Wednesday Morning’s Crabs & Beer

November 07, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Calling 52 a locker room cancer doesn’t even begin to describe it, but a close friend of mine offered that assessment Tuesday morning in our hour-long conversation about Monday Night’s game. Look, I understand Ray’s frustration in the ball being turned over, but the DB’s behind him didn’t even see the ball once during the entire game. This was a total team embarrassment. And 52 has NEVER, NOT ONCE owned up after a bad game, a loss, or anything. 52 has NEVER, NOT ONCE taken the heat so that another player could keep his head up. 52 has NEVER, NOT ONCE shown respect for his teammates in a trying time.

Much like I said yesterday that we finally have to accept that Brian Billick just plain has NO CLUE about anything; we must also FINALLY accept that 52 is a locker room cancer who is more concerned about showing off than about winning football games. The thing is, that mentality worked for a long time in this city. 52 was able to get away with that crap for years because other players fed off of it. In fact, players like Bart Scott and Terrell Suggs still seem to feed off of it-to an extent anyway. At this point, if 52 wasn’t on the field, Scott and Suggs would still rally around this defense, and would do the excitement thing their own way. 52 really doesn’t have the pulse of this team anymore. He’s respected for his career and his accomplishments, but he’s no longer respected as the voice of the team.

I don’t want this to be an entire “Poo Poo 52” blog. The man will be a Hall of Famer, and I don’t put down on his on-field play the way some of his former teammates and analysts have. This is simply to say that 52 might be part of the problem that needs to be solved going forward, no matter what that means.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…


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Here is a link to ACC Select, where you can watch Wednesday’s exhibition opener

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Here’s a Youtube link to JUST the sack


-No matter who plays CB for the Ravens next week, I would like their chances better if Ocho Cinco wasn’t able to play. But I certainly expect him to be ready. I can only imagine that the Bengals have already implemented a “let’s throw all day” policy for this game, and I would assume that they will be successful doing it. This could be ugly.

-I know I mentioned that the Birds should trade Tejada two seasons ago, and I can understand why then I was told I was crazy. The Birds will continue to try to trade Tejada this off-season, but they’re not going to suddenly get a great offer. If only Tejada had shown he was AT ALL capable of playing SS still last season; that would make this process so much easier. The Diamondbacks should consider making the move, but they already have too many corners on their roster.

-The Terps would have to beat the Eagles Saturday for Andrew Crummey’s return to really mean anything. If Erin Henderson can’t play, the Terps have NO CHANCE, a banged up Henderson gives the Terps a SLIGHT CHANCE at least; but little more than that. Unlike the Billick situation, Ralph is still the man in College Park; and will have success there. Don’t forget, Ralph is an alum; and that DOES make a difference. He will have to hire an OC next season, but even a 4-8 finish this year wouldn’t get him fired (although, he should probably try to go at least 5-7 just to make sure things don’t get too hairy).

-How nice is it to hear that there’s a suspension at Maryland that ACTUALLY ISN’T THAT BIG OF A DEAL? Look, James Gist and Landon Milbourne should have been smarter, but what they did is hardly a major transgression. Gary had the easy decision to suspend them for the N. Florida game, instead of having to change the suspension to a later game or stagger the suspensions. This is WAAAY better than hearing about an incident at Cornerstone or a player deciding that school is no longer a concern to them.

-Looking at the 2008 Maryland Lacrosse schedule just provided me one more chance to bitch about the fact that the 2008 Final Four will be played in Foxboro, Massachusetts. This is such an egregious error by the NCAA that I cannot even begin to describe it. Philadelphia was wrong, but at least I could make sense of it. The Final Four will draw another HUGE crowd because the sport is growing, not because of the location. As I’ve said before, Baltimore needs to host this event permanently. The best math equation I can use to explain this is….

Baltimore: College Lacrosse > Omaha: College Baseball.

Did you get that? What Baltimore is to College Lacrosse is GREATER THAN what Omaha is to College Baseball. And much in the way that the NCAA has turned Omaha into a Mecca for College Baseball, the NCAA should do the same thing with Baltimore and the Lacrosse Final Four. Let’s get it right already!

Talk to you tomorrow.