So, the person who voted for Armando Benitez is allowed to vote again, right?

January 10, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Let me get this straight.

Dan Le Batard filed a ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame that contained ten legitimate names for enshrinement and yet, in the aftermath, had his right to vote in the future stripped away by the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA).

But one BBWAA member voted for Armando Benitez and somehow that person is allowed to vote again next year?

Sure, that makes sense.

The issue, of course, is that Le Batard essentially “gave” his vote to readers of the sports website Deadspin, who then used an on-line balloting effort to determine the names they would pass on to Le Batard.  Had Deadspin not bragged about the deal they struck, none of this would have mattered once Le Batard sent in his ballot, for it contained ten legitimate names.  But, to make their point, Deadspin had to brag about having a BBWAA member farm out their ballot to a renegade website and their readers.

It would have been very interesting had the names forwarded to Le Batard been the likes of Ray Durham (undeserving) or Armando Benitez (undeserving).  What, then, would he have done?  Would he have followed through on his obligation and sent the ballot to Cooperstown, with his signature at the bottom, knowing full well the Deadspin readers had, in fact, made a mockery of the selection process.  Le Batard said yesterday he wasn’t sure what he would have done if that would have occurred and I believe him on that note.

That said, the ten names given to Le Batard were legitimate.  Guys like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Craig Biggio, Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine were on the ballot given to him by the Deadspin contributors.

Yet, for playing along with the Deadspin game, Le Batard was suspended from the BBWAA for a year and will no longer be allowed to vote for future Hall of Famers.

That, honestly, could be a fair punishment for Le Batard.  Even though he didn’t take money for his shenanigans with Deadspin, Le Batard knew there would be outcry if or when it surfaced he was the goof who eschewed his right to vote for one of sports most important honors and handed it over to the great unwashed who read and follow Deadspin.

But — what about the clown who voted for Armando Benitez?

Who did that?

And why on earth wouldn’t the BBWAA take away his or her right to vote on future ballots?

I mean, seriously…you can go into the whole “Well, you have the right to vote for anyone you want” but if you vote for Armando Benitez, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote again.  Ever.

At least the people who read Deadspin knew enough about baseball to vote for REAL candidates.


Football picks for the weekend —

I almost hope I’m wrong with these so I don’t have to deal with people (*cough*, BK, *cough*) who get upset when I brag about getting the winners right.  Yes, that’s what it’s come to, I suppose.  I’d almost rather be wrong than have to hear from these people who can’t take a joke.


New England beats Indianapolis 27-20

San Francisco beats Carolina 24-13

San Diego beats Denver, 30-28***

Seattle beats New Orleans 23-20


*** I originally picked Denver, but as most of you know, San Diego was the team the Eagles hosted in their home opener back in September.  Why is that important?  Because for the last four years, the team the Eagles played in their home opener went on to win the Super Bowl.  Weird, right?  Very much so…

So, San Diego wins this game because, well, because they’re the team that played the Eagles back in September.

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  1. BmoreB Says:

    Drew… 3 out of 4 picks look good. Carolina over SF 27-24

  2. James-Dundalk Says:

    Drew, Here is my take. There are Hall of Famers, Hall of Very good and Hall of Why are you on the ballot. My idea would be that any voter can only vote for a player 1 time. ( you said the other day ” how can I not vote for Mussina this year and then vote for him next year”) A one time Vote. Got it . Any player on the ballot needs 50 votes to get in. In the case of Biggio he only got 48 votes “this year” those votes carry over for 3 years. If 2 OTHER people vote for him next year he gets in. 50 votes 3 years to accumulate them. Any player that don’t get 50 votes in 3 years (Durham,Benitez,Etc) fall off the list. Blyleven/Jack Morris have been on the list FOREVER, had they garnered 50 votes they would already be in. The Cream will always rise to the top.

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    Talking about HOF voting is a full time job for all HOFs including the musical ones. They should boot the guy Batard or Retard out of voting period.
    Looks like Ray Guy may finally make it in NFL HOF now lets get Mike Curtis in too.

  4. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Mussina, Shilling & Benitez are the only Orioles, present & future to maybe get into the H.O.F. There will be no Ripkin Oriole again because Angelos will not pay a player big money for a long term. Wieters, Jones & Machado I see leaving the flock, they have to be disappointed with the front office for the lack of additions to help the team this year !!!

  5. Such Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you on this Drew. The BBWAA is a joke. God forbid the fans ever have any say in who is or isn’t Hall-worthy. To further your point, who are the idiots that gave Jacque Jones two votes? Who are the pompous self-serving gasbags that left Greg Maddux off (and there were SIXTEEN of them!). The whole process is antiquated and dusty. I salute Deadspin and LeBatard for exposing the foolishness of a group that believes their farts don’t smell. I voted on the site and was glad to have the opportunity. The reality of the results are that the Deadspin ballot was much more “Hall-worthy” than the jerk who submitted a blank ballot or the moron who only voted for Jack Morris. Their privilege to vote should be stripped as well.

  6. Dan Says:

    I’m with you on the picks , except I stuck with Denver ,
    – but that’s my weakest link-
    I like New Eng for three reasons ,
    – home field , Brady , Belichick. on HOF , I dont care .

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