Sunday Morning’s Crabs & Beer

November 04, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Look, I went through plenty of emotions in today’s Maryland debacle; but today belongs to Navy. The Mids finally snapped the streak, and now they can deal with something besides the fact that they haven’t beaten Notre Dame in 43 years. My only question now is “What else does Paul Johnson need to do at Navy?” I mean, he’s been to bowl games, he’s won bowl games, and he’s owned Army AND the Commander-In-Chief Trophy. I guess he could use a win over Maryland in a few years, which he almost got a few years ago. But he’s beaten BCS conference teams, he’s beaten ranked teams (okay-maybe just Air Force-but still), and now he’s FINALLY beaten Notre Dame. What else can be expected of him in Annapolis? His name will again be hot when it comes to job openings in January, and I just don’t know what else he’ll feel like he can accomplish here. The expectations have a ceiling due to the fact that there are only certain kids that can come to the Academy; so goals along the lines of “an undefeated season” or “a BCS party crash” are not legitimate. As beautiful as today was for the Academy, I wonder if it also might mean that Paul Johnson can’t tell himself that he has anything left to prove. 

Ram Vela will never have to buy a drink again. The “Superman Sack” was the type of move that we will all want to watch over and over again, and I haven’t been able to find it on YouTube or anywhere else yet. If you have it, please let me know.

There was obviously a game that many people here in Tempe were interested in watching today, so I gathered with a group of guys to watch ASU-Oregon, and forced them to watch both Maryland-Carolina and Navy-Notre Dame beforehand. Given the timing of both games, the Navy-Notre Dame game was getting into crunch time as Maryland-Carolina was at half. The guys I was watching with decided that they were going to “pull rank” and force me into another room, as they couldn’t stand to watch “barely D-1 football” anymore. While I understood that these teams can’t be considered BCS contenders; watching this game move on reminded me of why I love College Football. Notre Dame is playing for nothing this season. Navy is probably headed to the Poinsettia Bowl with or without today’s win. But these two teams absolutely laid EVERYTHING on the line for 4 quarters and 3 overtimes; in one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever seen in College Football. Watching both teams stand for the singing of each alma mater; watching Notre Dame’s players holding each other’s hands even in defeat; and watching the brigade’s total emotion following the win made me realize just how much College Football means to so many people. Seeing Notre Dame fans shaking the hands of Navy players on their way into the tunnel after the game practically gave me chills. 

This game is about more than just wins and losses. People throughout this country who have never visited EITHER campus identify themselves with these teams. Notre Dame represents more than just a town, city, or school-Notre Dame represents an entire faith. Navy represents more than just Annapolis, Maryland, or the Academy. Navy represents every human being who has ever served their country AND their families.

This was more than just a win for Navy today. What happened today is the type of thing people will one day talk to their grandkids about. It was special.


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-For all of the emotion in Navy-Notre Dame; there was absolutely NO emotion on display today in Chapel Hill. The Terps never showed me any heart or desire to play the game. Even Erin Henderson-who has carried this team with his heart-appeared disinterested at times. There were MAJOR issues for the Terps in this game, and Ralph will now have to pull out a MIRACLE to make it to a bowl game this season. What I wonder now is whether or not we can give Ralph a pass for this season given all of the injuries. There is no chance that Ralph will be fired this off-season, and he obviously has to hire an offensive coordinator, but is that enough? What else needs to change in College Park to change things in 2008? 

-Chris Turner didn’t lose this game today, although I don’t know where he was throwing the ball on 4th down. He has to remain the starter for the rest of the season, and it may be a Turner-Portis competition next summer. Hopefully Portis is the savior, but I’m not counting on it.

-While we’re talking about it, what in the HELL were the Terps wearing today? The uniforms looked like Pajamas. I’d rather see gold again than the white top blank pants combinations. Maybe they weren’t inspired because they thought they were still in bed. 

-Tough break for Gordy Combs and the Tigers. It seems like when coaches make these types of calls; their confidence is enough for players to get it done.

-Rolle and Mac out is TERRIBLE news. No other way to explain this. My confidence in this game Monday is SERIOUSLY wavering. 

-I hope we hear more this week from the meetings about what a “major rebuilding” could really mean for the O’s. This could be exciting speculation as the organization pretty much just needs to flush the toilet and clean out the plumbing, but EVEN IF a rebuilding works, we could be looking at another MISERABLE 5 years. Ugh.

Talk to you tomorrow. Congratulations to Navy again.