Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

December 18, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Congratulations to the Baltimore Sun for getting the Roberts story and keeping it under wraps until this morning’s print edition. They were able to get both a news story and two columns in today’s paper (shame they have Roch covering Maryland football right now), and they will own this story when it hits nationally in the morning.

They don’t do everything right on Calvert Street, but this one they NAILED. You can’t take that away from them.

So Brian Roberts has admitted to using steroids ONCE in 2003. This comes on the heels of Andy Pettite’s admission, Fernando Vina’s admission, and Jay Gibbons’ admission. This one is WAY worse. This one is the one we didn’t want to see happen when we were talking about Gibbons’ admission.

How did you respond when you heard Jay Gibbons admit to using steroids? Did you forgive him and say that you were okay with seeing him in Baltimore in 2008? Did you say that it was unacceptable and the Birds needed to get rid of Gibbons? Did you say that your opinion was based on circumstances?

Personally, I declared Gibbons’ admission unacceptable and said he needed to be sent packing. With that in mind, despite the fact that Brian Roberts says he only used steroids ONCE (which is backed up by Bigbie’s declaration of Roberts admitting to using ‘once or twice’); I have to say that Brian Roberts has to go.

This is really painful. Brian Roberts has been one of the only Orioles I could actually be excited about over the last few years. Brian was a pleasure to not only root for, but also to talk to in the clubhouse. Brian (as you can tell by the access he gives to the rest of the media) made sure you had his cell number, and made sure you knew he was available. There was never a time where I could say as much as one negative word about Brian, as a radio host or as an Orioles fan.

Unfortunately, with the Orioles squarely in the middle of the “Steroids Era”, they cannot allow an admitted steroid user to be the face of the franchise. They need to trade Brian, even if the Cubs lessen their offer, even if it means that the franchise sets itself back further. They can still get value for Roberts, but it won’t be the same.

You know, we all need to be forgiven for mistakes we make. We will hear quite a bit about that over the next few days. I know as a fact that I have made mistakes (even recently!) that could have cost me greatly. However, the mistakes sometimes ARE judged by industry.

For example, making inappropriate jokes is a mistake. Many people make them in offices everyday and have to meet with HR representatives as a result. However, Don Imus was fired for an inappropriate joke (whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant) because his joke was heard by a great number of people on radio and TV, and he has a responsibility to make sure he does not cross the line.

If I was to admit to using steroids tomorrow, my boss would likely laugh at me and tell me that steroids won’t improve the fact that I’m not the funniest man on the face of the planet. However, Brian Roberts does not work in radio. He does not have to put together a funny-guy show every day. Brian Roberts plays baseball, and steroids are illegal in baseball.

Brian Roberts DOES deserve a second chance, but unfortunately that second chance cannot come in Baltimore. This is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s time for the Birds to move on.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say.

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-I’ve figured it out. Brian Billick and Kyle Boller are secretly married. Is there any other logical explanation? Mike Preston makes sense when he says that the O-Line is playing SO poorly that you don’t want to ruin Troy Smith by forcing him to play behind it; but something tells me Troy Smith would be willing to take the chance.

I’ll say it like it is. My expectations for Troy Smith are COMPLETELY overblown. This guy was on ESPN two weeks ago, and looked every bit the equal of their current crop of analysts, like Shaun King. This guy proved everyone wrong EVERY DAY at Ohio State. He is NOT the type of physical specimen you drool over, but the Ravens knew that when they drafted him.

Troy Smith is the Ravens first great hope. Kyle Boller never had the chance to be the team’s great hope, as he was forced into the starting role as a rookie on an out-manned team, and was hurt by the time he started showing signs. Steve McNair couldn’t be the team’s great hope, because AT BEST he offered 3 years as the team’s QB. The last hope the Ravens had for a legitimate long-term franchise quarterback was Eric FREAKING Zeier.

I need to have hope. Otherwise, why did the 2007 season even happen? If this season ends without hope, it might as well have never been played at all. I don’t want to say that I’m rooting for Kyle to remain concussed, but it’s damn hard not to.

-Oh, this is good. Wait until you read this.

Let me preface my comments here by saying that Jim Williams of the Examiner is a very nice guy. He really is. In fact, Patrick Shuck and I were the first to bring him on the airwaves in Baltimore following the start of his column for the Examiner. I believe that after Patrick and I departed, Jim continued to go on the afternoon show at JFK every Friday.

I really like Jim. He always answers his phone. He knows a great deal about putting together a good broadcast product. However, after being pretty good for the first few months of his column, Williams has turned into the most irrelevant voice in all of print media.

Every week, instead of actually offering an opinion, Williams simply selects a category, then names everything that fits the category and describes it. For example, Williams might title a column “Determining the world’s best fruit”, then explain that apples are available in both green and red, and are sometimes tasty when served with peanut butter; while
oranges are a citrus fruit, sometimes difficult to peel.

The point is, Williams offers no real thoughts in his column, only simple descriptions that most of us could have determined beforehand. His columns seriously read like columns handed to me by 16 year old opinion-ators when I was editor-in-chief of the Perry Hall High School newspaper. Hell, even those guys probably opined better than Williams does.

So Williams today has decided that he would tell us who the city’s best sports radio host was. Instead of answering the question, Williams simply listed the various sports radio jocks in Baltimore, offering nice comments about each of them, and saying that he slightly preferred one to another.

And to make matters worse, apparently Williams failed to recognize that there was local sports talk in the morning (no mention of Drew Forrester at all!), and thinks that the afternoon host on ‘NST is named “Bob Long”.

Look, the fact that Williams is a close friend of JFK is an immediate sign that he isn’t the right person to be trying to determine who the best sports talk host in Baltimore is. You just can’t befriend a station then pretend as though you are impartial. It doesn’t work that way. However, it is always okay to offer opinions, which is why I’m surprised Williams wouldn’t offer much in the way of an opinion.

I’m not going to comment about his one opinion (that the midday show on JFK is SLIGHTLY better than Bob Haynie’s show), since I’m obviously partial. But I will say that maybe a Baltimore sports topic is better answered by Baltimoreans.

-If you’re not busy tonight, get in the car and make the drive. The Winthrop team that Mt. St. Mary’s is hosting is an example of what we’re praying all 8 mid-majors in the state of Maryland will eventually become. This would be a HUGE win for Milan Brown.

Talk to you tomorrow.