Sunday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

May 19, 2008 | Glenn Clark

As a Terrapin myself, it is particularly difficult to root for Johns Hopkins in lacrosse. But never before has one game felt so important to me.
Johns Hopkins is the only team left with the talent to compete with Duke. There is a reason why Virginia has won their first two playoff games by just a combined two goals. Syracuse is a good team, but is nowhere near Duke.
Duke is a superpower for sure, but we all know WHY Duke is a superpower.
In a way, it would be good exposure for the game of lacrosse if Duke wins the National Championship. There will be plenty of stories on magazine shows, plenty of conversation on radio talk shows, plenty of columns in morning newspapers, and plenty of blogs throughout the web about how the Devils finally erased the ugliness of the rape scandal from 2006 by winning the title. People will even mention that Mike Pressler is in a good situation himself, especially with Bryant preparing to move to Division I and join the NEC.
But it is safe to assume that there will also be a lot of conversation about how Duke’s seniors were given an extra year of eligibility in 2008 despite the fact that the school cancelled the lacrosse season.
I was thinking this to myself the other day……when Michigan got off to a disappointing start to the 2007 College Football season (remember their back to back home losses to Appalachian State and Oregon); what would have happened had they suddenly decided to just cancel their season? Could Lloyd Carr have stayed for another season with a healthy Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Jake Long, Adrian Arrington, etc?
I know that’s a foolish statement, but it has to be considered. The Duke story isn’t new; but it gets more and more disturbing to me as we march towards Foxborough.
It is with that in mind that I openly admit as a Maryland fan that I will be rooting for Johns Hopkins on Saturday. I can’t help it. I can’t stomach the thought of this Duke team being rewarded more for canceling their season two years back. I feel bad for three young men being unjustly charged with rape; but I do not feel bad for a University that clearly failed in many aspects of this situation. I can’t stomach the thought of the leadership at Duke University celebrating a national championship on Memorial Day.
I also can’t stomach the thought of anything about a Final Four in Foxborough, but that’s for another day.
I’ll make a pick later in the week, but for now I will just admit that you will catch me cheering on Hopkins next Saturday.
I promise you it will be the only time. And I won’t be happy for them afterwards if they win; I will just be happy that Duke will not be winning the title.
Let’s see what everyone else has to say….
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-I said the Birds would be permanently under .500 after May 31. I am not backing off that date; but I will admit that I do not feel quite as comfortable as I did when I made the proclamation. Even if they do get past May 31; this team will not stay over .500 to the All-Star break. I love watching them; but please remember that John Lannan was able to completely overwhelm them today. John Lannan does not overwhelm good baseball teams.
-I credit ESPN for waiting at least 3 hours before I saw their first Belmont promo on Saturday. That might just be how long it takes to get a voice over done; but I would have thought they already had a generic “See Big Brown’s pursuit of the Triple Crown” promo ready to go immediately after Preakness ended.
-The stigma surrounding the game of lacrosse will not be helped by the alleged story of two punk Salisbury goalies going on a vandalism spree. It is unfortunate that the story will evoke reactions like “sounds like lacrosse players” because athletes in all sports act like jackasses sometimes; not just lacrosse.
Talk to you tomorrow.