Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

January 20, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a happy Wednesday for me because just put out their list of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women, and I had honest to god never heard of the gal who they put at #1. Emmanuelle Chriqui has apparently appeared on “Entourage”, and will be in the movie “13” with Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham. I know all of these things because I just read them. The point it, it’s a happy Wednesday for me because I now KNOW who Emmanuelle Chriqui is……


….and I KNOW now that I’m better for it.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1.’s Glenn Clark says John Harbaugh wants Ed Reed, Derrick Mason back

And I believe at least half of that.

EVERYONE inside 1 Winning Drive wants to see Ed Reed return. I have explained this for the last few days-the Ravens are MUCH better with Ed Reed than they would be with someone else playing safety, especially Tom Zbikowski (with no offense to Zibby, who is a nice player-but not 70% of Ed Reed). This franchise would be shaken if Ed decides he really can’t do it physically anymore.

Derrick Mason is a different story. If Derrick DOES decide to return, the Ravens must decide if a 36 year old receiver who is used to being the #1 option is the best direction for them to go. They would likely have to go through an awkward conversation with Mase-where they explained to him that he would no longer be the #1 guy, which meant he would no longer be PAID like a #1 guy.

Derrick’s retirement might avoid that awkwardness.

Sorta like how I avoided the awkwardness of breaking up with a gal after 2 years of dating by sleeping with her friends and letting her find out.

Wait…..those things aren’t similar at all.

And I meant, “my friend” avoided the awkwardness of breaking up with a gal “he” had dated for 2 years by sleeping with her friends and letting her find out.

And “he” was a real jerk for doing it.

2. Ravens Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh wouldn’t rule out Matt Stover as competition for Billy Cundiff in Training Camp


John also wouldn’t rule out Tony Meola as competition for the kicking job in Training Camp….


(Edit from GMC: Does ANYONE get that reference? Meola once tried out for the Jets? I guess for it to be funny it has to be somehow relevant. Oh well.)

The point is, John won’t rule ANYONE out as a kicker because the Ravens don’t know yet how the kicking position will unfold. As I said yesterday-I expect it to be Billy Cundiff and a young kicker-possibly Graham Gano or a rookie. The Ravens still want a “kicker of the future”, which Cundiff might still be. I don’t think Matt Stover would fit that bill-but if he was willing to accept the type of deal he wasn’t willing to accept last year-I guess you never know.

3. The Sun’s Edward Lee and Kevin Van Valkenburg say Harbs finally admitted Flacco played hurt

And in other news….


You guys can thank me for finally being the one to get Coach Harbaugh to crack on this whenever you want.

The point is, if Joe was just trying to improve as a leader by downplaying his injuries over the last few weeks, I’m fine with that. I really am. In fact, it probably makes me think more of him as a leader.

But the way the coach and QB of this team have dismissed this over the last month has been almost laughable.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Harbaugh sees Pryce, Gaither, McGahee back in Baltimore

Is he going to pay them personally?

The biggest problem with this list is McGahee-who I actually think is a good fit in the role he’s currently in-but doesn’t want the role he’s currently in. It might cost the Ravens too much money to go in another direction, but you can’t help but wonder how McGahee’s attitude will hold up through another year of being a “backup.”

Gaither is tough. The Ravens may be in a position where even if they want to bring Gaither back-they’re forced to go in another direction because they can’t sign anyone unless their valuable players sign elsewhere. They could stick a pretty high tag on Gaither and probably still get teams to match it, as there aren’t a whole lot of NFL-caliber LT’s in the league.

Pryce may not be as effective as he was during earlier years in his career-but it never appeared as though he stopped trying. Part of his struggles were likely due to the newness of Greg Mattison’s defense, but I don’t think Pryce will suddenly become a double digit sack type of player anytime soon.

5.’s Adam Schefter says Hue Jackson will interview for “unspecified” job with Raiders

Why is it that teams feel the need to try to hire a new coach without firing their old one? I know the Redskins ended up getting Mike Shanahan, but nothing good really comes from the process.

