The Big Book of Bold Predictions

February 03, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Over the past couple of weeks on the MobTown Sports Beat we’ve rolled out a segment called “Big Questions and Bold Predictions” which has me making 3 “bold predictions per day. Some are very long term, others not so much. As the first of my bold predictions has already come true (to some degree) as it’s looking more and more like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao won’t fight in 2012, but we’ll check back on that later.

Below are this week’s bold predictions along with the dates we intend to check back on them. We’re taking your bold predictions too, so get them in.


Lingering predictions from prior to last week:


Mayweather and Pacquiao won’t fight in 2012 (check back in Dec.)


Michael Oher will be Ravens starting left guard in 2012 (check back in Sept.)


The Terps basketball team will beat Duke or Carolina at least once this season and will squeak into the NCAA tourney. (check back in March)


1/30 – The Ravens will draft defense with their first pick and with 2 of their first 3 picks in 2012 NFL draft. (check back in April)


1/30 – There will be no credible “fire Cam Cameron” talk after the 2012 season. (check back in December)


1/30 – Orioles will have 2 13-game winners in 2012. (check back in September)


1/31 – Robert Griffin III will not be the first of second quarterback taken in 2012 NFL draft. (check back in April)


1/31 – Dwight Howard will follow DeRon Williams wherever he goes for 2012-13. (check back in July)


1/31 – Peyton Manning will play again but not in 2012. (check back in August)


2/1 – Joe Flacco will get a contract extension from the Ravens before Ray Rice gets a long-term deal. (check back monthly)


2/1 – Murray State will reach at least the Elite 8 if they get a loss out of the way before the tourney. If they enter the tournament undefeated they’ll lose by the second round.


2/1 – Prince Fielder will have more HR and RBI than Albert Pujols in 2012. (check back in September)


2/2 – Ray Rice will play 2012 under the franchise tag or on a 2-year deal. (check back in August?)


2/2 – BenJarvus Green Ellis will have a costly fumble in the Super Bowl (check back next week)


2/2 – The Terps football team will rebound to at least a .500 season in 2012. (check back in November)