Two days later: I’ll be the lone voice — it didn’t look like the Colts wanted to win on Sunday

December 13, 2011 | Drew Forrester

(continued) to once again provide full disclosure and remind you that I was the GM of the Spirit (nee Blast) soccer team in 1997 when we definitely TRIED to lose the final regular season game in Philadelphia to line up a post-season series with that same Philadelphia team.  I wrote about it here back in January of 2010 if you’d like to read how it all unfolded.

And here’s the sub-plot to that whole story about losing in Philadelphia that afternoon.  The only two people that REALLY knew about it before the game were me — and the coach, Mike Stankovic.  We didn’t tell the players.  And we lost the game, as we hoped and intended to do.

So armed with that personal account, I can quickly cut anyone off at the pass that says, “there’s no way an organization would intentionally NOT try to win games”.  Yes, they sure as hell would.

Now, is that what happened on Sunday in Baltimore with the Colts?

I don’t know.

But I know it sure looked suspicious.

And I can look at the standings and see 0-13 and I can look at a lot of other teams in the league with FAR less talent than the Colts who have wins this season.  The Colts lost their quarterback, yes.  He’s a definite MAJOR factor in their offense, of course. But is he 0-13 major?  Is Peyton Manning, to borrow one of those silly baseball sabermetrics terms, +13WAR, or “13 wins above replacement”?  I don’t think so.

The Texans are winning games with T.J. Yates.

John Skelton threw the Cardinals to a win last weekend over the team with the best defense in the NFC.

The entire football world figured Tim Tebow couldn’t play a lick in August.  Here we are in December, and some folks are hinting that he should perhaps receive MVP consideration.

Colt McCoy isn’t very good, but the Browns have four wins.  And he, by the way, is working with offensive weapons that some arena football teams would turn down.

If the Browns and their skill-set players can win a handful of games, are you telling me Indianapolis can’t?

I don’t buy it.

But no one around the country seems to care.

They were down 31-3 in New England two weekends ago and then suddenly got the bit between their teeth in the 4th quarter before losing 31-24.  I don’t know what happened in the first three quarters — nor do I know what happened in the 4th quarter, but we saw a similar theme (see next page please)