The Orioles “got mad hits like they was Rod Carew”…

May 07, 2012 | Drew Forrester

First, before I offer some insight on (the hottest team in baseball) our Orioles, I have to mention how deeply saddened I was at the news of the death of Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys on Friday.  The older I get, the more it seems I’m shaken by untimely deaths, like Yauch passing away at age 47, leaving behind a wife and a daughter.  I hope that little girl grows up to know how cool her father was and how hard he worked for causes he believed in.  It’s interesting to see how little media coverage Yauch’s death generated.  Unlike recent musician-passings like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, both of whom overdosed, Yauch lost a 3-year battle with cancer on Friday.  I assume his story isn’t nearly as captivating as drug addiction and booze binges.  Maybe that’s why I’m not reading or hearing much about it from those rat finks in the media.  I went through the entire Beastie Boys catalog over the weekend and sort of re-discovered just how great they are.  I’ve been a fan since “License to Ill”, but sometimes you need a refresher course to fully remember how much you enjoy(ed) a band or a singer.  It’s been a while since a musician and/or celebrity death impacted me.  The Adam Yauch news on Friday really saddened me.

Here’s a terrific review of Yauch’s life and the legacy he leaves behind if you’d LIKE TO READ IT HERE.

Thanks for letting me get that out.


Most of the sports media “experts” in town picked the Orioles to be lousy in 2012, with a win total somewhere in the mid 60’s.

I wasn’t one of them.

You’ll recall that I was the whack job who went on the air back on April 6 and said, “This Orioles team will be better than the 2011 team, for sure.  In fact, they’re going to win 78 games and finish in 4th place, with Boston finishing last.”

Funny thing is, I might wind up being completely wrong about the 78 wins.  They might wind up with 88.

At this point, though, I’m looking like a prophet with the Birds out to a scorching 19-9 start, punctuated by a series sweep in Boston, where the Red Sox are showing signs of crumbling.  To reach my 78-win total, the orange and black merely need to go 59-75 from here on in.

I’d say that’s a safe bet.

However, I’m coming in contact with plenty of non-believers these days and nearly every single one of them has the same question for me.  “What are the chances the Orioles can keep playing like this?”.  It’s amazing how almost every person has the same distorted view of the first 28 games of the season:  “how long until they screw this up?”

I’ll say the same thing I’ve been saying.  If they keep getting this kind of pitching, both from their starters and the relief staff, the Orioles can win as many games as anyone in the division.  I don’t know what the answer is to the obvious question — “Can they keep pitching like this?” — but I do know their success is tied directly to whatever happens on the mound.  If the Orioles keep this solid pitching going, they could be in for a special season.  It’s way too early to start talking about anything other than just watching the schedule play out, which is why I don’t like that question — “Do you think we can keep playing like this?”.  Why worry about “can we?” and instead just watch the games and enjoy the scenery.

It’s been a while since the games were fun to watch.  I mean, really fun to watch.  I’m not talking about doing what you usually do, which is put the game on for white noise in the living room while you surf the net or play a video game on your laptop.  I’m talking about sitting down and making it a point to get yourself comfortable in your favorite seat in the house with a drink of choice in your hand and watching the Orioles game as if it mattered.  These games, so far in 2012, are fun to watch.

There are 134 games left.  It’s way too early to start thinking about anything.

Just watch the games.

Better yet, go to one on this homestand.  They have Texas for four (4), Tampa Bay for three and the Yankees for two.  Get out to the stadium and have a good night watching the home team.

Stop asking if this can continue.  Sure it can.  It might not.  But then again, it might.

So let’s just watch the games.  For the first time since Bill Clinton was in the oval office, the team is worth watching again.

I’ll watch all summer long if it makes the Orioles wind up making me look good…




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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    If they continue to win like this everyone will be wrong as I know of nobody who said they can compete this year. Its nice to see them win but they still have some serious problems with errors and mental breakdowns but that is correctable. Go Os!

  2. matt Says:

    i cant wait for the o’s to go over .500. then all your detractors are going to be all over you saying how you didnt know what you were talking about and just had a vendetta against the team.

    but they will fail to see the big picture. that 1 year of barely winning doesnt make up for 14 of losing. (DF: Yeah, right…like it was MY fault the team couldn’t win from 1998 until now. Like somehow I was making up how bad the team was.)

  3. Joe Lewiston Says:

    When is the next Free the Birds? (DF: Not sure. September, perhaps…)

  4. joe of bel air Says:

    Buck Showalter has a history of turning teams around so I can’t say it is a complete shock.I would really like to see the Orioles show everyone that they are serious about having a winning team by giving long term contracts to Weiters and Adam Jones but it is sure fun watching winning baseball again.

