Turgeon and Terps: He’s here to stay

January 13, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Mark Turgeon is living a charmed life.

“Wait, Drew, didn’t Maryland just get their doors blown off last night?  How can Turgeon be charmed?” you’re asking.

Turgeon is indeed living a charmed life.  If not for Maryland having to cough up $50 million to join the Big Ten — hence, the Athletic Department, like the school, is broke – the Terps might very well be in the beginning stages of a coaching search.

Maryland didn’t lose 85-61 to Florida State last night.  They got smashed 85-61.  It wasn’t pretty.  Worse than that, actually.  Honestly, there are Old Mill High School cheerleaders better looking than the Terps were last night.

I’m not telling you anything new if you’ve watched them play — and I’m also not trying to pile on — but this is starting to get seriously concerning at College Park.  I said from the day Gary Williams left that the first guy in after him would have a tough time of it.  Yes, I know Maryland flirted with Arizona’s Sean Miller before hiring Turgeon, but it might be a good thing that Miller wasn’t first in after Williams departed.  I think the Terps would be better with Miller, yes, but be very careful of that “first person in after the legend leaves” stuff because it’s very real.

Turgeon’s era at College Park would really be in jeopardy if not for the aforementioned check of blood money owed to the ACC.  As it is, now, he’s likely safe no matter what the Terps do.  They simply can’t afford to jettison a guy who still has five years left on his contract, not to mention $10 million or so in guaranteed money.

The black marks against Turgeon extend past the team’s record on the court.  He’s the guy who hired Assistant Coach Dalonte Hill, a highly sought ofter basketball lifer most recently from the Kansas State program.  Hill came along with a list of question marks but Turgeon needed him for a boost in local recruiting and the reputation that Maryland was “back” on the national scene after a sluggish final five years in the Gary Williams era. Hill is no longer with the program after a DUI arrest in 2013.

Last night’s drubbing in Tallahassee was way too familiar.  The team’s two de facto big men, Mitchell and Cleare, teamed up for a total of 3 points on the night.  Florida State took advantage of Maryland’s lack of defensive focus to light it up from outside the arc and the Terps either, A) never figured it out — B) figured it out but didn’t know how to change their defense to stop it  — C) the players were told how to adjust to it but just didn’t care enough to put out the required energy to do it.  Good defense — in any sport — is 90% effort.  You have to be willing to bust your hump more than you even thought you could in order to play really good defense.  I don’t see that kind of effort from Maryland.  Not even close.

There’s more, but I have other stuff to cover here.

Just know this much — the seat at College Park would really be hot on Turgeon’s tush if not for the Big Ten transfer fee.

As it is, he’s not going anywhere soon.

And, it would appear, neither is Maryland basketball.


Here’s the one thing about Sunday’s AFC title game that should drive you nuts this week.

No matter who wins, either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning will be playing in the Super Bowl on February 2nd.

As a guy covering the big game from New York all week as we continue our tradition of broadcasting live from Super Bowl’s Radio Row, I’m just thrilled beyond belief at the thought of talking about Manning or Brady for five straight days.

OK, I’m not at all thrilled about it, but it is what it is.


Boy, have two men ever been a better fit for one another than Anthony Bosch and Alex Rodriguez?

Bosch was on 60 Minutes last night and completely sold me on what I already suspected:  He’s a derelict.  Throughout the interview he was fidgety, stuttered and stammered, and looked more like a drug dealer than a nutritionist.

Rodriguez is a cheater and so is Bosch.  He admitted to 60 Minutes he was well aware that his work with A-Rod was “beating the system” and that he didn’t really care.  A-Rod certainly didn’t care that what he was doing was wrong.

Made for each other.  Honestly, a perfect fit.


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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    So your stuck in the Big Apple all week, not too shabby of an assignment I would think. I know it’s not New Orleans but please make do !!!

  2. lakerboy Says:

    Hey Drew…one other slice of irony regarding Turgeon is that he’s making the Edsall hiring look good!…lol. At least Edsall can say that he got his squad to a bowl game. At this point I’m not even sure the NIT is in the picture for the MD. men cagers.
    About A-Rod…As much as he probably deserves the penalty he’s received, I thought that under MLB guidelines first time PED offenders were supposed to get a fifty game suspension. If Selig’s rebuttal to that is that A-Rod hindered or impeded the investigation, and consequently he deserves a tougher penalty, why is that? Is he supposed to help incriminate himself? Should he have rolled over and asked for mercy? I’m certainly no fan of A-Rod, and I don’t want to see the Yankeees get off the hook by not having to pay him, but I don’t think how this has played out is 100% kosher.

  3. joe of bel air Says:

    Has any athletic director had 2 worse hires in their revenue producing sport’s programs than Kevin Anderson had when he hired Turgeon and Edsal. Giving these 2 guys long term guaranteed contracts will bury the football and basketball programs for years to come. Mr. Anderson should be the one looking for a new job.

  4. Jason Manelli Says:

    @lakerboy…The 60 minutes piece last night alleged that close associates of ARod threatened the life of Bosch at one point during the investigation. The commissioner chose to use his discretion to lengthen the suspension due to the extreme nature of the coverup and the actual offense. The problem was that ARod had been beating the tests for so long, taking chewable testosterone right before he ran onto the field. they had the dosage dialed in so well that they knew it would be out of his system enough by the time he was tested after a game. They even had a strategy for peeing into the cup to help beat the test. With Arod, according to the evidence int he 60 minutes piece which obviously was done with some cooperation from MLB, the level of cheating and beating the testing system, and the way he reacted to being caught, all added up to more than justify the big suspension.

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    Turgeon and Edsal is like the Titanic and the Lusitania it aint happening down there at College Park MD.
    I’m so tired of Brady and Manning it pains me to think they may be around in the broadcast world even after they retire.
    The Bouldin trade is looking like Pappas for Robinson to the 49ers right about now especially if he comes up big in the next 2 games. It
    sickens me.

  6. The Armchair QB Says:

    Boldin enjoying great success in an offensive system the Ravens can only WISH they had! By the way, the Patriots lost 1/2 of their offense this year in addition to losing Wilfork and Mayo on defense, but they haven’t missed a beat…….

  7. CNC Orioles Fan Says:

    Bradley + Manning = isn’t that the former man in the military who leaked secrets then became a woman?

    Broncos/Seahawks in the super Blizzard Bowl live from New Jersey.

    Are the Terps really that bad to be blown out by 20+ points the last games or are Pitt and FSU really that good? I betcha the Towson men could beat the Terps.

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