Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

July 02, 2008 | Glenn Clark

It WAS good to see George Sherrill get the save last night-especially as it was George Sherrill T-shirt night. It was frustrating to again see an opponent rally in the 9th inning, but there’s no reason to get picky.
Daniel Cabrera has proved that he is NOT the front of the rotation starter we thought he was becoming earlier this season; but he MIGHT have the chance to be a Livan Hernandez-type veteran starter in this league (which I happen to think is a good thing). But if you are going to be a veteran starter who has some control issues and allows big innings; you HAVE to be able to EAT innings. Sidney Ponson uses this ability alone to keep getting work. If Cabrera can learn to eat innings; I actually think he has a solid future.
I heard Dave Johnson talking about how the Orioles couldn’t afford to give up a great deal to bring in Felipe Lopez or Juan Uribe. In what world would either player command a great deal of return in a trade? Brandon Fahey might have had a RBI double last night; but the Orioles clearly see no future in anyone they currently have playing SS; so they might as well toss aside a player to be named later to bring in someone who can play.
Let’s see what everyone else has to say…
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-If Derrick Martin were a better player; he’d be forgiven. He’s not, so his arrest might mean he needs to move on. He certainly deserves the chance to play again in the NFL; but it will probably have to come somewhere else. Compounding an apparent bad decision by lying means this is at LEAST two strikes.
-Ravens fans HAVE to represent in voting at There is NO WAY I can stomach Skins fans bragging about winning ANYTHING against the Ravens; even a silly mascot competition. Please get over there and vote.
-Kevin Byrne says Jonathan Ogden will likely be honored by the Ravens on October 26 against the Raiders. Look at THIS list of characteristics expected from members of the Ravens Ring of Honor and let me know if Tony Siragusa can even be in the Ring. Humility? I’m not sure.
-Thank God Sean Mosley appears that he will qualify; or 2008-09 could have been an even longer season for the Terps. Mosley will NEED to be a shooter for this team.
-Congratulations to Crystal Palace USA on a very surprising win for Crystal Palace USA over the New York Red Bulls of MLS. They’ll have to keep beating MLS teams to advance, but I can imagine it was a pretty exciting scene last night at Broadneck.
-Lenny Moore will get my vote today over Boog Powell in KOBS, but the contest HAS to be considered the best first round match as far as two men who have meant a GREAT DEAL to the city of Baltimore; not only as athletes, but just simply as people.
Talk to you tomorrow.