Wednesday Morning’s Crab CAKES!

January 16, 2008 | Glenn Clark

This is basically the story of my life. One a very important in Baltimore Sports, I write a VERY lengthy Crabs and Beer, then my RIDICULOUS computer situation gets worse (I have 3 non-functional laptops right now); and in the process I lose the entire entry.
So, I am going to share with you my thoughts on everything that happened today, then put together a complete entry tomorrow evening. If anyone wants to donate a computer to me-please let me know. If anyone would be willing to fix laptops for free if I FedEx-ed them to you, also please let me know.
-Did anyone catch this today? Consider me sincerely flattered.
-The actions of the Baltimore Ravens today clearly showed me that they were trying to spin a negative situation. As you well know, the Ravens offered NO stories on their website over the last few weeks about the Head Coaching search, with the exception of one story about why they wouldn’t be posting any stories!
Not only did the Ravens channel me in following the Garrett situation today, but they posted a news story written by Mike Duffy, and the video of Garrett’s comments to reporters. So after two weeks of offering no information; and with Kevin Byrne’s comments that they could hurt their “competitive advantage” by talking about the search; why would they suddenly decide to start posting today?
Clearly the team was not happy with whatever happened in their meetings with Jason Garrett today, and with reporters/columnists/bloggers reporting Sunday night that Garrett could be accepting the job yesterday, the team needed to save face. They decided to suddenly become information friendly; repeating the ideas that Garrett was “just continuing the process”, and that they would continue talking to candidates.
Kevin Byrne is very VERY good at what he does; but like all Public Relations directors, he knows better than to think that all of us believe everything he says. He just wants his message to get to the public; as many people choose not to always believe what the media tells them, and to accept things at face value. Yes, this WAS the start of Round 2; but obviously they expected the round to start differently.
If they had expected Garrett to come in, leave, and continue his process; they would not have released the information the same way; as they had established that they did not want to release information prior to now due to “competitive disadvantage.” Does a 2nd Round of interviews suddenly mean that “competitive advantage” is no longer a factor? Of course not! “Competitive advantage” is just as important now as it was 10 days ago!
The Ravens thought things would go differently today. Maybe they didn’t necessarily expect Jason Garrett to accept their offer to become Head Coach (although I’m pretty sure they did); but they certainly expected things to go differently. When they did not, they decided to move forward and spin what happened so as to reflect that this was just “part of the process.” I wasn’t fooled.
Jason Garrett could still become the third Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens in the future, but I don’t expect it. As of right now, I have to assume he will be back in Dallas next season.
-Jason Garrett did not accept what we believe to be a Head Coaching offer from the Ravens. Boo hoo. I sincerely hope that Jason goes back to Dallas, accepts a job with a pay increase to be “Assistant Head Coach” and stands over Wade Phillips’ shoulder for another season until Jerry Jones makes his switch.
Jason Garrett offers nothing to the current Ravens team, and is going to be the Cowboys’ Head Coach at some point. Biscotti needs to find a Head Coach he can count on for a few years, not just someone who will be here until the Cowboys come calling. Biscotti also needs to do due diligence in a Coaching search, not just attempt to hire the sexiest name out there.
No offense to Jason Garrett, who may well be a solid NFL Coach in the future, but is firmly my hope that we have seen the last of him in Baltimore.
-We heard a few people wonder if the Orioles had “reversed” the Glenn Davis trade curse when the Orioles managed to pull a 5-for-Tejada swap with the Houston Astros.
While we don’t yet know what will become of Luke Scott, Troy Patton, and/or Matt Albers; you have to wonder if what happened today might be evidence of this trade appearing SERIOUSLY stacked in the Orioles’ favor.
Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle (a very well-respected baseball mind) liked the deal when it was made, but in a blog yesterday on the Houston Chronicle’s website, he admitted that the values of the Astros’ franchise have to be questioned.
While I offer my condolences to Miguel and his family due to the death of his brother Freddy; you have to imagine that dealing with the death of a loved one isn’t exactly the fodder needed to inspire a player to vigorously fight for his reputation, his career, and in this case; his freedom.
It is conceivable that Miguel Tejada may never play a game for the Houston Astros. If so, this is the type of trade that could shake the trust of an organization to its core. If Scott, Patton, Albers, etc. go on to have any level of success with the Orioles (or elsewhere); this could get ugly. Many of us have STILL never forgiven the O’s for the Glenn Davis trade. This could be worse.
-Adrian Bowie’s progress over the next few games will be crucial to how this season ends for the Terps, and even how next season goes. Bowie HAS to remain an offensive option, as the offense needs to open up. The Terps did nothing tonight besides get an ACC monkey off their back.
You know, if the Terps had gotten past Virginia Tech over the weekend, I would say they would be in a position to have a chance to stay close with North Carolina. You have to have some kind of confidence to be able to run with a team like that. That’s what happened last year when the Terps beat the Heels. This year, they should aim to stay closer than the 31 the Heels stomped NC State by last week.
-UMBC, Navy, and Mt. St. Mary’s are all home tonight. Go see one of them. Heck, just go to UMBC. You don’t have to travel, they have a VERY good team, and they need to bounce back from a tough home loss over the weekend. GO SUPPORT LOCAL SPORTS!
Talk to you tomorrow with a full update I PROMISE!