When the Flyers win, a little piece of the earth breaks off and floats into space

April 23, 2012 | Drew Forrester

I’m a bad guy, I know.

But I don’t care.

Not when it comes to the Flyers.

I want misery heaped upon them.

And their fans.

I want them to lose in the next round in whatever heartbreak fashion the hockey gods dream up.

And if (or, likely, WHEN) the Caps are dismissed from the post-season on Wednesday night, I’ll immediately turn my attention to the Flyers’ next series.  I’ll laugh if they lose and cringe a little through gritted teeth if they win.  That 10-3 shellacking they took in Philly last week was about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  Too bad the Penguins don’t have any heart, or they would have run up the score on those rag-a-muffins in orange.  I would have loved to see 11-3, 12-3, 13-3, 14-3 and yes, even 15-3.  Wouldn’t that have been great?

Nothing good ever comes from the Flyers winning.


Fewer babies are born around the world when the Flyers win in the post-season because people just aren’t in the lovemaking mood when Philadelphia wins a hockey game.

That’s true.  You can look up the stats.

Restaurants suffer, too, because everyone’s appetite is ruined when the Flyers win a game.

As the title says, a little piece of the earth breaks off somewhere and floats into space anytime the Flyers have success.

It’s horrible watching them win.

I swear, get me that Teixeira document and I’ll sign it in a nano-second if the return on my investment is a season that shows the Flyers going 0-82.

One more thing:

Go to youtube and when you see the search bar, type in the words: “Danny Briere chokes on a penalty shot”.

When you do — well, hell, never mind, don’t bother typing it in.  I’ll just show it to you RIGHT HERE.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


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  1. bigkat Says:

    We must know from where you get this monumental disdain for the flyers. I have been listening to your show since you came on the air, so as a fan I am just curious. I am not a fan of the flyers, not much of a hockey fan, I just wonder about where all this hate comes from.
    Just asking Jason from Perry Hall

  2. Phil Says:

    I am not a hockey fan, don’t even know the rules..but I love watching playoff hockey. Also, I don’t like the Flyers, Bruins or Penguins although Breire is the only player I could name from listening to you…mainly I root against those cities because I don’t like the Red Sox/Patriots and Steelers and anything that makes those fans suffer is good. Title of your blog was hilarious, also I remember a few months back you were talking about Briere and some guy called in with a fake French accent and said he was Briere…funny stuff…another type of call that no other host would entertain…can’t wait to hear from downtown Pete after the Ravens draft…keep up the good work!

  3. Brad A Says:


    That series was win win for me. Either a Pitt fan was going home sad or a philly fan was. Im more pumped that Pitt is sad cause i cant stand anything about that city.

  4. RJ Says:

    Love the Broadstreet Bullies, always have, always will! So, Drew, go back and rant about the Os, although the Birds are playing pretty decent right now, good for them!!

  5. pvhockey34 Says:

    Go Flyers! Until now I have never had any distaste for Baltimore(mainly because as a 24 year old phillies fan I have had no reason to hate them considering they have been remarkably bad). You seem to be a capitals fan however, which means you’ll be glued to the television as we send rinaldo to headhunt Semin and Backstrum. I am not a fan of dirty hockey, but if someone as professional…couch couch…and well respected as yourself can post such a biased and hateful blog, well then I’d like to see Philadelphia live up to their title of Broadstreet bullies, just for your series. Lets face it, if…and i mean if….the caps make it out of Boston a lot of that will be chalked up to backstrum and semins late season returns to the club. We all know AO ain’t doing anything overly impressive and for some reason looks like a clear shortcoming of his once impressive and productive self. Without semin or backstrum your team will clearly fold to the flyers who can live without rinaldo, actually i think the only reason we need him on the ice is to spark up the series when he lays out semin and give holtby a snow shower. With all that said I am routing for the caps 100% in their game 7, in hopes that we will get to play them in the next round. If not they can go 6 games with the rangers n tire them out a bit for when were done with FLA. Best wishes to you and your beloved caps.

  6. pvhockey34 Says:

    You would like to dwell on a flyers loss in game 4, which admittedly was embarrasing, instead of embarrassing losses to the pens in games 1-3, and who were increditably outplayed in game 6, the game in which you said the flyers got lucky. The flyers were clearly a better team in games 5 and 6, when the series calmed down. Fleury stood on his head through the third period of game 5, and let in 4 in game 6. Say what you’d like about the flyers sportmanship, but remember no flyer spent his time shooting the pens equiptment across the ice or pulling their hair. I would be utterly embarrased if i was a pens fan, and feel embarrased for any hockey fan that did not feel a sense of happiness when the pens were dismissed from the playoffs Sunday afternoon.

  7. FRANCHISE Says:

    Let’s Go Caps!!!!…Let’s Go Dale Hunter!!!!…..Let’s Go Alex O.!!!!

    Beat Boston tonight and win game 7!!!


    Paul Holmgren & Peter Laviolette

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