“What if 20,000 students showed up and they all wanted to get in for six bucks?”

May 17, 2012 | Drew Forrester

That takes me back to a story I’ve told a couple of times on the air that is perfectly connected to that “20,000 comment”.

Five years ago on a cold February day when no one was actually playing golf, a friend of mine called me and said, “I want to buy that new Taylor Made driver and XXXX store in Timonium has it in stock. Will you ride over there with me and help me get the right one for my swing?”

I agreed and off we went.

Once in the store, my friend found the driver he wanted, but was unsure if he needed a regular shaft or a stiff shaft. I suggested that he hit a few balls in their “testing area” to see which one felt better. To that, he added, “They have a launch monitor here. I’ll just get on that and it will tell me which one is best for me.” For those of you unfamiliar with golf, a launch monitor is an elaborate piece of equipment that judges several things about one’s golf swing that the naked eye can’t possibly detect. It picks up the clubhead speed, the angle your club approaches the ball and the spin your club puts on the ball. The launch monitor basically tells you without question if the club is right for you or not.

So, my friend, on the verge of pulling out his credit card and buying a $399 golf club, asked the store employee if he could get on the launch monitor to hit the two clubs in order to see which one was right for him.

The store employee said, “Sure…it’s $30 for a launch monitor test.”

I stopped him in mid-sentence. “Wait a second. He’s not testing out the club. He’s buying one of the two. He’s either getting the regular shaft club or the stiff shaft club. He just wants to see which one is best for him.”

“I’m aware of that,” the employee said. “He’s welcome to use the launch monitor. We charge thirty bucks for the monitor test, that’s all.”

I couldn’t believe it. “You have a guy ready to give you four hundred dollars for a golf club and you’re actually going to fight with him over using your launch monitor to see which one he wants? Just put him on the monitor for free and he’ll buy the club for you.”

And then came the line of the year from the store employee. “Sir, if we let everyone who wanted to shop here use the launch monitor for free, we’d have people lined up out to the street just to come in and use it.”

Yep…that actually came out of his mouth.

God forbid that people line up to the street to get into your store, huh?

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