Will you people please shut up with “if, if, if, if…”

March 04, 2013 | Drew Forrester

All weekend long, you heard it. Or read it.

“If Rahim Moore knocks that pass down in Denver…”

“If Ray Lewis doesn’t announce his retirement…”

“If the Patriots don’t mismanage the clock at the end of the first half…”

“If the 49’ers give the ball to Kaepernick four times at the end of the game…”

These were all comments thrown into the mix to somehow justify an argument against Joe Flacco’s new contract.




If I won the lottery, I’d be moving to West Palm tomorrow afternoon.


I love listening to knuckleheads try to dissect the high-level nuances of sports and throw that word “if” in there as IF it actually matters.

News flash for the experts:  IF has nothing to do with anything.

Those same “if people” forget about January of 2012 when Lee Evans had the ball in his hands and a trip to the Super Bowl just three-tenths of a second away.  IF only he would have held on.  He didn’t.

How come the “if people” never bring up Tom Brady fumbling that ball in the snow against Oakland a decade or so ago? (But then the famous “tuck rule” was applied and the Patriots went on to win a Super Bowl).

Joe Flacco was the Super Bowl MVP a month ago.  He was spectacular – again – in the post-season, where he has won SIX AWAY playoff games in five seasons.

Let me give that stat its own line — Joe Flacco has NINE career playoff wins…SIX ON THE FREAKIN’ ROAD.

So keep on saying “if” all you want.

Talk about hail mary’s and kick returns and bad coaching by the other team and anything else you want.

Joe Flacco has been in the NFL for five seasons.  In those five seasons, his team (he’s started every game, remember) has made five playoff appearances.  If you can’t ask for the most money in the NFL after you’ve gone 5-for-5 in playoff trips, and won nine road playoff games, and you were selected the Super Bowl MVP after your team won — when can you ask for the most money and deserve to get it?

I’ll just sit here and look at what happened and opine on that.  There’s only one thing in sports that matters.  Just one.  The only thing that counts is the scoreboard.  That’s it.

“Hey, nice round of golf, what did you shoot?”


“73?  It looked like 68.”

“Yeah, I missed a couple of short putts.  If I make those, I do shoot 68.”

“Right.  But since you missed them, you shot 73.”

“If I make them.”  If, if, if…

So, yes, if Rahim Moore knocks down that pass and the Broncos beat the Ravens, the fortures for Joe Flacco change dramatically.  He didn’t.  And they didn’t.

Get a grip on reality, folks.

What happened, happened.

Just check the scoreboard.

And Joe’s bank account.


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  1. calvin@jhh Says:

    Drew, I agree with you, but I think the issue is that no one (nationl talking heads) belives that Joe can carry a team to a win.

    Joe has been one of the most successful QBs in the league. He was due.

  2. The Armchair QB Says:

    As stated this morning, no NFL QB has accomplished more than Flacco since entering the league 5 years ago, including NEVER missing a snap! And, he did it with less surrounding receiver talent than his contemporaries! So, in answer to all the “ifs”…..”If your grandmother had balls, she’d be your grandfather!”

  3. Unitastoberry Says:

    If Pearl Harbor never occured. If Washington never crosses the Delaware. If the Orioles never trade for Frank Robinson. If Watson never comes in here. If mold on bread never becomes Penicillin. If Mike Curtis does not intercept Craig Morton with seconds left in Superbowl V. If Irsay just stayed in Chicago and drank himself to death prior to becoming owner of the Colts. Good Stuff!!!

  4. Troy Says:

    “If’s” are for cowards

  5. Justafan Says:

    As the legendary sportscaster Keith Jackson would say,”It’s nor HOW, but HOW MANY!”

  6. Justafan Says:

    Correction; “It’s not HOW, BUT How MANY!”

  7. charlie Says:

    don’t know about ‘you people,’ but this person is glad that the super bowl winning qb is coming back to the ravens!!

  8. matt Says:

    if baseball season would just start you wouldnt have to write filler blogs. (DF: If baseball season would just start I wouldn’t have to hear from you anymore. Alas, we have a month to go…)

  9. Such Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Drew. Not to nitpick, but Joe has 6 road playoff wins. I guess 7 if you count the SB. 9 overall playoff wins in 5 years. That doesn’t suck. (DF: Thanks for the note! Hope you’re well, Mark.)

  10. The Armchair QB Says:

    Just one more, “if”…..IF Lee Evans held onto the TD pass in the endzone in last year’s AFC Championship game, Flacco would have taken his team to back-to-back Super Bowls!”

  11. OVER40DON Says:

    Here’s a few more IF’s for you. If Brady, Manning , and Brees had a suspect Offensive Line like the Ravens did most of regular season due to lack of performance by some and injuries in addition, plus, Cam as the guy calling the plays and with our recieving corps, none of the “ELITE” guys would be “ELITE”

    Unitas and Armchair as usual, hit the “if” dead center!

  12. Stoner Says:

    He’s right Drew. Typical filler crap. (DF: Don’t read it then. Hate to waste your time…)

  13. Dan Says:

    And the best ‘IF’ of all , If No Jim Caldwell , No Super Bowl, No MVP, No record breaking contract , Cam has to go ! , Fans right again ,big time . And wasn’t it great for Flacco’s detractors to finally see him reach his potential , no fumbles , no interceptions , no mistakes , we knew he could be better , and he was .

  14. Bill Says:

    Why are people complaining about filler, you’re the only blog people respond to on this website.

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