Sunday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

December 16, 2007 | Glenn Clark

I remember the first time I met David Segui. I can’t remember the year (if someone can help me, I’d appreciate it!), but it was sometime between ’91 and ’93, and he did an appearance at the White Marsh Mall. I was in Elementary School at the time, but couldn’t be more excited about getting the chance to meet a member of the Orioles.

There was an EXTREMELY long line-I probably waited over an hour in line to get the chance to meet a man who was pretty much no more than a utility player at that point in his career. (How long do you think you’d have to wait in line to meet Jay Gibbons right now?) Anyway, we met David, he signed for my little sister and I, and talked to us about his favorite biblical scripture, Philippians 4:13 (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me).

As someone who was brought up going to Sunday School every week, I remember I immediately identified with that, and adopted that scripture as one that meant a great deal to me. I may not go to Sunday School NEARLY as often these days, but I’d still say it means a bit to me.

I also adopted David Segui as one of my favorite ball players at the time, and continued to follow him through his next year or so in Baltimore; then through his next few years bouncing around the National League. By the time Segui got to Seattle, I clearly didn’t recognize him; as he had obviously bulked up and slowed down. It was actually painful to watch the rest of his career (especially his second round of “service” in Baltimore), as it became clear that Segui was using steroids. Obviously, my adoration became completely non-existent.

For those of us in the media, we tend to have a group of people that we know we can go to for a comment when certain stories break. I am not the only person guilty of abusing an open relationship with Former Commissioner Fay Vincent; as obviously he has been on radio and TV almost as much as Britney Spears this year. For me, Dale Murphy is a go-to when steroids stories break, as he is trying to keep kids off the juice (visit for more info).

It is obvious that Roch Kubatko has an open relationship with David Segui when it comes to looking for a quote. But Segui has also gone to ESPN and other outlets to discuss ‘roids. He speaks in a way that is so frank and matter-of-fact that it becomes clear that Segui has absolutely no remorse for his own use, the millions of dollars he stole in contracts from the O’s and others; or anything about Baseball’s steroids era.

David, as someone who rooted for you; as someone who enjoyed following your career; and as someone who has also covered you in the media-PLEASE DISAPPEAR. Jose Canseco-despite what many people have said-is NOT good for baseball. I’m glad you spoke with the Mitchell investigators, but I wish you’d just leave it alone. The Steroid Era is not to be celebrated. Please join Mark McGwire in hiding, so that no one is confused into saying that you are helping the game.

I don’t know how everyone else in Baltimore feels; but if a David Segui steroids book hits the stands, I’m gonna puke.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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-As I told Mark Suchy (and Thryl and Darren-it was a group therapy session!) earlier today, I am concerned that the Dolphins have put all of their chips into Sunday’s game as far as trying to get a win this season. The Ravens did the same against the Pats and played VERY inspired football. I also think the Ravens will benefit from the myriad of extra distractions that occurred in Miami this week (QB Change, the team being for sale, return of ’72 ‘Phins, etc); but the Ravens haven’t exactly had an uneventful week themselves; considering the annual events of “Billick Watch.” The injuries will AGAIN be a factor. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Dolphins 17-16.

-Congrats to Milan Brown on turning things around early this season at Mount. Going from 0-4 to 5-4 cannot be overlooked. Randy Monroe may have his best ever team at UMBC, but asking them to win at West Virginia may be a bit premature. However, they should have been sharper.

-I heard others speak about the Blast considering making coaching changes if Danny Kelly couldn’t avoid a sweep on the road this weekend, but I’m not sure if I believe it. I remember how genuinely Ed Hale adored Danny Kelly after they won their title in ’06. I don’t think Mr. Hale is quite ready to give up on Danny yet.

-I know a lot of you probably didn’t even bother to watch the game tonight; but did any other Terps out there jump right out of their seats when Shaun Hill found VD for 6? I thought maybe it was worth a look at this

-DHB is not ready to consider a jump to the NFL Draft. Not even a prayer.

-My newest best friend Mark Suchy is doing something that makes me want to stand up and cheer. Please help him out with a very worthy “Miracle House” cause. More information can be found here.

Talk to you tomorrow.