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November 21, 2007 | Glenn Clark

*Editor’s note* My use of the term “parody” is meant to poke fun at the many commentators, writers, bloggers, etc. Who refer to the evenness of the NFL as “parody” instead of the actual term; parity. Its my own way to try to ammuse myself, but I think it got lost on my update.****

It’s tough to figure out if I can buy into the “NFL parody” crap as an excuse for why the Ravens are an awful 4-6 this season. I think if the Ravens were to somehow finish 9-7, we could maybe use that as an explanation. This is a typical “chicken or egg” question. Is “parody” solid reasoning for why a team struggles, or do the struggles of a team prove the existence of “parody”?

I wasn’t a psychology major (my roommate was, and I thought about switching a few times because he had so much fun), so this might not be the question for me. But with the 5-5 Chargers in town, you can’t help but realize that these teams look like shells of their ’06 versions.

The easy answer for the Ravens is the ineffectiveness of Steve McNair. The Ravens were bad before McNair got to town, and they’re bad once again now that McNair has gone sour. That being said, a lot of teams are able to win even without their QBs. And considering the fact that McNair wasn’t really even a Pro Bowl-caliber QB, it’s hard to convince me that McNair is the only answer.

The easy answer for the Chargers is the change in Coach. However, the Coach itself can’t be the only reason why the reigning League MVP’s numbers have declined drastically since ’06.

I guess I can buy that maybe “parody” has an effect bigger than anything else happening on the field; but when a team is just plain BAD like the Ravens-I can’t really buy it. The Chargers may have screwed up the coaching situation, but I would be more willing to buy into them as victims of “parody.”

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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-LB Eric Barton had 7 tackles (5 solo, 2 TFL) in the Jets’ 19-16 win over the Steelers
-TE Vernon Davis had 4 catches for 50 yards in the 49ers’ 13-9 loss to the Rams
-CB Dominique Foxworth had 4 tackles (2 solo) in the Broncos’ 34-20 win over the Titans
-LB E.J. Henderson had 6 tackles (6 solo) in the Vikings’ 29-22 win over the Raiders
-DE Eric Hicks had 3 tackles (2 solo) in the Jets’ 19-16 win over the Steelers
-DT Kris Jenkins had 4 tackles (4 solo, 1 TFL) in the Panthers’ 31-17 loss to the Packers
-LB Shawne Merriman had 1 tackle (1 solo) and deflected 1 pass in the Chargers’ 24-17 loss to the Jaguars
-P Adam Podlesh punted 5 times for 203 yards (37.2 Net avg.) in the Jaguars’ 24-17 win over the Chargers
-S Madieu Williams had 5 tackles (5 solo) in the Bengals’ 35-27 loss to the Cardinals
-CB Josh Wilson had 2 tackles (1 solo) in the Seahawks’ 30-23 win over the Bears


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-G Steve Blake is averaging 5.6 PPG and 5.5 APG for the Blazers
-G Juan Dixon is averaging 7.9 PPG and 1.1 SPG for the Raptors
-G Steve Francis is averaging 8.0 PPG and 1.0 SPG for the Rockets
-G D.J. Strawberry is averaging 1.7 PPG and 1.3 SPG for the Suns
-PF Joe Smith is averaging 7.3 PPG and 4.6 RPG for the Bulls
-PF Chris Wilcox has started all 12 games for the Sonics, averaging 16.2 PPG and 7.9 RPG


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-FB Kyle Eckel rushed 10 times for 40 yards and a TD; and caught 1 pass for 6 yards in the Patriots’ 56-10 win over the Bills


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-I know Edward Lee’s piece was nothing more than fluff, but I also think it helps to make a point. As great as the NFL might be, there is nothing quite like College Football. Especially in the era of free agency, College Football is something special for players and fans alike. There will eventually come a day when even Hall of Fame caliber players have no Pro Team to be identified with, but they will always have their College, and they will always live and die with those teams. Seriously, with no offense to the NFL, College Football is KING.

-I will echo my sentiments from yesterday when it comes to Maryland Hoops. They WILL eventually be good, but that’s still EVENTUALLY, not currently. They need to get a win over a solid non-conference opponent, and with UCLA and Missouri gone, Illinois becomes their only real option. The 2-26 shooting behind the arc during these two games is absolutely unacceptable. If the Terps can start shooting, there is the chance that the offense can open up under the basket. If teams don’t have to defend the outside shot, it makes it much easier to collapse in the key. I DID like the way “The General” took it upon himself to keep the Terps in the game in the last 10 minutes, but until he mixes in a shot with his slash, he cannot be the go-to guard all great teams must have.

-Ralph, PLEASE stop with the QB crap. If Chris is your man, play Chris. If he’s not, why did you make him the man? This is not the way to win football games.

-Is there any reason why I shouldn’t be able to call this game the “Navy/Army” game instead of “Army/Navy”? I know we’ve accepted “Army/Navy” over the years, but is there a historical significance that I don’t know about? Please let me know. Thanks.

-Who is the biggest O’s ‘turkey’ of 2007? It’s Peter Angelos. This will be the answer every year until he is gone. Why even bother asking?

-Johnny Estrada’s trade to the Mets almost certainly means that Ramon Hernandez won’t be headed to Shea. I don’t know that Hernandez’s value was particularly high anyway, but if they were willing to trade Guillermo Mota, I would think the O’s could have pried away a younger reliever.

-Why has it taken this long for Abe Pollin’s organization to honor Earl Monroe by retiring his number? “The Pearl” was special to that organization in Baltimore, and will always be a Baltimore Bullet.

-Thanks to Nestor Aparicio and Mark Suchy for kind words regarding “Crabs & Beer” today. Especially for someone like Nestor who I have grown up respecting a great deal, its really heartening to hear such good words about my own personal labor of love.

-Updates over the next few days will not be typical, as I will be in Las Vegas celebrating Thanksgiving with Family. I will pass along as much as possible.

Talk to you tomorrow.