Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

June 12, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Kudos to WNST for beating everyone to the punch on the J.O. story yesterday.
I believed the response to Jonathan Ogden’s retirement would have been more encompassing in Baltimore. I thought the story would reach Favre-like levels in town. I know the story has continued to lead everywhere in town; but the lack of comments I’ve seen on this and other pages has surprised me; as has the number of “it was time for him to make a decision” responses and comments.
Jonathan Ogden’s decision to retire should be the type of decision that causes fans in this city to step back and reflect. Jonathan Ogden was one of the biggest reasons why we fell in love with this team over the last 12 years. In fact, if Jonathan Ogden hadn’t panned out; it is entirely possible that the organization we know now would not have accomplished half of what they have been able to.
The bottom line with Ogden was that he was an anchor; a rock. Ogden was the type of player that didn’t need to prove how valuable he was; everyone who watched could just see it. We got so used to what Jonathan Ogden would do that when he was less than perfect (think Dwight Freeney); it was so odd that we actually remembered it more than we remember any of his greatest moments. We remember because it was something we had never seen before.
The city should practically stop to honor this man today.
I know the reasons why Jonathan Ogden’s retirement isn’t being viewed the way other athletes’ retirements in this city have been.
-He only played 12 years.
-He didn’t play a position where we could measure his performance with statistics.
-His final seasons were remembered as much for injuries as on-field performance.
And mostly……
-We didn’t know him.
In the past, when athletes have retired in this city that we grew to love during their playing days; we felt as though we knew them on a personal level (and many times we did!). Jon Ogden wasn’t that guy…….he wasn’t a local guy. He wasn’t overly active in the community. He didn’t go to Lions Club meetings. He didn’t do card signings at White Marsh Mall (although there were times you could get one for $40 or so probably). He did radio appearances, but didn’t go out of his way to get to know anyone.
I could write about how genuinely nice of a human being Jonathan Ogden is; but many people in this town never got to see that; so it wouldn’t matter.
I think it is perfect that J.O. is retiring now, during the King of Baltimore Sports; because I think he represents what K.O.B.S. is all about.
This contest isn’t about who took the most pictures at Bel-Loc Diner. This contest isn’t about who gave the best talk to us during our middle school assemblies. This contest isn’t about whose family we had the most fun with on league nights at Bel Air Bowl (Elly Ripken could flat out BOWL). This contest is about who was the BEST athlete to play for a team whose name was “Baltimore __________.” And if there is one word to describe Jon Og, BEST is most definitely an accurate description.
I hope everyone can take some time today to reflect on how fortunate we were as fans to have someone like Jonathan Ogden play for our team. And I hope that just because he didn’t spend 300 days a year in Charm City; we will still consider him in the same vein as Lenny Moore, Jim Palmer, and the rest of the men we consider “Kings.”
He was just that great.
Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..
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-Here’s a brain-buster for you. Which has been the more valuable Outfielder/Reliever duo the Orioles acquired in a trade this past offseason: Adam Jones and George Sherrill (from the M’s in the Bedard deal) or Luke Scott and Dennis Sarfate (from the ‘Stros in the Tejada deal)? I think the answer is Scott and Sarfate.
-Jay Gibbons DOES deserve another chance to prove himself somewhere. He certainly had talent before he discovered PED’s, and that talent could have potentially manifested even if he had never injected one needle in his body. If he can trust those god-given abilities again; it is not impossible that he could become a valuable part of a major league team. He has a lot to prove during his time in the Atlantic League.
-I am not considered about Oniel Cousins’ propensity for finding himself in skirmishes……yet. Dan Cody is obviously going to be a bit more feisty given how desperate he is to get on the field; and Cousins might prove himself to be nothing more than a punk kid when it’s all said and done; but if John Harbaugh is laughing, I won’t be too concerned.
-As far as Jared Gaither replacing J.O. goes; I can confirm that size is the one attribute that can’t be coached. He may never be an All-Pro; but I’d rather take my chances with someone his size than most others who could find themselves in the position.
-I knew the Ravens wouldn’t be picked to win the AFC North; but are we going to spend an entire Summer with prognosticators saying things like “this will be a long season” and “the Ravens will be lucky to go 4-12”? I prefer things like “this team is headed in the right direction” and “if things fall in place; they could make a late run at .500”.
-Since Congress has been busy worrying about everything else but gas prices; they might as well talk ponies. But the responsibility to make changes absolutely falls on the industry itself. Hopefully there are many in the industry who are serious about proposing change. Congress can do no more than offer finger wagging and soft verbal blows.
Talk to you tomorrow.