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October 31, 2007 | Glenn Clark

How do I feel about John “T-Bone” Shelby joining the Birds as a first base coach? I’m not sure. I mean, I’m glad that the Birds got someone with links to the organization, but I don’t necessarily think he’ll be a “difference maker” for the Birds. I’m not at all surprised that Lee MacPhail was added to the organization. As far as acquiring Carlos Silva, he’ll manage to get a bunch of money, but you HAVE to overpay for pitchers these days. I’d say if you can get him with a 2 year deal, get him. Let’s see what everyone has to say…


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin announces O’s name John Shelby first base coach

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The Sun’s Roch Kubatko says we’ll know more about Bedard and Tejada next week

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WNST’s Nestor Aparicio says Cal took a look at Olympic venues

WNST’s Drew Forrester thinks the O’s should sign Carlos Silva

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WJZ reports Shelby is new First Base coach


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Trevor Pryce is excited to be back

The Sun’s Mike Preston says 52 has the ear of those inside 1 Winning Drive

The Sun’s Don Markus says the Ravens will be practicing on Saturday night

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Yamon Figurs doesn’t want to drop the ball

The AP’s Alan Robinson says Mike Tomlin is ready to face the Ravens

The Sun’s Sheil Kapadia has the Ravens 13th in his power rankings

The Sun’s Don Markus tells us what was being said after practice

Pro Football 24×7’s Kurt Backert says the Steelers have history with Baltimore

Aaron Wilson says Ravens want to keep hitting the QB

Aaron Wilson says McAlister may still play despite missing practice

Press Box’s Joe Platania says Todd Heap and Daniel Wilcox also didn’t practice (Not that we were expecting them to)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette drools over Big Ben (GET A ROOM!)

Beaver County Times’ Mike Bires says Ravens are toughest opponent Steelers have faced

Steel City Insider offers a transcript of Mike Tomlin’s press conference (must subscribe)

WNST’s Ray Bachman thinks 52 should be more grateful

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Yahoo! Sports Jason Cole has the Ravens 13th, Charles Robinson 11th in their weekly power rankings

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The AP reports that Art Modell is on the preliminary list of Hall of Fame candidates


The Official Site offers quotes from Ralph and players’ Tuesday news conference

The Sun’s Heather Dinich wasn’t surprised that Ralph wouldn’t comment

The Sun’s Heather Dinich updates injuries

The Sun’s Heather Dinich says players don’t blame the coordinators

The Sun’s Heather Dinich says Chris Turner is the QB……for now anyway

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Jordan Steffy is ready to be the QB

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens recaps Media’s first session with Jordan Steffy since his injury

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens reminds us that 6-6 means bowl eligible, not bowl-bound

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens expects Chris Turner to play

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says no one was really talking Carolina with Ralph today

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens weighs in on Coordinator futures

Washington Post’s Marc Carig says Terps are adjusting practice due to injuries

Terrapin Territory’s “JFliegel” also weighs in on whether or not 6-6 makes a bowl

Terrapin Times’ Mike Ashley says Terps want to “flip the script” (must subscribe)

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Daily Tar Heel’s Jesse Baumgartner calls Maryland ‘mediocre’

Winston-Salem Journal’s Bill Cole says Heels are trying to ‘move on’ starting with Terps

WNST’s Glenn Clark (I hear he’s quite the smooth operator) has Maryland 7th in his ACC Power Rankings

Terrapin Stats gives us a Maryland-Carolina history

The ACC gives us an update on stats for the Terps through 8 games

The ACC tells us where Maryland stacks up statistically within the ACC through 8 games


LB Eric Barton had 7 tackles (4 solo) in the Jets’ 13-3 loss to the Bills

-S Curome Cox had 1 tackle (1 solo) in the Broncos’ 19-13 loss to the Packers

-TE Vernon Davis caught 6 passes for 71 yards and a TD in the 49ers’ 31-10 loss to the Saints

-CB Domonique Foxworth had 3 tackles (3 solo) in the Broncos’ 19-13 loss to the Packers

-LB E.J. Henderson had 10 tackles (9 solo) in the Vikings’ 23-16 loss to the Eagles

-DE Eric Hicks had 2 tackles (1 solo) in the Jets’ 13-3 loss to the Bills

-LB D’Qwell Jackson had 3 tackles (3 solo) in the Browns’ 27-20 win over the Rams

-DT Kris Jenkins had 1 tackle in the Panthers’ 31-7 loss to the Colts

-RB LaMont Jordan rushed 12 times for 16 yards in the Raiders’ 13-9 loss to the Titans

-LB Shawne Merriman had 7 tackles (6 solo) and deflected 2 passes in the Chargers’ 35-10 win over the Texans

-P Adam Podlesh punted 8 times for 364 yards and 1 touchback with a net average of 37.3 yards in the Jaguars’ 24-23 win over the Buccaneers

-DT Randy Starks had 1 tackle (1 solo, 1 TFL) and deflected 1 pass in the Titans’ 13-9 win over the Raiders

