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November 20, 2007 | Glenn Clark

I’m not re-hashing anything else from Sunday’s game. The Field Goal was good. A good team would have responded. A good team wouldn’t have been in the situation. This was a bad team that was hoping to get a lucky win. They didn’t. Now they have to figure out how to get a win against an equally desperate team in San Diego, or they will fall to 4-7 and be all but eliminated from playoff consideration.

Moving on, as far as planning for 2007; what can be done? Kyle Boller “is who he is.” What else does anyone need to see? Do you think that if Kyle Boller had started all season, this team would be 7-3 right now? Neither do I. Do we need to see more from the defense? How about from Willis McGahee? We saw that the All-youngster O-Line just wasn’t ready to play; so what else is there? Troy Smith is really the last thing we could see, but none of us REALLY think that’s a good idea, do we?

The organization needs significant changes made in the offseason, and that’s all that can be said at this point.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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-What did my former employers expect to get from giving 52 a weekly radio show? I thought they did it in hope to get him to say controversial things, and get some attention from the papers. And if that’s the case, why was 52 protected from answering difficult questions tonight? If tough questions are going to be deflected, why couldn’t it be the Rhys Lloyd show? I’m sure he’s capable of not answering questions too. And can anyone tell me if 52 was taken to task for bailing on talking to the media Sunday? I’m sure it was either not brought up or it was deflected the same way the Billick question was.

-The Orioles are talking to the Dodgers about a Bedard trade? Apparently extension conversations are going well, huh? I can understand the O’s desire to acquire Matt Kemp, but I’m not sure how many innings he threw last year. Oh, he’s an outfielder? You see, I thought that if you were going to trade a Major League ace, you might want to acquire a pitcher who’s at least darn close to Major League ready. Look, if a Bedard extension just won’t happen, I understand why the Birds would look to trade him. But a deal with Matt Kemp at the center just doesn’t work for me.

-The Terps just plain looked putrid on Monday night. They were out of control, they seemed to have no ability to create, and they were never even anything similar to “in synch.” That being said, this isn’t the same as watching the Terps teams when Chris McCray was the primary scorer. You can see that they are talented; they just don’t have it clicking yet. It will come, but I don’t know when it will come. Its possible that it will come no sooner than February. Missouri will be a challenge tonight, especially as this is practically a home game for the Tigers. But this would be an important win for the Terps should they end up on the bubble in March.

-Did anyone in Baltimore write ANYTHING about Lefty Driesell entering the College Basketball Hall of Fame? It’s not the biggest story of all time, but seeing as how the rags all sent reporters to Kansas City, I would have expected some really nice features, or maybe even just one write-up. This is a joke. Lefty SERIOUSLY deserves better for an event like this.

-San Francisco wouldn’t be a bad trip. The Pac-10 representative would likely be Cal or Oregon State. Cal would be a nice preview of an upcoming home and home; Oregon State is beatable, and will look better in history books than a game against Boise State in Idaho. And the Broncos would probably roll over this Terps team, they have a STELLAR offense. BUT OH YEAH-is there any reason to think the Terps will actually win in Raleigh? Ralph needs to come up with a system that works for Chris, and he needs to put the season on Chris’s shoulders with no hesitation.

-Ed Hale is right when he says that Baltimore would not support a NBA or NHL team. However, Ed has been wrong every time he told me that Baltimore wouldn’t support an AFL team. The city would; and Ed shouldn’t look at it as competition with the Blast. Ed wants the arena anyway, so let’s just keep working to that.

Talk to you tomorrow.