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November 27, 2007 | Glenn Clark

The issue of season ticket holders selling tickets has been an issue for a long time. This issue strikes at the chord of what the responsibilities of a fan are. I have said for a long time that season ticket holders are investors, and deserve the return on their investment that all other investors are due. Should they determine that there is greater value in their tickets by selling them, they have every right to do so. Such is an investment.

However, I have also said that whether you are a season ticket holder or not, all “fans” are actually part of an organization. An investment doesn’t have to come in the form of season tickets; it can come merely in emotion, passion, and other levels of monetary investment. However, calling yourself a “fan” of a team isn’t just a chance to say you’re part of the team; there are actual rules and responsibilities as well.

One of those “rules” is how a “fan” handles their tickets. It is my belief that a “fan” knows that while there is a monetary value of their season ticket investment, they also know that the investment is about more than money.

On Monday night, I understand that it will be very tempting for season ticket holders to sell their tickets and not suffer through what will almost certainly be an embarrassment of national proportions. I will even spare you the holier than thou “I would go just for the chance to possibly see history” crap. Monday night is going to be brutal. If you choose to pass on going to the game, I fully understand. However, I think that the way in which Ravens fans choose to handle their ticket sales is very important.

Many of you are well within the financial parameters to donate your tickets. You know who you are. PLEASE donate your tickets to someone who would enjoy the opportunity. Those of you who are not as well off, PLEASE do your best to sell your tickets to someone in your circle of friends; someone who wants to see the Ravens.

I know that PLENTY of Patriots fans will be able to buy tickets through ticket brokers and scalpers. This isn’t about keeping every Pats fan out of M&T Bank Stadium. They’re going to be there. This is an issue of Ravens fans needing to decide whether or not they are truly FANS, or whether they are simply investors. What are you?

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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-I don’t want this to turn into a Ravens vs. AD theme week; but I can’t help but wonder how AD is feeling right now. Obviously the Patriots are clearly one of the best teams in NFL history; but AD is not receiving anything near the level of respect and praise-or even the number of snaps per game-he saw in Baltimore. AD would never say he wished he hadn’t gone to New England; and as long as they win the Super Bowl this year; he will be able to say he made the absolute 100 percent correct decision. But if the Pats were to somehow slip up on the way to the title, do you think AD would wonder if maybe he should have gone somewhere else? And I don’t mean Baltimore; he obviously did the right thing by jumping ship. But maybe AD would have been better suited somewhere like Indy? Just a thought.

-I forgot to mention this yesterday, but as I was watching Vernon Davis catch a TD for the Niners in their win over the Cards-it struck me that VD, LaMont Jordan, and Josh Wilson all scored TD’s Sunday in wins for their teams. Shawne Merriman also had a big day……do you think this was the biggest Sunday in University of Maryland NFL history? I’ll recap the rest later in the week.

-Dave Philistin DID get hosed. As has been commented many times on blogs and message boards today; there IS an issue in the ACC of the voting media being too centrally located in North Carolina. They all knew Erin Henderson even before the season began, but no one knew about Philistin. With the Terps going just 6-6; Philistin did not have the chance to prove his worth to the rest of the league’s media.

-Jeremy Gold opens a HUGE can of worms with his questions about Gary’s recruiting. Gary HASN’T always brought in the top talent in the state of Maryland. But you have to accept that with Gary. Gary wants HIS guys. He doesn’t want the Beasleys. He doesn’t want to have to coach a kid whose head is always in the Pros. Remember John Gilchrist? As soon as his head left the program, Gary wanted nothing to do with him. Gary is a Coach who wants to make sure that no one is above him. He doesn’t get these guys because he’s trying to get HIS guys. Its totally possible that other coaches could keep the best talent from the state of Maryland AT Maryland, but we accept Gary because his way has worked, and because we’d rather have Gary than Herb Sendek, Matt Doherty, Larry Schyatt, Pete Gillen, Dave Odom, or many of the other ACC Coaches who have come and gone.

-Why in GOD’S NAME would the O’s be interested in Jose Guillen? Someone who reads Spanish-please explain this story to me; because right now it just seems absolutely STUPID.

Talk to you tomorrow.