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October 25, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Ray Lewis is more beloved outside the locker room than inside the locker room. I’m not sure if that is as much a statement I want to make as it is a question I want to ask. I didn’t spend as much time in the locker room as I would have liked to during my first radio stint in Baltimore, and due to the fact that I was so young-I spent a lot of time around wide-eyed rookies and young players. But I do consider two former Ravens as genuine friends, I have known others closely, and I did have the honor of talking to AD quite often due to his former radio show. I have spent a lot of time with others who have shared a locker room with 52, and I’ve even had the privilege of interviewing 52 1 on 1 on more than one occasion.

I’ve tried many times to figure out what the relationship is between 52 and everyone else in the locker room. I remember Tom Knight and I talking about who we would have on our show the week the Cardinals were playing the Ravens. He said “Everyone in town will have Suggs or Heap on. I’d like to talk to one of my boys. Here’s the deal, we could call the Ravens, and tell them we want C-Mac, Ed Reed, or 52. If (Ravens PR Director) Chad Steele walked in and asked each of them to do it, Ray Lewis would bitch and moan more than anything in the world. But he’d also make sure he picked up his phone and gave me a call.” We ended up asking for McAlister and had him on the show, but Tommy made a point.

It becomes obvious that 52 treats this locker room as his own personal sandbox He believes that no one else is quite on his level. I get the feeling that most everyone who shares this locker room with 52 respects him as both a player and as a man, but doesn’t necessarily agree with the way he goes about his business at all times. I think the AD situation just happens to be one of the first times that a former defensive teammate of 52’s has played for a superior team at an All-Pro level. People want to hear what AD has to say, and AD is in a position where he is able to say it.

All of this is much ado about nothing in reality. AD pointed out something that 52 already knows…..he has an ego.
Everyone in the world knows 52 has an ego. Everyone in the world knows Ed Reed has an ego. Everyone in the world knows Jarrett Johnson has an ego. Hell, everyone in the world knows that Glenn Clark has an ego. We all have egos. I think 52 wanted to re-assert himself, as if AD was still in HIS locker room. In the end, both guys will talk, we’ll talk way too much about it when the Patriots and Ravens play, and I’ll waste four paragraphs talking about it before telling you what everyone has to say……


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-I’m done with the Millar talk, and I don’t care what he has to say unless he’s apologizing. Even if you were stupid enough to think this wasn’t a big deal-just apologize bro. There are actual baseball fans in Baltimore, despite what you might have seen in your time here.

-Firing Andy Etchebarren makes absolutely no sense to me, on any level. Trebs is gone, Etch is gone, Perlozzo is gone. Is there anyone in this organization who actually cares about the Orioles?

-Thank God Maryland and Navy got this together for 2010. Debbie Yow should have considered the option of adding 2014, as this game should be played at least every 4 years. I don’t agree with Ralph in thinking this is an annual game, but it should happen at least every 4 years. Note to Chet Gladchuk: GET OVER THE BOWL GAME LAST YEAR. Maryland played in a better bowl, on primetime, in a better location, against a superior opponent. As an AD, you should know exactly why Maryland chose to go to Orlando instead of playing in Charlotte. GET OVER IT.

-James Gist might be the only Terp on Rivals’ list right now, but Greivis Vasquez will be there soon.

-I think its cool that Blast games are going to air live on MPT. The Blast can use as much exposure as possible, and this is nothing but good.

-Tony Giro, there are hockey fans in this town, but let’s get some lacrosse and a real Arena Football League team before we worry about hockey.

-Talk to you tomorrow.