We’re already villains in Indianapolis…

January 30, 2012 | Drew Forrester


Well, that didn’t take long.

Glenn Clark and I only needed about one hour on Sunday to immerse ourselves in hot water here in the “heart of the midwest”, where we’re spending a week covering the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

A local writer from the Indy Star approached us and asked about the “welcome card” that was left at all of the tables on radio row and both Glenn and I were overly warm about them.  And, honestly, if you take a look at them, they’re a very nice touch as the media rolls into Indianapolis for their showcase football event.

That said, we did make sure the writer knew that while the cards were a nice touch, there’s not much else the people in Indy can do to make us feel “good” about Indianapolis given the circumstances of March in 1984.

It’s always easy for people in Indy to say stuff like “get over it”.  They can say that because they took the Colts in 1984 and haven’t lost their team to some vagabond who shows up in the middle of the night and sticks a fork in the eye of the city.

Me, personally, I’m completely “over” the Colts leaving.  I left that at the stadium in Baltimore on January 13, 2007 when the Colts came in with their high-powered offense and lucked their way to a 15-6 win when Steve McNair woke up on the wrong side of the bed and couldn’t complete a pass to a guy in purple.

I’m “over” the Colts leaving because we have our own team, but I’m never over the fact that Indianapolis has OUR logo and OUR colors and OUR records.  When you open the record books and see Peyton Manning has eclipsed Johnny Unitas in some sort of passing record for the Indianapolis Colts…well…that can’t be, because Peyton Manning ONLY played in Indy and Johnny U ONLY played in Baltimore.

But that’s also a situation for the creeps in the NFL to deal with, since they — if they had any stones at all — would have simply said to the Irsay family, “the records will always be reflective of the BALTIMORE Colts and the INDIANAPOLIS Colts.”

A couple of nitwits in Indy have chimed in either via our web-site or the Indy Star and continue on with that “get over it” garbage, which is ironic, I guess, because they don’t “get it”.

I complimented those school kids on the cards they created and left for us.  They really ARE nice.  I said that on the air dozens of times this morning.

But anytime I land at the Indianapolis airport, I always say the same thing – like I did yesterday when the wheels touched down: “What a s**thole this place is…”  And there’s only one reason I think like that.

You people stole our team in 1984.

And that’s the truth.

(By the way, you folks in Indy had a helluva season to follow in 2011.  Nice team ya got there…)

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  1. Robert Says:


    It is said the best revenge is living well. I gave up most of my animous for the Colts 1st when Irsay passed and the last of it after that playoff loss. The hate wasn’t doing me any good and certainly had no effect on the Colts and Indianapolis. The best part of my catharsis was I could resume my love for the Colts, the team I grew up following. Since letting go of the hate, I’ve had much more fun cheering for the Ravens (defensively) & the Colts (offensively). Cheers.

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    Well said my friend. Now lets just wait for the nitwits and Stiller trolls on here to show up and spew out their anti-Baltimore venom. Just remind all those Irsay lovers in Lucas Oil can land all the love and karma Jimmy has for Petyon these days after 10 years of playoff ball and one ring.

  3. MitchInIndy Says:

    I know most of this back and forth is done in good fun, but let’s remind everyone of the truth behind the Colts leaving.

    First, the city stopped supporting the team. Everyone wants to talk about Unitas, Berry, etc.., but in the late 70s and early 80s, Baltimore fans wanted nothing to do with those teams. Memorial Stadium was a ghost town.

    Second, when the city would not build a new stadium and it became apparent to Baltimore the Colts were looking to leave, they city tried to take over the team by imminent domain. Any owner facing that would have left.

    Let’s not pretend the Colts left under rosy circumstances and an abundance of support from the city of Baltimore.

    Also, after “stealing” a team from Cleveland, you lose the moral high ground. (and yes, I know you left the name).

    (DF: You’re right about all of that. You left out one point. You took the Colts from us. You were the city that “hit on us” when the husband was out of town. You know that. But it’s all good. Our franchise in Baltimore is better than the one you have now in Indy, so we’re happy.)

  4. FRANCHISE Says:


    Please be advised that Mayflower Vans that both Robert & Jimmy used to slither away in the miidle of the night during a snow storm on March 28, 1984 will be arriving in the Lucas Oil Drum parking lots soon.

    The Irsay family dismissing the Polian’s, Caldwell and soon Peyton Manning is fitting for the host of the Super Bowl in the putrid city of Indianapolis.

    Is Mayor Hudnutt attending the Super Bowl in the Irsay Oil Drum, he’s invited to climb aboard the Mayflower Van Tailgate Party??

    Sorry Chuck Pagano, I wish you no good will as the new head coach of the Indianapolis Irsays!!!!


    11 Hall of Fame BALTIMORE Colts in an Irsay display @ Canton

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    @Mitch-let me just fire back a few talking points. When Irsay the drunk swapped franchises with Carrol Rosenbloom he dismantled the best regular season team in terms of wins in the NFL from 58-71. He hired a hitman GM named Joe Thomas who gutted the franchise and pissed off the season ticket holders to save money for Irsay. When they drafted Bert Jones number one in 73 the team returned to prominence.
    However,that came with a price and when players asked for more money Irsay traded or cut everyone again this occured in about 78. Attendance was great from 73-78 then the team was gutted again to put money into the drunks pocket.Fans anywhere will not tolerate this.There has to be hope at least.The Irsay family shot the franchise in the head with a loaded gun twice in 7 years. And you know what? I think Jimmy is going to do that to you guys in Lucas Oil can land once again. Have fun! Yes its all good!

