Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

October 30, 2007 | Glenn Clark

So we’re a week away from Monday Night Football, and I have a question. What’s your favorite Monday Night memory in Ravens’ history? There was the final game in 2001-2002 when they clinched a playoff spot with an UGLY win over Minnesota. There was OF COURSE the Fightin’ Redmans victory over the Broncos with Todd Heap’s catch and Mac’s return. But, it HAS to be the win at Nashville when they left the Titans on the 1, right? I’m sticking with that one. Let’s see what everyone has to say…
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The Sun’s Edward Lee looks at new daddy Jason Brown
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Frederick News Post’s Stan Goldberg looks at the return of Trevor Pryce
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The Sun’s Rick Maese kicks off Cal’s trip to Asia
Let’s get fired up! The Sun’s Roch Kubatko says Mo Hill is the leading candidate for 1st Base Coach
The Sun’s Roch Kubatko doesn’t see A-Rod in orange and black (That’s fine by me; I’d rather have Albert Belle anyway.)
The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin weighs in on Millar, future closers, and more
Inside The Warehouse’s Michael Hollman updates O’s in Arizona
Inside The Warehouse’s Michael Hollman updates O’s in Hawaii
WNST’s Drew Forrester wants the O’s to get some pitching
WNST’s Nestor Aparicio blogs from Asia with Cal IN THE FUTURE!
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Camden Chat’s Scott Christ rewinds at the end of the baseball season
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The Sun’s Heather Dinich says Terps have to get back to basics
Annapolis Capital’s John McNamara looks at Terps’ new goals
Washington Post’s Marc Carig says Adrian Moten is ‘everywhere’
Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens eyes “Primetime Terps”
Raleigh News & Observer’s Robbi Pickeral looks at Heels’ Richie Rich. (I can’t help but chuckle.)
Diamondback’s Andrew Zuckerman says Terps need tackling
Diamondback’s Geremy Bass looks at drama at Byrd Stadium
Inside Carolina’s Greg Barnes offers quotes and audio from Butch Davis’ press conference (must subscribe)
Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh talks to Terps recruit Pete White (must subscribe)
Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter shines the spotlight on recruit Roscoe Smith (must subscribe)
Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem talks to Terps recruit Zach Kerr (must subscribe)
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The Examiner’s Dave Carey says freshmen are pacing the Blue Jays
-I can’t put my jealousy of Nestor Aparicio into words right now. What he’s doing is the definition of special, even for a man who’s been able to do a lot of special things. I was chatting with Frank Robinson in the dugout at Chase Field during the NLCS, and I couldn’t help but call my dad later to tell him that I realized then exactly why it was worth it for me to move to Arizona just to stay in this business. But to have the chance to follow the Iron Man around Asia as he attempts to teach the great game of baseball…….that’s SPECIAL.
-It is good that the Ravens will be healthy for MNF, but let’s see how Steve McNair is throwing the ball in practice. Note to Casey W, Jamison H, Matt Palmer, etc-I want to know just exactly what percentage of McNair’s passes sail over the heads of the receivers. Let’s see if there are still groin injury effects on display.
-I’m actually excited that the BC game will be in primetime. I have a funny feeling that the Terps might actually have it together that night.
-The Terps women should be playing to have fun this season, but they didn’t win ANY big games last year, and they need to prove that they can win them when they count. This team SHOULD be favored to another “Natty”, but this time they need to win it with talent, not by catching lightning in a bottle.
Talk to you tomorrow.