-S Madieu Williams had 4 tackles (4 solo) in the Bengals’ 24-13 loss to the Steelers


Diamondback’s Mark Selig tells us how we can dress up like Bambale Osby for Halloween


The Official Site previews Terps-USA

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Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel previews Terps-USA

Terrapin Times’ Chris King says Langhorne and Harper are excited to play Team USA (must subscribe)

The Examiner’s Ron Snyder previews Terps-USA


The Official Site offers quotes from Paul Johnson

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Navy needs to defend the air

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Mids and Irish both have issues

South Bend Tribune’s Jeff Carroll says Mids could be a cure for Irish

South Bend Tribune’s Al Lesar looks back on 44 years since Mids last beat Irish

Irish Illustrated’s Tim Prister says Charlie Weis blames Notre Dame’s season on himself (must subscribe)

Go Mids’ David Ausiello says Navy needs 3-4 stops a game

Go Mids’ Mike James says he DOESN’T hate Notre Dame

Irish Eyes’ Colin Burns says Irish need to get points against Navy

Go Mids’ Chris Rohe says he DOES hate Notre Dame

Irish Eyes’ Steve Wiltfong says James Aldridge will be back for Notre Dame (must subscribe)

Irish Eyes’ Colin Burns offers some daily Notre Dame notes


-RB Kyle Eckel ran 4 times for 2 yards in the Patiots’ 52-7 win over the Redskins


The Official Site looks at honors given to Greg Sprink


The Sun says Morgan won’t get their loss back

The Examiner’s Dave Carey says Morgan’s loss is a loss

The AP reports Morgan’s loss upheld


-The return of Trevor Pryce will be HUGE for the Ravens. Trevor Pryce is not only an upgrade at rush end, he’s also going to free up Terrell Suggs and Bart Scott to do the things they do best. Of all of the injury returns, I think Pryce is the most important, with (I PRAY) Todd Heap being second, and McNair third.

-Mike Preston’s story sounded familiar. I believe I hosted an entire four hour show about this once. Yes, 52 has the ear of those inside 1 Winning Drive, and the organization obviously makes decisions with his interests in mind. (Deion, McNair, Corey Fuller, Haloti Ngata, etc.) The problem with this is that it is COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE for a player to have so much impact on an organization. Look, 52 has been a great player for a long time, and deserves to be respected by the Ravens. However, 52 clearly has been bigger than anyone in that building, and there is no one-not Billick, not Ozzie, not McNair-who is capable of standing up to him. RAY LEWIS IS NOT A HEAD COACH! RAY LEWIS IS NOT A GM! RAY LEWIS IS NOT A PR COORDINATOR! RAY LEWIS IS A LINEBACKER, NOTHING ELSE!

Many of us used to believe that 52 was the middle man who kept other players in line. However, 52 is clearly his own man in that locker room, and has free reign over what he wants to say and do. I heard a story recently about former DC Mike Nolan, now the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. In game situations, Mike Nolan would call his team together and actually ask 52 what he thought they should do in certain situations. ARE YOU SERIOUS? 52’s stranglehold of this team is downright dangerous, and may be worse than any play-calling or coaching problems the team faces.

I know that this all stems from innocent comments on a radio show, but Brian Billick’s total capitulation to 52 and what he had to say is completely unacceptable. With guys like Rod Woodson and Deion Sanders having comfortable jobs, it is unlikely that there is anyone that could take a job with the Ravens that 52 WOULD respect. Mike Singletary seemed to be an option, but Mike is obviously long gone. It appears more and more likely that 52 will remain a cantankerous distraction to the Ravens’ locker room until he hangs up his shoes, and the Ravens will not be able to win during that time.

But anyway…..

-I just have to say it again. I know it won’t happen this year, but Art Modell HAS to be in the Hall of Fame. And for that matter, Art Monk should be as well.

-Ralph needs to decide now what Jordan Steffy’s future is. North Carolina is an absolute MUST win. If the Terps lose, they will almost assuredly not make a bowl game. Chris Turner MIGHT be the best option, but Ralph can’t waver after this week. Whoever plays on Saturday has to be the QB that Ralph believes can get the Terps at least 3 wins down the stretch.

-I think I’m actually glad that Morgan’s loss wasn’t vacated. What a dangerous precedent that could have set for the future of College Football. Missed calls will ALWAYS happen, and they are simply part of the game. College Football coaches shouldn’t have the opportunity to take losses away just because of missed calls.

-Reading the back and forth on Go Mids today was actually somewhat humorous, as I realized that even though I’m not a Navy fan, and Notre Dame hasn’t beat my team 43 straight times, I HATE NOTRE DAME! How can anyone NOT hate Notre Dame? They represent everything terrible about College Football! They think they are above the game! Luckily, we can all sit back and enjoy their misery this season. Everyone should hate Notre Dame, and we all need to gather together this weekend to root like hell for the Mids to end the streak.

Talk to you tomorrow.