The Steelers are 1-4…they’re not beating the Ravens on Sunday.

October 18, 2013 | Drew Forrester

This Ravens-Steelers game is impossible to pick.

Anything could happen.

As inept as both offenses have been, would it be out of the question for both of them to catch lightning in a bottle on Sunday and put up 20-something points somehow?  I can see it now;  Roethlisberger wakes up on the right side of the bed, the Steelers o-line is decent enough to keep him upright most of the afternoon, and Big Ben finds Antonio Brown twice for big gains to help give Pittsburgh two scoring drives.  Later, a punt return puts them down to the Ravens 25-yard line.  A pass interference call gives Pittsburgh first and goal and they punch it on the ground two plays later.  Add a couple of field goals and suddenly they have 27 points, somehow.

The same goes with the Ravens.  Flacco and Torrey Smith connect on a couple of 50 yard throws.  Ray Rice scampers in from six yards out.  Bernard Pierce busts in from the three yard line.  Lardarius Webb snags a ball that bounces off of someone’s shoulder pads and takes it down to the Pittsburgh 13.  On the next play, Flacco finds Marlon Brown in the end zone.  A field goal or two from Justin Tucker and you have a 24 or 27 point output.

I can see both of those scenarios.  At some point, don’t these two offenses have to produce a game that makes them look like a major league team offensively?

I think so.

But it won’t happen this Sunday.  The two defenses are too good to let that stuff happen.

Ravens win 14-9.  Pittsburgh’s 1-4 for a reason.  They stink.  And they’re not winning on Sunday.

(That said, if Baltimore loses on Sunday, all hell’s gonna break loose around here.  You can make book on that.)


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  1. Dirk Says:

    I disagree. History tells us the Ravens lose in another horrible performance where the offense gets to the stadium around 5:30pm for a 4:15 start and both sides of the ball do enough to rack up between 75-100 yards of penalties. Honestly I don’t think Flacco finishes this game because of injury. The Ravens usually are not ready to play on the road and this Sunday will be no different. Why should we expect anything different this week? I hope I am wrong but fool me 4 times shame on me.

  2. John in Westminster Says:

    I’m with you. I think there its a let down by the steelers after their”big win”. And, except for a lucky blitz or two, Joe gets all day in the pocket and does some serious damage. Ravens 20 – Steelers 13.

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    Real simple to win if you put Ben on his butt. If not then your in trouble. He does not move around in the pocket like he use to but his arm is still good.

  4. Dan Says:

    Yer right Drew , The Steelers Stink . Problem is , the Ravens also stink . I pick the Steelers to win on Sunday , they home , we aint .
    15 – 11

  5. The Armchair QB Says:

    Hope you’re right, Drew, but this is a road game and we all know how difficult is to win on the road, especially for the Ravens! The Steelers may stink, but the Ravens aren’t exactly playing good football either! Close game either way……

  6. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Suggs & Dumervil need to keep Ben on his butt for most of the game if they can do that it’s a easy win. If we don’t Ben will eat our secondary for a snack, because they are terrible. If we lose Monday morning will not be pretty for a few people, maybe heads will roll ?

  7. Chris Says:

    They’ll win a close one I hope. If they don’t then Monday will suck but I don’t think “heads will roll.” The current staff is the staff that won the superbowl and have been to the playoffs for 5 straight years. As much as some expect it, they can’t win the superbowl every year. Some years are just down years. This might be one of them (again though, I hope not).

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