We’re already villains in Indianapolis…

January 30, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Well, that didn’t take long.

Glenn Clark and I only needed about one hour on Sunday to immerse ourselves in hot water here in the “heart of the midwest”, where we’re spending a week covering the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

A local writer from the Indy Star approached us and asked about the “welcome card” that was left at all of the tables on radio row and both Glenn and I were overly warm about them.  And, honestly, if you take a look at them, they’re a very nice touch as the media rolls into Indianapolis for their showcase football event.

That said, we did make sure the writer knew that while the cards were a nice touch, there’s not much else the people in Indy can do to make us feel “good” about Indianapolis given the circumstances of March in 1984.

It’s always easy for people in Indy to say stuff like “get over it”.  They can say that because they took the Colts in 1984 and haven’t lost their team to some vagabond who shows up in the middle of the night and sticks a fork in the eye of the city.

Me, personally, I’m completely “over” the Colts leaving.  I left that at the stadium in Baltimore on January 13, 2007 when the Colts came in with their high-powered offense and lucked their way to a 15-6 win when Steve McNair woke up on the wrong side of the bed and couldn’t complete a pass to a guy in purple.

I’m “over” the Colts leaving because we have our own team, but I’m never over the fact that Indianapolis has OUR logo and OUR colors and OUR records.  When you open the record books and see Peyton Manning has eclipsed Johnny Unitas in some sort of passing record for the Indianapolis Colts…well…that can’t be, because Peyton Manning ONLY played in Indy and Johnny U ONLY played in Baltimore.

But that’s also a situation for the creeps in the NFL to deal with, since they — if they had any stones at all — would have simply said to the Irsay family, “the records will always be reflective of the BALTIMORE Colts and the INDIANAPOLIS Colts.”

A couple of nitwits in Indy have chimed in either via our web-site or the Indy Star and continue on with that “get over it” garbage, which is ironic, I guess, because they don’t “get it”.

I complimented those school kids on the cards they created and left for us.  They really ARE nice.  I said that on the air dozens of times this morning.

But anytime I land at the Indianapolis airport, I always say the same thing – like I did yesterday when the wheels touched down: “What a s**thole this place is…”  And there’s only one reason I think like that.

You people stole our team in 1984.

And that’s the truth.

(By the way, you folks in Indy had a helluva season to follow in 2011.  Nice team ya got there…)