Steve Bisciotti owes it to Baltimore to get the NFL straightened out

February 06, 2012 | Drew Forrester

The fork-in-the-eye treatment given to Baltimore by the NFL needs to stop.

And I have just the guy to help bring it to an end.

In case you missed it on Sunday night, former BALTIMORE Colts great Raymond Berry was bestowed with the honor of handing the Super Bowl trophy over to the New York Giants following their 21-17 win over the New England Patriots.

I’m not sure why, exactly, the league decided on Berry to do the honor.  Did they ask Art Donovan?  If they did, he no doubt told them to blow it out their rear end.  What is the NFL’s infatuation with having this Colts franchise be connected to both Baltimore and Indianapolis by integrating guys like Berry into the fabric of the current franchise in Indy?  Frankly, and I’ll take up for the franchise in Indianapolis for a second, having Raymond Berry do the honors on Sunday night is an embarrassment to Jim Irsay and the team he owns.  Raymond Berry NEVER played in Indianapolis. He’s as much a part of the Indianapolis Colts as Steven Tyler is a member of Run DMC.  Was Eric Dickerson unavailable on Sunday night?  He was terrific for the INDIANAPOLIS Colts.  How about having someone from the “old” Indy Colts – like Dickerson – join a member of this current edition…like Peyton Manning, maybe?  I realize the situation is somewhat tenuous with Manning these days, but if you’re really looking to have someone who has built the Indianapolis Colts be involved, that honor goes to the guy who basically built the friggin’ stadium — and that would be #18.

There was really only one guy who should have presented that trophy on Sunday night and his name is Peyton Manning.  He IS – or at least, WAS – the Indianapolis Colts.

Having Raymond Berry do it was a disservice to Manning, to Indianapolis, to Baltimore, to everyone…

So…that brings me to this point.  When the Ravens announced back in December that they were no longer going to use Westminster’s McDaniel College as their training camp home, Steve Bisciotti and the organization as a whole pledged to “make it up” to Baltimore’s growing legion of football fans.

Well, Steve, I have just the task for you.  Get yourself up to New York sometime soon and sit down with Commissioner Roger Goodell.  And make him understand that stuff like having Raymond Berry represent the Indianapolis Colts has to come to an end.  If Steve Bisciotti wants to give Baltimore a gift in exchange for moving training camp to Owings Mills, that’s the ultimate present he could provide to Charm City football fans.  In short, get these ass clowns in the NFL offices to understand that there used to be a team called the BALTIMORE Colts — and now, there’s a team called the INDIANAPOLIS Colts.  They are in no way one and the same.  And someone has to figure out a way to get the NFL to stop connecting Baltimore and Indianapolis.

That someone is Steve Bisciotti.

The Ravens owner should head to New York and sit down with Roger Goodell and make the Commissioner pledge – publicly – to stop this effort to make people think the Baltimore Colts are the Indianapolis Colts.  Bisciotti should take a delegation of Baltimore football people, folks like John Ziemann, Rick Volk, Bruce Laird and maybe a loudmouth born-and-raised-in-Baltimore broadcaster, up to New York City and try to talk some sense into Goodell.  Somehow, someway, this effort by the NFL to try and weld Baltimore and Indianapolis together has to stop.  And I’m saying that as much for the people in Indy as I am in Baltimore.  No one in Indianapolis thinks of Raymond Berry as a member of THEIR franchise anymore than we’d stand up and give Bernie Kosar a standing ovation in Baltimore next September if he showed up to be recognized for his great years of service to the Browns-Ravens franchise.

I’m starting to think Goodell might be suffering from some sort of concussion-related condition.

Is he really THIS dumb?

I’m not sure what’s going on with him, but I know this for certain: Someone needs to get up to New York and get this crap straightened out and give the people in Indianapolis and Baltimore what they want…two distinctly separate franchises that both have great heritages.