Terps practice in front of 1,700 at Middletown

April 06, 2013 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening statement:

“It was a great day. Great weather. Coming out here you get the scenery and can see the mountains and hills. There was good work today. I’d like to thank the about 1,700 people that came out here today. It was a good turnout. We were happy to get out here, and I thought the guys competed hard. Offensively we kind of shot ourselves in the foot with penalties today. We had some dropped passes that didn’t allow us to be as consistent. I thought the defense got after it really well other than when we got to the break where they let two run down and score and then got the long run by Joe [Riddle]. Overall I was very pleased by what I saw. Guys are getting better and we’ll continue to finish it up next week.”
On running back Joe Riddle:

“I know Joe was excited to get out here and he ran hard. There were a lot of good things, and it was good to see. Joe is getting better and he’s just got to keep improving. It was good to see that, and the more we continue to develop depth, the better we’re going to be.”


On differences between this week’s and last week’s scrimmages:

“I thought we played more consistently. We ended up being a little more aggressive today. I think what happened is, one of the things the defense felt last week like they didn’t perform to the standards that they have and they wanted to change that. I think those guys are really starting to settle in. We’re still working on offense. When you don’t have C.J. [Brown] in there, it really hurts. We don’t have the leadership; we don’t have a guy at that position who’s played there. That’s one of the big differences between the offense and defense right now. There’s a little bit more leadership on the defense with guys doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and guys going after guys. On offense, we’re lacking that. We need someone to step up so when things don’t go as well as they should, there’s someone there to get after them and get them going. That’s one of the biggest differences between offense and defense right now.”


On tight end Daniel Adams:

“Daniel’s got ability, but the biggest thing with him, he’s got to be more consistent. This is the thing we’ve seen from spring practice: he’s been too inconsistent. He’s got to be more physical as a blocker, and playing the position he’s going to play up the middle, he’s going to get hit. He’s in a position where guys are going to hit him if he gets the ball and he’s got to have complete concentration the entire time. The one down here, if he catches it, it’s a touchdown, and he dropped another one. That hurts you with the momentum of your offense to get any kind of consistency and rhythm when you have guys that are dropping passes.”


On the punt and kickoff returners:

“Those are the three that we’re really working with, so we have some depth. Right now it’s 1. Stefon [Diggs], 2. Will [Likely], 3. Deon [Long] there. With those three guys, we really have a chance to do things with the return game. What we have to do is get everyone who’s blocking to understand that if they do a really good job, those guys have a chance to really change field position and score. I really like what those guys bring to the table.”


On quarterback Ricardo Young:

“With Ricardo, it’s the inconsistency. He needs to get a feel for certain things that happen out there. He’s getting better, but it’s one of those things where he’s not consistent enough for us yet. You can tell he hasn’t had the game reps yet. I did see him being a little bit more vocal today, which I liked. He just needs to be aware of some things, and you get that with playing.”


On playing scrimmages at high schools:

“We’re definitely going to do it next year. We’ll sit down after spring and figure out where we’ll go next year, but this has been a huge success for us. We appreciate Dunbar and Middletown for hosting us. Getting out here and being around people. It’s good for us because we’re a young team. Now they’re out of their comfort zone before we even get to play a game. It’s a similar experience to playing a road game and it’s important for our young kids. It’s been great and we’ll definitely do it next year.”



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