The Reality Check Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

November 22, 2012 | Glenn Clark

16. Indianapolis Colts (9)

They WERE playing the Patriots though.

15. Cincinnati Bengals (16)

They’ll be higher on this list next week.

14. Chicago Bears (7)

Gabe Carimi < Jason Campbell.

13. Minnesota Vikings (13)

Hey Adrian Peterson run for a million yards the rest of the way.

12. New York Giants (12)

You figure them out.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (10)

They might lose to the Browns. Really.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15)

I would have given anything for Vincent Jackson.

9. New Orleans Saints (14)

Like…REALLY back.

8. Seattle Seahawks (11)


7. San Francisco 49ers (8)

Wait…a quarterback injury can HELP a team?

6. Baltimore Ravens (6)

Win’s a win in Pittsburgh.

5. Denver Broncos (5)

I’m rooting for more Lance Ball.

4. New England Patriots (4)

Should be able to survive de-Gronking.

3. Green Bay Packers (3)

Might be a week away from re-Jenningsing.

2. Atlanta Falcons (2)

Threw five picks and won…so clearly Matt Ryan also did it with a horseshoe up his ass.

1. Houston Texans (1)

It wasn’t as close as the score made it out to be.

(Ryan’s rankings on Page 3…)