The time has come for Peter Angelos to re-sign Buck Showalter (like, sometime today…)

October 06, 2012 | Drew Forrester

The most special part of Friday night’s thumping of the Rangers wasn’t Joe Saunders or J.J. Hardy or even those insurance RBI’s from McLouth and Machado.

Those were acts in the play.  They were important parts of the story, but they weren’t the most “special” thing I saw.

The best part – “special” in its full definition – of Friday night in Arlington?  The look on Buck Showalter’s face as he stepped out to the field while the celebration started near the pitcher’s mound.  One word came to mind as I watched him:  Pride.  He looked like a dad who just watched his 16-year old son return an interception for a touchdown in the last minute of the homecoming game to seal the win.

So…maybe it’s too soon for someone in the media to start talking and writing about this, but I’ll do it.

It’s time for Peter Angelos to pay Buck Showalter.

Buck’s original deal ends after the 2013 season, but I don’t think any of us need to be convinced he’s worth keeping around.

True, it’s not my checkbook, but even stingy old Pete has to know a good thing when he’s stumbled upon it.

Pay Buck Showalter.

Whatever he wants.

Sometimes…what you think you want, you’re not prepared to deal with when you actually get it.

The Orioles franchise supposedly wants to win.  People in the trenches at The Warehouse have tried to quietly convince anyone who would listen that “Peter really wants to win”.  Angelos himself, when he lets Channel 13 interview him once every five years, always talks about his desire for the team to be successful.

Well, well, well…look what happened.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

And now it’s time to sit down with the manager and fork over a big plate of money.

I remember what happened the last time the Orioles went to the playoffs with a manager who knew what he was doing.  The manager was canned in the off-season and we endured 14 years without a post-season baseball game in Baltimore.

That better not happen this time around.

Back up the Brinks truck in Buck’s driveway and pay the man the money he’s worth.


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  1. tsnamm Says:

    Absolutely…even at this late date most of the national sports media wrote the O’s off as a fluke, Vegas wrote them off, everyone… But Buck just keeps on winning with a team that nobody thinks ought to be… Pete loosen up that MASN $$$$ and get Buck signed long term…Buck didn’t get to see his results with the Yankees,Diamondbacks or Rangers…he needs to see the O’s thru to the Big Prize!

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    I think Bucks worth a few Bucks!

  3. justafan Says:

    You never know about Peter Angelos! Hopefully, he will not pull off another Davey Johnson.

  4. dave hittinger Says:

    Maybe, just maybe you should give Peter some credit for hiring someone that was essentially out of baseball for 5 years. Yes Buck has done a great job, toss up between he and Bob Melvin for manager of the year, but the O’s have put together a nice collection of talent that I believe isn’t necessarily soley dependent upon Buck. (DF: You didn’t really make a point, but I’ll try and piece it together and give you this: The owner is SUPPOSED to hire the right people. As a business owner, Peter shouldn’t be applauded for spending money on good people. Now, having hired one of those aformentioned “good people”, he needs to retain him. That’s all. Class dismissed.)

  5. Over40Don Says:

    Hittinger , w/o Buck the Orioles R the same “old ” Orioles You can’t be serious. Talent is one thing mininal at best with this collection. Pulling the right strings is what made a bullpen ELITE and won extra-inning games. PAY BUCK ANGELOS!!!!!!!!

  6. The Armchair QB Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Drew! But, remember who you’re talking about. Davey Johnson, who just did in Washington what Buck has done here, was FIRED by Angelos immediately after being named Manager of the Year in 1997, the last winning sseason until now, incidentally! Both Johnson and Showalter are “proof positive” of how important good management/coaching is on and off the field! Unless Angelos has finally figured that out, expecting him to re-sign Buck anytime soon may be wishiful thinking! And, while wishing won’t make it so, let’s hope that Angelos has finally seen the light and does just what you suggest…….

  7. BudIce05 Says:

    This O’s team would not be where they are at today if this team were managed by Bobby V or Cholly Manual. Buck managed a masterpiece last night!

  8. sal Says:

    go os ,drew hits 120 on his golf game terrible

  9. Jason Taylor Says:

    Dude, I think you just like posting dumbass comments. Buck deserves all the credit. The hardest thing to do in sports, is to break a team’s “culture of losing,” and Showalter has done that this year. Pay da man!

  10. Ralph Says:

    Yeah, I was listening and really enjoying your show this morning. I usually can’t get wnst from my house here in Catonsville. I haven’t listened in some time. Sadly, out of nowhere, i hear you say something like, “yeah, this isn’t a communist country, despite what the current person running the country is trying to do,” or words to that effect. yes, I know you were joking, but is such a comment, an extreme fringe remark, worth making? It isn’t funny, just kind of weird. Its your show, you are free to say what you like, and I am free to express this opinion as well. Okay, thanks. (DF: I wasn’t really joking. But thanks for listening.)

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