Will Angelos, Buck and DD man-up as trade deadline approaches? (They damn well better…)

July 08, 2012 | Drew Forrester

So what happens in three weeks when the Orioles have a deal in place for Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano and it means that the Orioles have to take on roughly $20 million of additional payroll in 2013 for those two players, assuming the Cubs pay some portion of Soriano’s outrageous $18 million salary next season?  Would Peter Angelos stamp “APPROVED” when that trade reaches his desk, knowing he’ll be spending $20 million more on baseball players NEXT season and this season hasn’t even ended yet?

The Yankees and Red Sox would do it.

So would the Tigers.

The Angels would definitely do it.

Those four want to win.

Do the Orioles REALLY want to win?   Or do they simply HOPE they can hold on and win?

I don’t know.

I want to think it’s different now with Buck Showalter at the helm and wacky Dan Duquette at the helm in the front office.  This is the same Duquette who decided to give Matt Antonelli a whirl in the spring.  And the same Duquette who pulled off a stunning deal for Jason Hammel.  Showalter, though, is a man’s man of a manager and you know he’d give his left you-know-what to beat the Red Sox out of one of those two wild card berths in the American League.

Honestly, I think Showalter and Duquette would pull the trigger on a deal or two to win now.  I think they’d gamble.

But I don’t know about the owner.

It’s easy to just say “Sure, Peter will gamble with them”, but anyone who has followed the team over the years knows that’s just not true.

It always gets over-evaluated in Baltimore.  The “trade slip” stays on Peter’s desk for five days while he hopes the other team panics and decides to eat more of the 2013 salaries of the players they’re dealing.  Somehow, someway, it doesn’t work out for the Orioles when the owner gets involved.

But maybe this time it’s going to be different.

This year, for once, there’s real hope heading to the deadline.

One thing for sure — the Orioles need better players.  This edition of over-achievers who can’t field a lick but are somehow still alive needs a roster boost if they want to be contenders in September.

I’m all for it.

I’ll trade just about anyone (no Bundy or Machado — but anyone else is worth considering) if it means the baseball fans who have suffered here for the last 14 years could possibly be rewarded with October baseball in 2012.

This is rare air.

July 8 is here and the Orioles are still relevant.

It’s time to gamble.

I sure hope our baseball team decides to go all in.

Anything less than that would be unfair to the fans.



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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Come on Drew, unfair to the fans do you really think Angelos cares if he is unfair to the fans, I think not. There is no one better at blowing smoke up our a-holes than Angelos, if he can’t get the better of a deal the Orioles won’t pull the trigger on a trade. They might trade for another has-been, but I doubt a big name player. I hope I am wrong.

  2. John Says:

    Come on Drew you and Nestor need to stop beating up Angelos and jump on board. They signed Jones long term and were first to jump in as buyers a month before the trade deadline. They have proven themselves as they will do what it takes to be successful. (DF: LOL x 5. “Proven themselves as they will do what it takes to be successful.” You must wear the Oriole Bird costume in your spare time. Laughable…)

  3. Tim Says:

    John, bravo on signing Adam Jones, it HAD to be done. Congrats.

    Jim Thome alone is NOT the answer.

    July will prove if ownership is committed to winning, or just satisfied to flirt with .500.

  4. joe of bel air Says:

    Get real Drew. The Orioles should not be buyers this year. They have so many holes on this team that 1 or 2 players obtained in a trade deadline trade isn’t gonna help. Hell the Angels call up Brad Mills from Salt Lake City where he was 3-4 with a 4.76 ERA and he shuts the Orioles out on 3 hits over 5 innings. They have offensive holes, pitching holes and defensive holes. Unless Gonzalez and Tillman can replicate their starts from the other day about 10 more times the rest of the season then the Os should be satisfied with finishing around .500 and work on plugging their many holes in the off season.

  5. joe of bel air Says:

    I think what we saw from the Orioles the last 3 weeks when they went 6-13 is closer to the real Orioles than what he saw the first 2 i/2 months of the year. This team is dead last in fielding in the AL, 11th in hitting and 9th in pitching. To expect Buck to work some miracles in the second half is asking too much. Hell he should be manager of the year for what he did the first half of the year.

  6. BmoreBobRob Says:

    I am not sure the Orioles have the organizational depth to trade for rent a players. I’d rather have them play it safe and keep Bundy and Machado than trade them away for a chance this year. With the extra playoff team, there will be less sellers. You have to have faith-just like the fans of NST did after You Pon was yanked.

  7. J Says:

    The goal of every team is supposed to be to try And get better every year. Grow this buy that. Trade him but not him. I dont really care how they do it just do it.

  8. Don Julio Says:

    Trade Matusz and Schoop plus another mid-level prospect for whatever pitcher that can bring but I wouldn’t move Bundy, Machado or Arrieta just yet.
    Would love to see Garza or Greinke (assuming they can resign him.)

  9. tsnamm Says:

    I sure hope so too Drew, but I’m very skeptical… you would think the “fear” of spending some money on this team would have worn off when compared to what trying to spen as little as possible has gotten them…last place for 14 years and an empty ballpark. They always talk about how valuable all these prospects are, yet only 2 of them off the top of my head have even become “stars” in the last 15 years. When it comes to sacrificing “potential” that might not add up to anything vs. actual proven statisical players in the major leagues, it seems obvious to me which direction they should be going. The big difference is the price tag. Like the old saying goes, you can make a pizza so cheap no one wants to eat it. Rather than trying to save a buck, its time to try and grow revenues with investments in WINNING…lets see if they give it a shot.

  10. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    As presently constituted, this team has apparently gone about as far as it can, which is to say that their performance overall to date has been surprisingly successful! However, the pitching, fielding and hitting deficiencies are taking their toll, so an infusion of talent is a “must” if they have serious designs on post season play. And, therein lies the “rub”, i.e., serious designs. We’ll probably learn more about that following the allstar break, but my hunch is that we’ll be in for yet another letdown because….leopards don’t change their spots!

  11. Tom Says:

    I will be the first to stand up and give Peter an “atta boy” (please – this is all I can stomach with that clown) if he ok’s what is required – a front-line pitcher and another bat – prefer a 3rd baseman.

    This almost reminds me of “Major League” – a group of rag-tag players who actually have a chance despite ownership’s goal of making money, making money, and you guessed it making money. I can just picture Nick Markakis firing up the outboard boat motor to make bubbles in the spa that Adam Jones sits in on a nightly basis.

    “We will invest the MASN revenue right back into the ballclub”. Let’s SHARE a Chinese lunch if you can guess who said that way back when……

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