Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

August 28, 2008 | Glenn Clark

I will admit that there have been many occasions when I have just completely avoided going to preseason games altogether. For the most part, I am not a fan of “fake football”; but do like the feeling that comes with knowing that football season is nearing.

That being said, I have NEVER gone to a preseason game where I will be more confused about this football team than the one I will go to tonight. I have NO IDEA what to expect. Will the Ravens treat this like they normally treat the 4th preseason game? I mean, I remember seeing Jay Graham carve up the Giants some 9 years ago; and thinking “maybe they found something there.” But I don’t know if we’ll see Allen Patrick in the 4th quarter tonight; or if they might stick with Ray Rice. And who the hell is Casey Bramlet?

To call this team maddening right now wouldn’t even be fair. This whole “we’re rebuilding but trying to win now” thing is REALLY wearing me down. I can’t actually get excited about the team because they’re not actually capable of winning many games. I can’t actually get excited about the future because I’m not really sure which players are a part of their plans for the future (outside of Flacco and Rice). The John Harbaugh era certainly doesn’t have me excited, as I have no idea if he is capable of being a NFL Head Coach.

I’m going to the game tonight (mostly because I’m trying to impress a girl); but I’d honestly rather watch NC State play South Carolina. Thanks so CB in Northeast for the tickets though; he’s listener of the month for the entire month of September!

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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-Congratulations to Michael Phelps on the chance to host Saturday Night Live. Say what you will about the direction the show has gone in recent years, but being a SNL host is still a pretty significant thing in greater pop culture. We certainly all remember that many of the all time great skits in SNL history have involved athletes; be it Jordan with the Superfans, Peyton Manning for United Way, etc. Michael will get the chance to extend his fame; as swimming alone will not be enough to maintain him as the world’s most popular athlete. I’ve heard that he will also make an appearance at MTV’s Video Music Awards; which is pretty cool as well.

 I would still suggest that before returning to Baltimore; Michael’s people make sure they have plans drawn up for the Michael Phelps Foundation; as he will have a great deal expected from him-be it fair or not. He really is going to be not only the most significant athlete to have lived in Baltimore; he might well be the biggest celebrity to have ever lived in the city-at least for the first few months he’s back.

-I expect the Orioles to be careful with the way they use both Adam Jones and George Sherrill over the last month of the season. They know how good Adam Jones can be; so he has nothing to prove over his last month. They are hopefully still looking to move George Sherrill; so I don’t think they will risk overworking his arm over the last month of the season. I expect him to pitch in save situations ONLY-not tie games.

Talk to you tomorrow.