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November 03, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Well, so much for all of the talk about injury returns. Heap is still not a definite to play, McAlister looks like he’ll be out, and Rolle is questionable too. When it comes to stopping Big Ben, the Ravens were in trouble without Mac, they’re practically doomed without Samari. However, Trevor Pryce IS back, and that might be the most important thing for this team. More than that, I still think the injury returns are more important for the team’s swagger than they actually are on the field. I firmly believe that the defensive front would have a stronger swagger knowing that Mac was behind them. Ugh. This is what happens when you sell out to a “veteran” philosophy. “Veteran” is synonymous with “oft-injured.” This team did not have enough balance, and has not addressed their age issue well enough over the last few off-seasons. Let’s see what everyone has to say.


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-I’m a bit more pleased by what Ralph said when Andrew Zuckerman asked him if Jordan might never play again. Ralph obviously wants Chris Turner to be the guy, and will only go to Jordan if Chris is ineffective. Chris can be comfortable in knowing that he is THE MAN, and that he has every opportunity to get the job done. 

-As far as the idea of coaches not “feeling the heat”, I don’t buy it. Ralph and Chris Cosh know what people are saying-not because they read message boards-but because they know they haven’t been getting the job done. However, as coaches, it is almost impossible for you to change your philosophy overnight. You can tell that Ralph wants to change something if he were to come out and throw a flea flicker on the first play from scrimmage; but that’s not going to happen. Ralph will again try to grind this one out, and the defense will be forced to bend but not break late in the game to preserve a win. Sound familiar? Ralph knows his team’s abilities, and he isn’t willing to take risks at this point. I’ll say the Terps DON’T break this time, and hold on for a 21-17 win.

-If there was EVER a chance for Navy to beat Notre Dame, it is obviously today. However, despite Navy’s incredible option offense and Notre Dame’s completely inept defense; Navy still can’t stop ANYONE. Their loss to Delaware explained it all, and Navy will fall again, 41-37. 

-Ah, Spencer Fordin gives us the whole “O’s will improve with fiscal responsibility” line. Translation-you’ll look at the Opening Day roster next year and say “How the hell did THAT guy get on this team?” We’ll say something along the lines of “Well, if they get pitching, and enough guys get clutch hits, you never know.” We’ll stop watching the games by May, and we’ll stop checking scores in the morning by June. The O’s won’t make ANY moves to make this team significantly better, and they’re trying to set us up for that already on November 3. But yet, I’ll still drink at least a sip or two from the Orange Kool-Aid.

-Warning to Orioles fans who continue to be apathetic. The Sonics plan to move Seattle. The Sonics don’t have the history the Orioles have, but teams STILL relocate. And the Sonics are trying to move to OKLAHOMA of all places. You don’t have to buy into the crap this organization is selling, but you HAVE to be active. Free The Birds is certainly an option! Teams can disappear, don’t ever forget that. 

Talk to you tomorrow!