Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

August 13, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Brian Cazeneuve has it right. As of this moment, we REALLY have to consider whether or not Michael Phelps is the greatest/most dominant athlete in the world.

I am going to take a pass on questioning the world records; as EVERYONE ELSE in swimming is also breaking records. Former swimmers are saying that there is no reason to be suspect. Every swimmer is competing on a level playing field. I’m not going to question it; I don’t think there is anything to question.

What I WILL question is whether or not Michael Phelps will return to Baltimore and become an ambassador not only for the sport of swimming, but for the city. The story of Phelps receiving an autographed Ravens jersey and having it mean more to him than his gold medal is one that touches all of us; but good feelings aren’t enough. It was Peter Parker’s great uncle Ben who said “With great power comes great responsibility.” Michael Phelps returns to Baltimore as arguably the greatest athlete in the world; and the question now is whether or not he will show the maturity and responsibility necessary to truly represent the title here in Charm City.

Michael Phelps’ focus leading up to an event is incredible. Maybe the IPod is the most significant invention in sports preparation, as Michael seems to be unflappable as he gets ready. I was forced to sit through the women’s gymnastics as I was waiting for his second race; and it was incredible to see the difference in watching the athletes prepare. Michael remains totally unfazed right up until the moment he hits the pool; whereas the gymnasts appear almost as though they are going to faint right up until they reach the moment. It is truly unreal to compare.

I have to admit, I didn’t even realize how much I would be caught up in this. Michael Phelps truly is the most significant athlete in Baltimore. He’s in the argument as the most significant athlete in Baltimore history. We’re all watching. We’re all captivated. We’re all talking about it. If he’s racing against the Ravens game Saturday night; I genuinely might stay home to watch.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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-I have to disagree with Rick Maese regarding Katie Hoff. Without a gold medal, the 2008 Olympics WILL be a disappointment for Katie Hoff; as I know her expectations were to win gold in Beijing. That being said, she still has her chances.

-I REALLY like the Lorenzo Neal acquisition. I think it shows that the Ravens are concerned about their RB’s getting beat up; and they want to do something to address the problem. 37 year old Lorenzo Neal might not be as good as 32 year old Lorenzo Neal; but he MIGHT be as good as 32 year old Sam Gash. That’s better than Justin Green or Le’Ron McClain. It doesn’t make this a 10 win team though.

-Why wait to make the Hayden Penn move? Do you really want to see Dennis Sarfate again?

-Brian Matusz should take whatever the Orioles offer. I actually won’t be that angry if for some reason the Birds don’t get the job done. If his slotted value is $5 million; he should get it. If it isn’t, he should stop making demands.

-Speedy recoveries to Travis Ivey and Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku Enhada.

-Get out to UMBC and root on Crystal Palace in the playoffs tonight.

Crabs and Beer will be off the next two days; as I will be hosting the Comcast Morning Show with Thyrl Nelson. Make sure you tune in! Talk to you then, and talk to you on here Monday!