  5. RJ Says:

    “Free the Birds”, …. why?! They seem to be onto something that hopefully will continue now, and into the future. Tell Nestor not to rock the boat!!!!!!

  6. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    When you’ve become addicted to losing, as the O’s have the past 14 years, as most addicts understand, recovery becomes a “one day at a time” experience! This team, which appears to enjoy a unique blend of talent, desire and chemistry, has become fun to watch not just because they are winning, but also because they are finding unique ways to win! It’s a little early to predict that they’ve caught “lightening in a bottle”, but it’s not too early to enjoy them……”one day at a time”!

  7. dan Says:

    Please Buck, put reynolds on 1st. and Davis DH. Who’s going to play 3rd? .. anybody. Why not much media coverage of Adam Yauch ? Who is he , I never heard of the guy . Maybe that’s why. (DF: You’ve never heard of Adam Yauch because you’re 70 years old! LOL)

  8. Tim in Dundalk Says:

    you have to decide which side of the fence you are going to sit on Drew. One day all you do is bash the Orioles, now you are talking about 88 wins. Make up your mind. Thought you guys were all about Free the Birds the truth about Peter G Angelos. Now you can’t wait to get back on their good side in the (very slim chance) they will finish above 500 and be relevant on the national scene.

    Kind of like how you bashed Damon Yaffee on the air for year and now you are all buddy buddy.

    (DF: You people crack me up. The Orioles have lost for 14 straight years. 14 years. All I’ve EVER done is report on the games and the team – as I see them. When the team plays well, I’m on the side of the fence that says, “The team is playing well…this is fun” (which is what I say about the Ravens every year). When the team plays poorly, I’m on the side of the fence that says, “The team isn’t very good…they need to get some better players.” (which is what I say about the Orioles every year). Before THIS season started, I was the only guy in town saying they might win 78 games. Everyone else had them winning 65. Good try with the “fence” angle, but you looked like Mark Reynolds there – a swing and a miss.)

  9. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    If you remember this was suppose to happen last year when the young pitchers all came up . Just enjoy the ride into October.

  10. Chuck Says:

    What makes this team special is they look like they are having fun. It is so much more enjoyable to watch a team that is enjoying themselves and playing hard. Davis and Hunter seem to have just brought an entirely new personality to this team. What a steal they were!!!!

    I sat down to watch a little of the game yesterday before I cut the grass. Grass still needs cut.

  11. Rich Says:

    Yeah … Orioles … wait and see, and stuff, but …
    I, too was deeply saddened by Adam Yauch’s untimely death from one of the most horrible of all causes as cancer. I agree completely that he got NO recognition to any extent as Whitney got. As for your referenced article, my son would’ve gotten a “D” in school if he ever used Wikipedia as a source. Really? Wikipedia? I read it, but I can’t believe that she actually quoted from it and used it as a source. Hey, at least she admitted to it. RIP, MCA.

  12. BudIce Says:

    As a Proud Orioles Fan living in area surrounded by Phillies, Yankees ,and Mets Fans this is the year I have been waiting for since 1997. Lets hopes Orioles Magic continues into October and beyond!!

  13. bill Says:

    Once again, bashing a player with the Mark Reynolds smart alec comment!

    “Good try with the “fence” angle, but you looked like Mark Reynolds there – a swing and a miss.”

    Is there any professionalism at all in you? And Tim is right you trash t Damon Yaffee forever and now you are all up in his grill. Never adressed that, looks like a swing and miss on your part with the hypocrisy…

    Dude- youhave zero credibility and if Mark Reynolds walked up to you , you would probably start sweating. Quit taking cheap shots at everyone and maybe you would be taken serious as a reporting or commentin entity…I can’t believe Terry Ford went on to bigger and better things (he was horrible) and you are still smart alec DF….

  14. Jason Taylor Says:

    The Orioles are playing well right now, and they are fun to watch right now. To borrow a quote from Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction… “Let’s not start sucking each other’s ***** just yet!”

  15. BmoreBobRob Says:

    The criticisms of the team by you and the station were completely valid. No business could survive if their customer relations was as bad as the Orioles. As much as I am enjoying this season, part of me thinks, it is just dumb luck, with no intention of actually winning.

    By the way, when will Nestor have his “State of Baltimore Media” as promised a few months back? I’ve been checking every day waiting for it.

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