Tears from Bode Miller are part of his Olympic story

February 19, 2014 | Drew Forrester

I’m a few days late on this but you can blame that on Richie Incognito, Ray Rice and the Orioles opening their wallet – swatting at the moth’s that flew out – and signing a $50 million pitcher.

I just haven’t had time to get to the Bode Miller-Christin Cooper story.

For the uninitiated, HERE’S A REVIEW OF WHAT HAPPENED in Sochi with Miller – a skier – and Cooper of NBC.

Miller’s brother passed away last April and he’s competing in these Olympic games with a heavy heart.  Despite the fact he’s had a terrific career as a professional skier and is one of the few “household names” competing for the U.S. at Sochi, the main sub-story for Miller at these Olympic games is the death of his brother, Chelone.

That can’t be denied.

So, naturally, Cooper asked him about his emotions and the memory of his brother in the after-race interview I linked above.

Did she press him?  Sure.

Was it her intention to get him to break down and cry?  Not necessarily.  It was her intention to get him to reflect on his performance and the memory of his brother and what connection there might be between the two.

Miller’s raw emotional outburst somehow gets looked upon as “embarrassing” or “humiliating”, which seems somewhat odd since athletic competitors constantly display various kinds of emotional reactions when they do something good (see Richard Sherman) or bad (see Richie Incognito defending himself on Twitter with foul language, etc.).

Bode Miller’s brother passed away, sadly, last spring.

He showed up at the Olympic games, performed his rear end off, and did so, in part, to honor the memory of his late brother.

Christin Cooper had to ask him about his brother.

It was the only story left to tell about Bode Miller.

And Miller, it should be noted, tweeted out a simple defense of Cooper, saying she was just doing her job.  Which, she was.

Let’s end it with that.