  6. joe Says:


  7. Seth Says:

    Get over it! You losers in Baltimore have a superbowl ring for your Ravens and you still want your Coltsys back. Can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  8. Tab24 Says:

    Ok Baltimore let it go. Indy “stole” your team and you “stole” Cleveland’s team. Oh the irony.

  9. Brian White Says:

    Consider being happier. Your kicker choked on your own bitterness. Hope you enjoy your stay in Indy. I’ve been to Baltimore, and you calling Indy a s**thole is a testament to your class and the fact that you have an unrealistic opinion of your own city.

  10. charlie Says:

    nobody — except loudy loudenslager — took the colt move harder than i did, and i still have the reflex when i see the horseshoe to say, “oh, we’re playing. . .” i don’t accept the lumping together of records, either, which the stupid hall of fame should have fixed the day after that horrible march 28, 1984. . . but to group all of indianapolis under the “you people” category is obviously just a way to whip up the locals. face it, by now, lots of people in maryland don’t care much any more. i do, drew does, and we, the hardcore always will.

    heck, irsay could have moved the team to phoenix (he almost did) and then you’d be making fun of saguarao cacti. if it wasn’t for the outrage that the nfl claims unitas was/is an ‘indianapolis’ player, then we’d have to admit that we did okay. if the colts had moved to phoenix, then we might have wound up with bill bidwill’s cardinals! yikes!

  11. Tom Says:

    For the record, the them “getting it” about “getting over it” is not ironic by definition.

    What IS ironic is that you think their town is a s*&^thole SOLELY because they stole the Colts, and at the same time you say you’re “over it”. That is ironic.

    That’s English class for the day, kids! Enjoy recess!

  12. Rob Says:

    Wonder if 50 years from now people will still be talking about this? I come from the “get over it” camp. Life is too short. Baltimore has a great football team. Enjoy what we all have!

  13. Joel in Indy Says:

    You’d be welcomed in Indy if you’d just get over and move onto the team you have now. Johnny U endorsed your Ravens, stood on the sideline and has his statue. Indy has the Colts, deal with it. I’m sorry the Colts are your first love and still look prettier than the one you are with now. But, sometimes they just don’t want you and you have to move on.

  14. MSam Says:

    Poor Baltimore, bitter and hilarious. The Colts have been in Indianapolis just about as long as they were in Baltimore. It’s about time to get over it or is it just OK to be bitter as long as you aren’t the ones doing the robbing (Cleveland Browns anyone).

  15. NC REDSKINS Fan Says:

    Get over it Baltimore. How dare you even still harbor ill towards the Irsays. Look at what Art Model did to Cleveland and how Baltimore landed the Browns ie now the Ravens. Irsay stole the Colts like Model stole the Browns. Blame the NFL for allowing the thefts of both teams.

  16. Cliff Says:

    All of the above has been written because most folks don’t care what is going to happen next Sunday: New England vs. N.Y. Giants? Both teams have been in the Super Bowl more than once and each team has won a few times. This is going to be a replay of the 2008 SB with revenge probably on the minds of the Patriots for having their “perfect season” ruined; but who outside of New England or New York cares?

    This is going to be one of those 70’s matchups to me. Back in the 70’s my friends and I always wanted a Dallas-Oakland matchup, in order for the Super Bowl to be a good game. Instead we got Minnesota-Oakland, Rams-Steelers, or Cowboys-Broncos. (Since it was apparent the Colts weren’t going to be in anymore SB’s). We knew who were going to win those matchups, even before they played.

    The 49’ers – Saints game played a couple of weeks ago would have made a “perfect” Super Bowl; but the Patriots-Giants?? I guess the only interesting thing to discuss now is: Doesn’t Irsay,Jr. now resemble the way we remember his father looking as he ruined the Colts here in Baltimore?

  17. tsnamm Says:

    The reason they are called the NY “football” Giants, is because there was a NY “baseball” Giants, which of course now reside in San Fran. The Brooklyn “trolley” Dodgers, are now located in LA…if the Indy folks think “anger” and “bitterness” is something unique to Baltimore you’re sadly mistaken. You also conveniently forget that when Art Modell moved the Browns here he at least left the franchise name and team/city records in Cleveland. Also forgotten is the fact that when the NFL held expansion, Baltimore was rebuffed in exchange for such NFL hotbeds as Jacksonville (moving to LA), and Charlotte, and told by NFL commisioner Paul Tagliabue if they wanted any connection to the NFL they should “build a museum”. Interestingly enough, those same Indy fans seem to forget how awful the Colts were during Bob Irsays tenure there as well…as it has been pointed out, thats professional sports today, and that is quite true. But the idea that we should “just get over it” is awfully arrogant.

  18. unitastoberry Says:

    Franchise relocation just like divorce messes up families.This is why I look at people all day coming in to where I work with Stillers gear and Redskin gear etc. I always go out of my way to say,”Oh what part of Pittsburg are you from?” And they say, “I’m from BelAir!”.

  19. Lou Smith Says:

    We’re behind you guys. Keep up the great work.

  20. Lou Smith Says:

    Love the work you’re doing this week, guys.

  21. t dillon Says:

    Baltimore = 8 ravens games a year, close to DC – u suck, u will never get a SB
    Indy= SB, * Colts games, final 4’s, Indy 500, home of NCAA, BIG 10 finals BB and FB, Brickyard, Pacers, ND, IU, and PU. And u stole the browns

  22. Aaron Says:

    Stay mad fatass.

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