Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

June 10, 2008 | Glenn Clark

I like the group selected as 8 seeds for the KOBS Tournament; but damn if I can’t stomach the idea that Earl Monroe isn’t one of them. I can’t argue against of the guys that are in; but I can’t help but feel a bit queasy about The Pearl being left out. Oh well, I guess that’s the beauty of this tournament. I don’t think we’ll see any of the top seeds falling in the first round.
Here are my picks for the First Round: 
Cal Ripken over Gary Gait
Raymond Berry over Mike Flanagan
Jim Parker over Brady Anderson
Jon Ogden over Dave McNally
Ray Lewis over Ken Singleton
Gino Marchetti over Scott McGregor
Jamal Lewis over Eddie Murray
Jim Palmer over Lydell Mitchell
Brooks Robinson over Bert Jones
Wes Unseld over Chris McAlister
John Mackey over Mike Mussina
Lenny Moore over Boog Powell
Johnny Unitas over Paul Blair
Ed Reed over Mike Cuellar
Art Donovan over Mike Stankovic
Frank Robinson over Matt Stover
That’s right; I picked Jamal Lewis over Eddie Murray. I can’t wait for that day.
Let’s see what everyone else has to say…….
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-Daniel Cabrera needs to win a game like this tonight to prove that he is capable of being a top of the rotation type of pitcher. I don’t think he will. I also think that the Sox will screen Finals Game 4 after Thursday night’s game. If I have to see shots of Sox fans celebrating a NBA Finals sweep; I might vomit.
-I’m leaning towards the idea that Joe Flacco might not start at ANY POINT this season. The reports I’m hearing about Troy Smith only confirm the way I felt about him before. He could make this team just competitive enough that Flacco might sit out the entire year. The comparisons to Derek Anderson are scary……I don’t want to see another possibly great QB get away.
-I thought Don Markus took a cheap shot at Gary at the end of his recruiting story. Check out how the story ends…..
Konchalski said Williams has a long history of “doing more with less,” but those familiar with the Maryland program believe this season’s team might have less talent than any other in the coach’s first 19 years.
“You have to at least have mirrors,” Konchalski said.
Williams might not even have that, just a lot of smoke surrounding his once-elite program.
I understand that Markus is writing a story about the recruiting struggles Gary has gone through; but something about the whole “smoke and mirrors” thing bothers me. As if he was trying to take away from what Gary has accomplished in the past. Gary may have accomplished more with less; but it came from GREAT coaching, not smoke and mirrors.
-Welcome to College Park Eric Franklin. We hope you’re great here.
-If Caleb Campbell is allowed to play sports professionally, then Mitch Harris should be allowed to as well. The entire Defense Department needs to come to an agreement on this whole issue. Mitch Harris might not have as good a chance to play professional sports; but if the policy says athletes should have the opportunity; then it should not be limited to athletes who immediately make major pro rosters.
-Rick Dutrow SHOULD feel like a loser. He is a loser. Not because Big Brown failed to claim the Triple Crown; but because he put himself above the sport for the last few weeks. Frank Deford told us this morning that he wants to see another Triple Crown winner; but even he had to admit he wasn’t rooting for Big Brown due to Dutrow and the steroid factor. Dutrow is not the man to sell the sport around. Maybe we’re all better off that he didn’t get a bigger spotlight.
Talk to you tomorrow.