Someone has to say it so I will: Penn State shouldn’t play football in 2012

June 26, 2012 | Drew Forrester

I realize Penn State is going to pay a huge financial price in the next couple of years as they dole out millions and millions of dollars to the victims in lieu of civil lawsuits.

But they’re paying that money because they failed in their duty to monitor Sandusky and his behavior.

Anyone with a child or children has turned them over to a babysitter at some point.  For the most part, we turn those children over without performing any kind of legitimate background check.  They get referred to us by friends or family members.  Or we see an ad on the internet somewhere and after a 15-minute phone call, we hire him/her to watch our children.  If they pass the eye test, we’re comfortable.

Jerry Sandusky was a de facto babysitter through his Second Mile youth program.  Children who were lacking the traditional two parent home (and in some cases, these kids had no parents to live with — they had been abandoned) became part of Sandusky’s foundation and, therefore, fell under his care.

And the only people who sniffed him out as a creep?  His employer.  The folks at Penn State knew something wasn’t right with Jerry Sandusky.  That’s why they told him to retire.  That’s why Joe Paterno informed him in 1998 that he wouldn’t be considered for the head coaching position when the time came for Penn State to name a new leader for their football program.  Those kids didn’t have parents to make sure the guy watching them – Sandusky – was on the up and up.  So the school and the football program inherited that duty since Sandusky brought the children on their property.

We all know how it ended.

Penn State put the football program above the kids that Sandusky molested.

They knew in their heart something wasn’t right with him.

And they let it go.

They love their football program so much they just ignored the reality of the situation.

And since they love their football program so much, they should have to do without it for a year.

Maybe that will teach them the ultimate lesson.  You’re a college.  You educate people.  You play football as a sidebar to the educational endeavor.

Do without football for a while.

Let’s see if that teaches you a lesson.