Thursday Morning’s Crabs & Beer

November 01, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Of course the Steelers can’t forget what the Ravens did to them just one year ago. Do you think the Ravens remember losing to Cincinnati on a Thursday night? Or losing to Indianapolis in the playoffs? But as always, what happened last year is completely irrelevant…….kinda. There almost has to be a Week 1 approach taken with this game, given the number of players returning from injury. This week has to be a turnaround point for this team. IF everyone is really healthy, there is a CHANCE that the Ravens can look like the ’06 Ravens.
However, going into Week 1, we were wondering things like what the Ravens would do on defense to replace Adalius Thomas. We’re halfway through the season, and the best answer so far is that the defense is incapable of replacing Adalius Thomas. We also wondered if Willis McGahee could be the back everyone expected him to be coming out of Miami a few years back if he played behind a healthy offensive line. He has his chance now.
Let’s face it; we’ve learned absolutely nothing about this Ravens team over the first 8 weeks of the season (with the exception being that we have learned that they are injury-prone). BUT, we also know that the guys stepping out on the field are able-bodied football players, some of whom are downright spectacular. There is a sense of urgency for the Ravens to find that identity again, and the team they demolished twice last year should be a team for them to find it against. But we don’t know everything about the Steelers either. Let’s see what everyone has to say…

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-The Steelers, like many other teams; will try to steel some emotion on a Monday Night by honoring their history. Like it or not, these tactics (as well as the throwback unis) actually work for some teams in generating extra emotion. When I read about the Steelers wearing T-Shirts that said “Use Me”, I couldn’t help but think that the Ravens could steel some emotion back by wearing T-Shirts in practice this week that said “USER” on them. If they beat the Steelers, they would then be given T-shirts saying “Consider yourself used.” It does seem a bit more like something you’d do at the collegiate level, but given the intensity of this game, I think it should be something the Ravens should consider.
-If Andruw Jones or Torii Hunter showed up in CF instead of Corey Patterson next season, I wouldn’t say a negative word; no matter the price. The Orioles need to make DRASTIC moves, and both guys are capable baseball players who are NOT named Albert Belle. Take a freaking chance.
-Press Box’s Stan Charles and Amber Theoharris proved to me how clueless they are this week. Stan “The Fan” has absolutely no clue of what “The Fans” actually think, and attempts to defend this buffoon Millar-probably because Millar is such a good dude in the clubhouse. Look, I talked to one of Millar’s cousins yesterday (accidentally); and even I had to admit that I LOVED Kevin Millar in the clubhouse. But if you are truly a FAN, you have to comprehend not only WHY Orioles fans are still mad, but you should be mad yourself! I’m done with writers trying to defend Kevin because of his good-guy status in the clubhouse. If you screw up, own up, and try to patch things up. I’m not letting this go.
On to Amber, who seems to think that the Media has somehow played a role in the “52 vs. AD” saga. Note to Amber-you’re in the locker room as much as everyone else. You can either try to pretend that everything is all good, and this was just blown out of proportion; or you can admit the truth (as you actually did earlier in the column!) Guys in this locker room ALL have egos (much like in every other locker room in the world), and the biggest of them all resides in the locker with the number 52 above it. These guys were going to open up at some point or another. AD probably earned the respect of 52 over the years, but I have no doubt that 52 made sure AD knew exactly who he was during his years in Baltimore. 52 is happy for the success of other players on this team, but that doesn’t mean that 52 is going to relinquish “his” locker room to any of them. He’s dominant, and everyone else in the room knows it. How freaking lame is it to blame the media for this? Could you imagine a columnist in New England blaming the media for Bill Belichick being a pompous ass? These guys are who they are; and no writer, talking head, or internet shill can ever change that. As my buddy Michael Silver from Yahoo! Sports would say, thank god there are people like us around to report the story, not just sugar coat it. Silver risked a personal friendship with Matt Leinart over one line in a story. But he did so because sometimes one line IS a story. (Silver and Leinart remained friends just so you know).
-I didn’t mention this earlier because there’s really no local angle in the story itself, but it jumps off the screen at me. Inside Lacrosse has confirmed that my beloved Arizona Sting will not play during the 2008 season, despite the National Lacrosse League’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The team would likely be broken up by a dispersal draft, with hopes that they could resume play in 2009. Poor attendance has been cited as a reason for the team going dark-although I don’t know how this league could really expect much more than 6-7,000 fans per game.
I digress. Attention Steve Biscotti, Kevin Plank, Ed Hale, Cal Ripken, STX, and anyone else who has money in the city of Baltimore. Please offer the Phoenix Coyotes a small amount of money to take the Arizona Sting off their hands. Move them to Baltimore. Give them a name that reflects your identity. Give them colors the same way. Give fans in Baltimore professional FREAKING lacrosse. Sign players from the area. This city WILL love Pro LAX again, just give them the chance. Thank you, that is all.
Talk to you tomorrow.