Traditionalists (perhaps) beware, changes coming to Terps football field

May 23, 2012 | Glenn Clark

The University of Maryland is making some changes to the playing surface at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium in College Park. This much we know for sure.

How much more we don’t fully know yet. I reached out to a spokesperson at the school and was told this…

“Construction has started on a new surface at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium. The project is being funded with private donations and will be completed in time for the upcoming season. Further details will be available soon.” 

Via Facebook/Twitter/message boards, a rumored look at what the field could look like has been making the rounds…

I have to stress that this is only a RUMOR at this point. I’ve poked around with a few other sources in College Park and have received responses like “I’m pretty sure there’s going to be turtle shells on the field” and “they’ve definitely talked about changing the color of the field.”

The most famous football field perhaps in the world belongs to Boise State University, as Bronco Stadium’s blue turf would be recognized just about anywhere…

BSU isn’t the only school to do something significant with their turf. Eastern Washington University’s Roos Field is known as “The Inferno” thanks to this color…

The NFL has actually implemented a “Boise State rule” preventing teams from changing turf colors from the traditional green.

The Terrapins would not be making their first cry for attention, as they garnered PLENTY of buzz on Labor Day last year when they introduced these Under Armour duds in a win over Miami…

For the record, I don’t much care what the Terps wear or what kind of field they play on. As I told former Maryland/Baltimore Ravens CB Domonique Foxworth in an interview last year, if the Terps were competing for a BCS Championship I’d sign off on them wearing Duke uniforms for the game.

But…what do you think? Is the rumored look of the field too much?


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  1. David Says:

    Much like the the hire of Edsall – UGLY!

  2. Paul in Crofton Says:

    Terps football isn’t Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Penn St., etc. We don’t tradition in that regard, so I applaud Kevin Plank/Under Armour for trying to infuse the program with things such as new uniforms and a new field. If they stay persistent and keep pimping the “Maryland Pride” theme, it will eventually catch fire. I think it’s already starting to have an affect with recruits like Wes Brown, Albert Reid and Stefon Diggs.

  3. charlie Says:

    bring it on. make it funky. it’s not like they’re messing with hallowed tradition. make it a diamondback pattern, listen to the old fogies (and i’m old!) grumble, but watch the instantaneous attention it generates.

  4. waspman Says:

    It’s artificial turf. Artificial. Get it? Boo hoo, it doesn’t look like natural turf? It’s not natural turf. It’s artificial.

    There are, what, seven million or so college football teams and we’re worried some rectangles may look different from each other. Help. The sky is falling. Half of the college football games have 20-point or more spreads. Might as well make the fields interesting. Especially if they’re artificial.

    Now, I would say let’s not have black uniforms against the black field. Maybe something like that funky flag of ours incorporated into a uniform against the diamondback motif. I’d buy one of those jerseys so fast, your head would spin.

    Then, make one endzone the red/white portion of the state flag and the other the yellow/black portion–see if our receivers can get lost from their defenders in it.

    The Terps play half of their games on the road anyway. The naysayers can enjoy those games at Dull As Dishwater Stadiums across the land.

  5. justafan Says:

    The football field will still be 100 yards long, so who really cares? If the Terps really want to bring some attention to themselves, they should try winning some football games and put aside all of this other bull sh-t.

  6. Mike in Hampstead Says:

    These “colored” fields and clown-like uniforms are a disgrace. If The University of Under Armour…ER…Maryland wants attention, maybe they should try putting a winning team on the field.

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