The Sun gets the treatment I said they’d get from The Orioles

December 06, 2013 | Drew Forrester

If my Thursday edition of Drew’s Morning Dish here at was a post-touchdown-celebration, this is what you’d be hearing from the referee.

“There are two penalties on the play, both occurring after the touchdown.  There’s a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration AND a 15-yard penalty for taunting.”

Did I call that one, or what?

As you can read RIGHT HERE, I opined on Thursday that the Orioles would reach out to Peter Schmuck of The Sun by nightfall to chastise him for his Wednesday column in which he wrote, essentially, that the Jim Johnson trade on Monday night “had the fingerprints of ownership all over it.”

Reach out they did.  They had the owner AND the general manager get a hold of Schmuck to “straighten him out”.  In fact, they straightened him out TWICE on Thursday.  His Thursday piece at The Sun was edited twice yesterday (and the headline changed, too) when Peter Angelos and Dan Duquette both contacted him to make sure he got their story right.

I’m a Peter Schmuck fan, by the way.  I think he’s very well sourced in town.  Actually, I know he’s very well sourced.  And, I think Peter knows sports and knows the way things work in this city when it comes to matters of the Orioles.

I also know – with all due respect to Brett Hollander who is doing a fine job as the host at WBAL – that Schmuck would be hosting a lot of WBAL’s nightly local sports coverage if the Orioles approved it a few years ago when the opening first existed.

Yesterday, though, was so “Orioles-ish” it’s remarkable.

I’ve certainly experienced it ten-fold over the years.  Greg Bader once told me in the Camden Yards press box “only one person listens to you”, but whenever they wanted my access restricted (twice, now, in the last six years) they simply took my media credential away and said, “You can’t come in and cover the team…”

Schmuck got different treatment yesterday.  Once he posted his piece on the The Sun website, the Orioles THEN reacted to it.

They’re as easy to read as a copy of Playboy in the men’s bathroom at your local athletic club.

You try to reach out to the Orioles to get some sort of comment from them on any matter and they don’t return your calls or your emails because…well, because they just don’t feel like wasting their time with you.

Until you write or say something they don’t like.

Then, suddenly, their phone or email works.

It’s reprehensible, really, that a “professional” organization operates in such a fashion, but the Orioles have showed over the years an amazing ability to do things completely on the other side of Planet Professional.

This, by the way, is just beginning.

What I mean by “this” is an uprising of sorts from a fan base that is starting to put pressure on the baseball team to step up to the next level and operate their franchise at a level commensurate with the revenue they’re generating from the community.

It’s not that different than what’s going on in the country these days with regard to President and the government in general.  Folks have grown tired of this charade that’s been going for five years and are starting to demand real answers and real accountability.

We, here, at WNST have been demanding answers and accountability from the baseball franchise for about seven years now.

Throughout that time, we were the subject of scorn from “real” baseball fans in town — those at Orioles Hangout, season ticket holders and die-hards alike — who criticized us for our supposed “agenda”.

Now, the worm has turned.

Orioles Hangout looks like it’s been set on fire with a huge number of their sheep having discovered what WNST knew and communicated all along.  There’s outrage over there as they now – in 2014, almost – are starting to hold the owner’s feet to the fire for the on-field product.

Peter Schmuck held the Orioles accountable this week and look what it got him.

Phone calls, revisions and, in general, an orange finger wagged in his face that said, “Don’t you be writing those things…”

I love it, personally.

If the Orioles were more honest from jump street – with the media, the fans and themselves – this sort of stuff wouldn’t happen.

But, they’re not.

And, so it now begins.

The Orioles vs. everyone else.

Only this time, there’s a lot more of “everyone else” than there has been in the past.

Weird how that works, huh?



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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    Yeah the Orioles owner had nothing to do with the Johnson salary dump lol. Then the extortion begins on journalists who work for the flag ship station. Look at all the flack the Ravens take for some personnel moves (Bouldin) and let the process play out as it should in the press. But then the Ravens win championships. A fish rots from the head down.

  2. Charlie Says:

    lord peter always shows contempt for the fans and belief that he can ‘spin’ or argue his way around reality. trouble is, they keep score in baseball.

    i’ve loved the last two years after a decade & a half of losing, boring, baseball. but if he treats this modest two-year run as a culmination instead of a springboard. . . well, soon his minions will be explaining how the o’s can’t compete w/big-market clubs. like, you know, oakland.


  3. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    I wonder what Showalter & the players say behind closed doors? You know they want to win & they see that mgmt. doesn’t, or are they here for just a paycheck? I wonder if Showalter has any say, if not, I see him leaving for a team that wants to win. The fans have to start boycotting the team, like I said before, the O’s always on the cheap !!!

  4. lakerboy Says:

    The only thing that you can count on from the spinmeisters in the Warehouse is continued lying and deception. And quite honestly they have shown their true colors once again by the Jim Johnson move. Awhile back, Duquette was telling the press that Johnson would be tendered. Then abruptly Johnson was sent packing for a obscure second baseman. Anyone who is aware of the history of the gnomes reign, understands that he gave Duquette marching orders not to exceed payroll by some unspecified amount. Consequently, the gnome can assert that he didn’t have anything to do with the Johnson trade, and that he can legitimitally retain a clear conscience. That is typical obtuse lawyer-like behavior. What’s so pathetic and frustrating is that the team was on the verge of actually accomplishing something, and now has had the rug has been pulled out from under them (again). On a positive note just think what life might be like for Baltimore sports fans if the Browns had not moved here. I don’t even want to contemplate that scenario.

