach crusher, as everyone knows.  I love coaches.  I think they’re the best “people” in all of sports.

This guy, though, at Maryland, is simply in over his head when it comes to putting the game plan together and having his players execute it to his orders.

You are what your record says you are.

In this case, Maryland might even be worse than their record indicates.

And for that you can thank coaching.