What’s next in the NFL? Does Piper hit Tom Brady with a coconut?

November 19, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I have to give the NFL credit for last night’s episode of “Monday Night Raw Football”.

I never even saw Dangerous Danny Davis come in and don the referee’s shirt for the final play.

The league should be embarrassed for what they’ve done to professional football.  Sunday night’s game in Denver was joke-enough, with more flags flying there than at the United Nations.

Monday night in Charlotte, the refs Dangerous Danny Davis correctly called pass interference on Carolina’s Luke Kuechley on the game’s final play – giving New England a one-play-from-the-one-yard-line, winner-take-all moment – then, right on cue from the guy booking the game, Davis consulted with his fellow refs and decided that flag he threw really shouldn’t have been thrown after all.

Their logic?

“The New England receiver wouldn’t have been able to catch the ball that was thrown several yards short of him in the end zone and (intercepted by Carolina)”

That’s correct, of course.

Gronkowski couldn’t get to that ball.

Because he was interfered with, as Dangerous Danny Davis called in the first place.

This, of course, wasn’t the first time a team got jobbed in week #11 of the 2013 NFL season.

The 49’ers had salt thrown in their eyes when the refs were being distracted on Sunday afternoon in New Orleans, when a late-game “roughing the passer” call was thrown right in the nick of time to keep Drew Brees and the Saints on the field.

The NFL, honestly, is becoming more and more like professional wrestling every single weekend.

The refs are starting to look like they’re in on it from the start.

It certainly looked that way to me on Monday night when they bowed to the pressure of the home crowd and let the babyface keep the championship belt at the expense of the villain who did everything to win — right until Dangerous Danny Davis got involved to make sure everyone went home happy.