Thursday Morning’s Crabs & Beer

November 08, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Attention Steve McNair: I “ain’t never played quarterback.” Okay, I did take a few snaps at about 2am the other night in a neighborhood pick-up game. (There was a lot of beer involved, and I eventually caught a pivotal Hail Mary TD on 4th Down, but you guys don’t care about any of that, right? I mean, if you do, I’ll tell you more. No? You sure? Okay….)

Even though I have never played QB, I think I can tell when a quarterback isn’t effective. Again, most receivers like to run PAST the line of scrimmage, and you don’t seem to be able to throw the ball that far. Also, there are receivers on this team whose jersey does not have “85” on the back, but apparently you don’t know where they are. That’s okay, even if you could find them; you don’t seem to be able to throw the ball to them without bouncing it first. Allen Iverson is good at the bounce pass too, but he gets credit for assists when he does it. Yours just go as incompletions. The other thing I don’t think makes since is how you flail your arm when you’re nervous, thinking that the flailing motion constitutes a pass attempt.

Now, since I “ain’t never played quarterback”, I have sought out friends who were NFL quarterbacks, even one who still is. They seem to think pretty similar things, although they also think the world of you personally. To me, you were a mistake made by the Ravens organization, so I hold some slight hostility. But I did always admire you when you were in Tennessee. You seemed to always know how to make things happen. You even showed me signs of that last season, which made me think that maybe I was wrong about not wanting you here.

Steve-if you’re still hurt; let someone know. I know that 52 will call you a “warrior”, and you feel you need to live up to that, but you’ve been banged up your entire career, and you’re not getting any younger. If you’re not hurt, maybe you need to live with the fact that people are questioning you. And then maybe you should try to correct the things you’re being questioned about. But Steve-this won’t be easy.

Let’s see what everyone has to say….


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-As I responded to Drew today, I wholeheartedly understand why WNST callers have been clamoring for Troy Smith. The Kyle Boller talk is laughable, as Boller has looked just as ineffective-if not worse-than McNair. With two incapable QBs, you can’t help but wonder what guy number three might be capable of. However, I’m also smart enough to know that it probably won’t help much for him to play.

-Chris Henry is an idiot, but he will probably still be playing Sunday. With Rolle out again, a McAlister return would be HUGE. Otherwise, the Bengals might as well throw all of their run plays out of their playbook.

-On a night when Gardner-Webb won at Kentucky and UConn BARELY hung on to beat Morgan; and in a season where Ohio State, Michigan State, and Baylor have all lost to Division II teams, I am relieved to hear that Maryland took care of business. The Terps played well on defense, and were balanced on offense. That would be a good trend to continue, but the Terps should probably try to start a little quicker.

-The BC Linebacker issues won’t matter if the Terps can’t stop the Eagles’ offense. It’s that simple.

-Dear Orioles, PLEASE do not trade Miguel Tejada to the Yankees. I know you feel like you HAVE to make a deal, and I can’t blame you at all; but I don’t think my heart could take it. Tejada might be the perfect role player to replace A-Rod in New York, and that would just leave me doubled over with nausea. Please don’t do that.

-Does anyone else get the feeling that Todd Bozeman can do special things at Morgan? I’m as apprehensive as anyone else about what kind of program he’s running; but giving him the benefit of the doubt, I think he can win there.

Talk to you tomorrow.