  5. CNC Orioles Fan Says:


  6. charlie Says:

    lakerboy, isn’t it a coincidence that the browns moved here twice?

  7. justafan Says:

    There seems to be a direct correlation between the Obama Administration and Peter Angelos’s Orioles. They are both democratic liberals who will go out of their way to suppress the media in order to hide their dirty laundry. They are bed buddies who exemplify the reason for the deterioration of our Country.

  8. The Armchair QB Says:

    I was planning to comment, but what’s the use? As you’ve noted, leopards don’t change their stripes and, besides, “Angel-oser” probably figures two winning season out of fifteen is all we deserve! LOL!

  9. The Armchair QB Says:

    Um, make that….SPOTS! LOL!

  10. tsnamm Says:

    With all due respect Drew, Brett Hollander is nothing more than a shill…he was going on and on again last night,this time about Robinson Canoe, and how ridiculous it would be for Seattle to pay him that kind of money, how nobody’s worth it, how overpriced the contacts are, how its good the Orioles refuse to fall into that trap (!), that all those owners ( Yankees, Red Sox )are foolish, etc. etc. Obviously WBAL has become Peters version of PRAVDA telling everyone what to think, even though it totally contradicts reality and what all other media outlets are reporting. It even spilled over onto the morning news this AM, from the anchors ( not even sports!) commenting that Canoe wasn’t worth $265 million, just unreal…. That the Orioles feel that nobody in MLB is worth big contracts is pathetic enough, and their only response is to whine about it…boo hoo…but for a supposedly “independent” radio station to tow the party line across almost all of their programming types, from talk shows to hard news, is downright shocking. I asked once in a previous post if Peter owned WBAL…now I’m pretty sure he does.

  11. tsnamm Says:

    P.S. Drew I have to give you some big props for this morning’s show, you had a caller on; Steve from Park Heights I believe, talking about Coach Heisman of the trophy name…it was some of the most interesting and informative radio I’ve heard in years…stuff like this is what puts WNST head and shoulders above your competition

  12. Brian Says:

    Hard for me to accept how the Orioles could mean so much to me as a child and so little to me as an adult. The Orioles have taken away the chance for me and my son to bond over them as my father and I did. That really stinks.

  13. lakerboy Says:

    Hey Charlie…You’re spot on! I didn’t even think about the St. Louis Browns when I considered what life might be like in Crabtown without the Ravens. And you could probably draw some parallels between those St. Louis Browns teams and the Orioles over the past twenty years. I would be willing to wager that the Browns won loss percentage between 1933-1953 isn’t vastly different from what we’ve seen over the past twenty years from the Orioles.

    The Orioles current situation is just pathetic. Yes, the free agent market is grossly over priced. But if you can’t, (or are unwilling), to pony up salary money to stay competitive, then just get the hell out of the baseball business. But the gnomes’ ego wouldn’t permit him to walk away from the game. It’s simply not fair to the fans to not do what is required to improve the on field product. What’s so very sad is that the gnome has the MASN money to spend, since the Nats are still paying him for broadcast rights. Plus, Oriole attendence was up last year.

    I can hear the spinmeisters in the Warehouse now saying that Ryan Webb will be the Mariano Rivera, and that Scott Feldman isn’t worth the money that the Astros are ready to drop on him.

    The bottom line is that the Orioles are a poorly run organization perpetually trying to find a diamond in a dung heap. Baltimore certainly deserves a better baseball fate.

  14. Joe in Fells Point Says:

    It is my experience that disillusionment sets in after someone realizes that they have been fooled. I am sure Buck thought that peter angelos would step up and get some free agents to surround his talented core of young players IF they won. Afterall, it has been a long-time since the O’s won and peter was spending money back in the 90’s. Well, Buck delivered the winning seasons in 2012 and 2013 and he got a move to unload talent to save money (after getting a nice raise from the TV windfall). What more proof now does Buck (and the young stars they want to sign in the future and the paying customers and ….) need to know that this franchise isn’t serious about winning and he made a mistake coming here. Why do I foresee a lackluster 2014 season where Buck and the crew sleepwalk through a losing season?

  15. Ralph Says:

    Justafan but not much of a thinker states that there is ‘direct correlation between Reter Angelos and the Obama administration” because they are “both liberals”. Wow thats the dumbest thing ever posted on this blog. How is there a “direct” correlation?? Is there a “direct correlation” between Dan Snyder and Ted Cruz because they both claim to be right wing? You can hate on either all you want but to say that there is a “direct correlation” makes you look like a complete idiot.

  16. Robert Says:

    Deception, obfuscation & coercion are the modus operandi of both Orioles management & lawyers alike. Whatever happened to the promise to “grow the arms & buy the bats”? JJ was a grown arm and I haven’t seen any serious bats bought in the last 15 years or so. Since the O’s aren’t likely to spend any serious money, I’d live to see them lure away some Tampa Bay front office personnel, who seem very adept at succeeding with limited finances in a 2nd tier city. Cheers.

  17. justafan Says:

    Ralph, They both suppress the media. That is where there is a direct correlation. There is no hate here, juat the facts.

  18. unitastoberry Says:

    I’m sure they will have some press soon on how Dylan Bundy fresh off Tommy John surgery will win the CY Young one day lol.

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