I don’t know why Hue Jackson would want to have ANYTHING to do with Al Davis’ organization, other than the fact that EVERYONE in the NFL just wants a chance to be a head coach.

Hue Jackson may have been a logical choice to be the next offensive coordinator had Cam Cameron been hired by the Bills-so I can understand his desire to move up elsewhere with the Ravens staff apparently staying in place.

If he ends up in Oakland, he’ll have been warned.

6.’s Luke Jones says Mosley’s perfect night, 21 points lead Terps in rout of Longwood

It was quite a performance from Sean Mosley, but he might as well have been doing it against Long & Foster’s company hoops team. Longwood didn’t have much to offer at any point last night, and Gary Williams’ crew appeared to stay at least MOSTLY focused throughout a blowout win that will help them in NO WAYS-at least RPI-wise.

The Terrapins now have until Saturday to get back up for an ACC contest with NC State. Hopefully their offensive confidence from last night will carry over.

7. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Jordan Williams chipped in 13 points, 10 boards in win over Lancers

When Patrick told Drew Forrester yesterday that Jordan Williams looked like he might be the best big man in College Park since Lonny Baxter-I thought it was high praise at first. I thought about it more after that-and there isn’t much in the way of competition. Jordan Williams is carving a nice niche for himself at the most important time of the season-hopefully it will carry over as conference play continues.

8. Towson Official Site previews Tigers’ contest with Northeastern last night

Fortunately, Pat Kennedy’s crew is no longer playing for their first win in CAA play. Unfortunately, they’re still a long way away from being relevant in the conference at 1-6. The Huskies will be tough competition, but if Towson is going to improve at all-they are going to have to beat some good teams on the Towson Center floor. Tonight would be a good night for that to start.

9. The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Maryland, Morgan State agree in principal to play in football this September

I reported that the schools were in talks back in September-but there was still a major national program they were waiting word from. I can tell you now that the team was Pitt-but I do not know if they ever got an answer from the Panthers. As of right now, there are just 3 non-conference games scheduled (vs. Navy at M&T Bank Stadium, @West Virginia, and the pending vs. Morgan State); but you would imagine Ralph Friedgen and Debbie Yow would want to schedule a lower level FBS team for the final non-conference slot.

10.’s Drew Forrester says Birds ‘wrong’ to increase ticket prices

And we all know it’s true.

It’s not about whether or not other teams have similar day of game fees or fees for prime games.

It’s not about whether or not they’re still in the upper half of MLB when it comes to affordable tickets.

It’s not about whether or not they’re still competitive in price when compared to other sports options in the mid-atlantic area.

It’s about whether or not the team is justified in telling their fans they should pay more for tickets this season than they have in the past.

And they’re just not.

Improve the team-and ticket costs will not be a big deal. Continue to lose-and expect a backlash when you make a decision like this.

11. The AP says Orioles reach 1 year deal with Luke Scott, avoiding arbitration

Luke Scott is back! Yay!

I would be hard pressed to come up with an answer if you were to ask me which I would have missed more: Luke Scott or Luke Jones’ playoff beard…..


I guess if Scott can hit the way he hit for 2 months last season, I’d miss him more. Otherwise, that was a hell of a beard.

12. Baltimore Business Journal’s Ryan Sharrow says city approved $100,000 study to build new stadium for DC United in Baltimore

I like everything about this, I really do. I think it helps bring credibility to the city’s World Cup bid, and it gives sports fans in the area an alternative to the O’s during the summer months. Do I think MLS will suddenly become a rage nationally? Maybe not. But do I think there could be a real niche for the MLS here in town? Yeah, I do.

Also, especially without an arena-a mid-sized stadium could do wonders for getting more events during the summer months. How about a Jimmy Buffett concert downtown instead of at Nissan Pavilion?


I think I like this.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Martha Stewart learned how to work a stripper pole on her TV show yesterday. Need I go on?

What a great country.

Talk to you tomorrow.