Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

March 31, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because Busted Coverage discovered this video; which proves that on TV in Spain-lucky young men get the chance to roll around in the mud with attractive young ladies. I don’t know much Spanish, but I’m already contemplating a move (Video not as NSFW as you probably think; but it’s definitely questionable)…

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Bergesen roughed up as Tigers topped Orioles

Not exactly the type of performance you were hoping to see as Grapefruit League play winds down, but nothing to panic over either…I don’t think.

Every time Bergesen struggles this season, there is going to be concern expressed (fairly) over his shoulder injury. But it is worth noting that this is the same guy who dazzled over 5 2/3 shutout innings against the Yankees a week ago.

I’ll give him a pass here.

2.’s Brittany Ghiroli says Chris Tillman sent down, David Hernandez will be 5th starter

As we discussed yesterday; the issue here isn’t REALLY Chris Tillman/David Hernandez-as David Hernandez has ABSOLUTELY earned a spot in the rotation. The real battle was between Jeremy Guthrie (who HASN’T earned a spot) and Tillman.

Dave Trembley decided to go with experience ahead of potential in picking Guthrie.

It’s sort of like when I decided to date Jennifer Lopez…


…instead of Ashley Jones…


(Edit from GMC: I just like having some knowledge of what I’m getting myself into; you know?)

3. The Sun’s Dan Connolly and Jeff Zrebiec say Craig Tatum picked over Chad Moeller for Birds’ backup catcher job

Let’s play JEOPARDY!

The Final Answer is: “Yeah, neither have I…”

Cue music…

The correct response was “Who’s Craig Tatum? I’ve never heard of him.”

There’s been some hubbub about the Orioles’ decision to go with Tatum instead of Moeller, but I’m really unmoved.

Tatum apparently offers a bit more defensively, and he clearly has more upside. I know Peter Schmuck lamented what the Orioles lose in “intangibles” in The Sun this morning; but I don’t think intangibles are how the Orioles needed to make this decision.

I think they needed to make this decision based on the thought that if Matt Wieters were to miss 15 days, which player would be a better option to use during that stretch?

If Tatum was the answer (and most in Sarasota say he did show himself to BE that answer); than Andy MacPhail and Dave Trembley made the right call.

4.’s Brittany Ghiroli says Felix Pie will be in Opening Day lineup for O’s

I think the great Art Alexakis and Everclear would probably say it best…

Look-Felix Pie looks like he SHOULD be a good player. He’s shown signs that he MIGHT be a good player.

But we don’t yet know that Felix Pie IS a good player.

I’ll personally be hoping that it doesn’t take long for us to find out that he IS a good player.

5. The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Orioles sign OF Joey Gathright to minor league contract with Spring Training invite

I guess maybe they don’t know, but Spring Training is over in about 4 days. Do the Orioles not own a calendar???

In fairness, this gives the Birds one more body to use this week if they want to give Adam Jones, Felix Pie or Nick Markakis rest before Opening Day. It will also give them one more player in Norfolk who will try to steal 1st base as much as possible. Plus-they have some familiarity with him because he was around last season.

It’s sorta like when you were in high school and you had that one girl you just couldn’t shake. No matter what pretty girl you might have been dating, there was always that other girl you kept in mind. They probably weren’t as pretty, but when they were single; you couldn’t help yourself.

For me in high school, it was “Britney”….


6. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Cincinnati OT Jeff Linkenbach, South Dakota State LB Danny Batten visited Owings Mills

Here’s what you need to know:

Linkenbach is 6’6″, 311 pounds and has protected Tony Pike’s blind side for the last 3 seasons.

Batten is a 6’3″, 246 pound rush end/backer who has posted 17 sacks over the last 2 seasons.

Both are guys who are 7th rounders or free agents.

The Ravens have had success in those rounds before.

7.’s Mike Duffy says Flacco threw to Boldin for first time Tuesday

“And on the first day, God said…’Let there be light'”

I’m not sure how many touchdown passes Joe Flacco threw to Anquan Boldin at 1 Winning Drive yesterday, but if it was any less than 40; I’m expecting more during the season.

I’m just saying.

8. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Eric Hayes to compete in NCAA 3 point contest during Final Four weekend in Indianapolis

This comes a year after after Baltimore’s own Jack McClinton won the title himself. Look, if you can’t celebrate NCAA Championships; we should at least be able to celebrate something, right?

I know this is weird-but I LOVE 3 point contests. Even more than Slam Dunk contests. I SWEAR there’s no sound better than hearing the net shake thanks to a deadly shooter.

Eric Hayes has made the sound before…

9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says OG’s Bennett Fulper, Justin Lewis returned to Maryland football practice Tuesday

And trust me, the Terrapins’ O-Line is MUCH better with them than without. Hopefully that gives you a better idea of what it is like without.

Since Patrick is more lacrosse-focused than anyone I know; I’ll also use this space to point out that Stevenson is visiting Hood College this afternoon. If you’re in Frederick, it’s worth checking out the Mustangs-who might score 25 goals today.

10. Thoroughbred Times’ Frank Angst says MI Developments saw 91% drop in net income in 2009 before re-organizing to take over Pimlico, Laurel

Since I’m running low on time, I’ll use “and you thought Tiger Woods had a bad year” as my schtick here.

You know who DIDN’T have a bad year? Pete Rose…


(Edit from GMC: I guess it would be helpful if I told you that was Pete’s girlfriend Kiana Kim; who discussed their great sex life on The Howard Stern Show yesterday. But who said I was helpful? Certainly not my girlfriend…)

And finally, I leave you with this…

Steve Lavin was hired by St. John’s yesterday. While his hair is interesting enough itself; it ALSO means St. John’s gets his wife; Mary Ann Jarou…


Who seems nice…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…