Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

December 19, 2007 | Glenn Clark

I can’t help but think that part of the reasoning for the timing of Brian Roberts’ admission HAS to be based on the fact that Brian CLEARLY wants out of Baltimore. Brian used careful words when speaking to Jeff Zrebiec before the Winter Meetings; and I think he wants a fresh start post-admission somewhere else. The Orioles should give it to him.
I’m not surprised to see Brian’s teammates/members of the organization come out in support of him. If anything, I’m surprised by how many writers/bloggers/talk show hosts in Baltimore are NOT supporting him. Normally the good guys get the benefit of the doubt.
Moving forward, the Cubs probably remain interested in Brian, and the Orioles NEED to make this deal happen. Thanks Brian, but a day later, I still think your time has come and gone.
Let’s see what everyone else has to say…
Best of WNST’s Tuesday Blogs:
The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens have 4 wins, 3 Pro Bowlers
The Sun’s Mike Preston tells Sporting News Ravens will find ways to play Smith in final games
ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli says J.O. got in on reputation
Ravens Roost’s Mike Zoran says injuries, O-Line made Ravens 4-10
Ravens Touchdown’s “Stephen” says Neuheisel closer to UCLA
Ravens Touchdown’s “Stephen” says Suggs, Stills 1st alternates for Pro Bowl
Ravens Touchdown’s “Stephen” says Ngata, Gregg deserved Pro Bowl love
The Ebony Bird’s Jarrett Carter says Ravens ‘definitely’ worst in NFL
Baltimore Beatdown’s “Rexx” STILL thinks Billick botched Sunday’s game
Mind Pinball’s “tws392000” says last two games should be treated as tryouts
Sporting News’ Vinnie Iyer thinks Joe Thomas belonged over J-O
Real Football 365’s Connor Byrne has only Falcons behind Ravens in Power Rankings
East Coast Bias’ J-Red dreams up Billick firing
Wizard of Odds’ “Dawizofodds” says Neuheisel ‘frontrunner’ for UCLA gig
Fanhouse’s Josh Alper says Boller better with open offense
The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says B-Rob wants forgiveness
The Sun’s Roch Kubatko not sure he believes B-Rob
The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Birds stading behind Roberts
The Examiner’s Sean Welsh says Roberts probably won’t be suspended
Washington Times’ Tom Knott says apologies of Roberts, others mean little
Camden Chat’s “duck” says no one talking about closer issues
Dempsey’s Army’s “hrb” buying what Roberts selling
Oriole Post’s “Maryland Orioles Fan” (Anthony Amobi, right?) says easy for Roberts to admit after caught
The Loss Column’s Neal Shaffer willing to give B-Rob benefit of doubt
The Wayward Oriole wonders if Roberts admitted to get out of Baltimore (we have a winner!)
Washington Post’s Marc Carig says Rychleski wanted opportunity in SEC
Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says more money for Rychleski at SC
Salt Lake Tribune’s Lya Wodraska says Utes having fun while in SD to play Navy
Go Mids breaks down Navy-Utah (must subscribe)
Carroll County Times’ Bob Blubaugh says win over RPI 38 Winthrop BIG for Mount
Frederick News Post’s Stan Goldberg says Mount’s 6th straight biggest win of season
Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says McDaniel suffers first loss at Mary Washington
-It’s hard to argue with Reed’s or 52’s inclusion on the AFC Pro Bowl team, but J.O. CERTAINLY didn’t belong. Kelly Gregg and Haloti Ngata also obviously deserved consideration on the team, but that didn’t happen, and when you lose 10 games; you can’t be mad about something like that. I am going to go out on a limb (not at all) and say that this will be the final trip to Hawaii for both J.O. AND 52.
-The Orioles SHOULD bring in Octavio Dotel if they can get him for a 1 year deal. Chris Ray is your closer of the future, but it would help the development of the team’s other young players if they could feel as though there was someone who could close games on their roster. It does not stunt anyone’s growth since your long-term plan will be back in place in ’09.
-Congratulations to Coach Rychleski on the job at South Carolina. SEC Football is head and shoulders above EVERYTHING else, and he has done an EXTREMELY good job at Maryland. Think of all of the All-Conference/All-American/etc. players the Terps have had on Special Teams. Brooks Barnard, Adam Podlesh, Nick Novak, Dan Ennis, Steve Suter, etc all come to mind.
-The Terps should be able to sell a few more than 5,000 tickets to a Bowl game in San Francisco. 8,000 would help to make a statement for Bowl games in the future.
-SERIOUS Congratulations to Coach Milan Brown and the Mountaineers of Mt. St. Mary’s. The Winthrop team you beat last night is not only a good team now (who recently beat Georgia Tech), but they are also an indicator of what you want your program to become. Don’t think about it too long, but enjoy this one. This was a big win.
-My pick for tonight is Towson hoops vs. Lafayette. The Tigers are offering a package deal for that game and their women’s game beforehand. Go see some local hoops.
Talk to you tomorrow.