The 2011 Van Clarkenburg Awards

December 29, 2011 | Glenn Clark


What movie do you wish you would have spent the 10 bucks to see in theaters?

Glenn: Cedar Rapids
Kevin: Horrible Bosses

What movie did you spend 10 bucks to see that you wish more people would have as well?

Glenn: Warrior
Kevin: Friends With Benefits

What was the best thing you saw on television all year?

Glenn: Showtime’s “A Game of Honor” documentary
Kevin: HBO “Game of Thrones”

What was your TV “guilty pleasure” in 2011?

Glenn: FOX Sunday “Animation Domination”
Kevin: HGTV “House Hunters International”

What book did you read cover to cover without really putting down?

Glenn: Tina Fey “Bossypants”
Kevin: Jennifer Egan “A Visit From The Goon Squad”

If you could force everyone in America to listen to one album, what would it be?

Glenn: Paul Simon “So Beautiful or So What”
Kevin: Jason Isbell “Here We Rest”

If you could force everyone in America to list to one song, what would it be?

Glenn: Civil Wars “Barton Hollow”
Kevin: Jason Isbell “Codeine”

“Best” Baltimore-

Glenn: U2 @ M&T Bank Stadium
Kevin: “Stoop Storytelling”

“Worst” Baltimore-

Glenn: Death of William Donald Schaefer
Kevin: High School Sports Crime/Tragedy

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