Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

October 21, 2008 | Glenn Clark

It’s Tuesday, so here is MY Tuesday Top 7……7-Chris Chester

Of every player this team has; Chris Chester has as much a reason as anyone to have given up by now; but with another chance, he made the most of his playing time. Chester used his athleticism to give the line a solid pull.

6-Ray Lewis

He deserves to be higher; but I just plain expect this out of him. He had ten tackles and controlled the field. It’s an A+ performance anywhere else; but it might be Ray’s 100th best game or so of his career.

5-Jared Gaither

He’s like a brand new man. It is truly remarkable how much he has improved this season; and it is evident every week. With his size and strength; he SHOULD be good. We just didn’t know for sure that he WOULD be good.

4-Joe Flacco

The most impressive thing about Flacco’s performance is that it comes on the heels of his WORST performance of his career a week ago in Indianapolis. He still needs to improve downfield, but that was very impressive.

3-Derrick Mason

He is absolutely THE most professional Wide Receiver in all of football. He continues to give Joe Flacco a comfort level, and he continues to do nothing but make plays for this offense.

2-Terrell Suggs

The bottom line is that this is a better team when the defense can score points as well. They shouldn’t be relied on to score; but the Ravens are better when they DO score. Suggs also added a sack and just had an overall strong game.

1-Willis McGahee

When Da’Rel Scott fumbled THREE TIMES for Maryland Saturday; Ralph Friedgen said he wasn’t concerned. He went on to say that a couple of Scott’s fumbles occurred when he was giving too much effort……trying too hard to extend for extra yards; etc. That was what Willis’ fumble reminded me of on Sunday. He was almost giving too much effort. But if he can use yesterday’s game as a springboard to future explosiveness; this offense has a new dynamic. His ability to be a homerun threat is key; as this offense lacks other similar weapons.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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says HdG’s Brooks Coach of the Week

SOME QUICK THOUGHTS:-John Harbaugh please hear my cry. JUST BE HONEST. You don’t have to give everything away; but we JUST WANT YOU TO BE HONEST WITH US! There is no need for you to be so wishy-washy. We will all find out the truth eventually. Just say that the McAlister situation is related to discipline somehow; and everything will be fine. That’s all we’re asking for!

-Adam Loewen’s release is basically irrelevant. They couldn’t afford to pay him as a major leaguer when they have serious doubts that he will ever make the major leagues as a position player. He will get his chance in this organization for sure.

-Congratulations to Gary and Ralph on big commitments yesterday. If Jordan Williams can just be as good as Jamar Smith; I’d be okay with that.

Talk to you tomorrow.