You have questions, I have answers. “11 Questions” returns…

July 10, 2014 | Drew Forrester

“11 Questions” returned with a bang last Thursday.

So, for now, it remains on the Drew’s Morning Dish menu.

As long as you keep sending them, I’ll keep answering.

Let’s proceed.


1. Ron asks:  “What do you think the Orioles should do with Markakis at the end of the season?”

DF — “I think we all know they’re not going to exercise the $17mm option for 2015, but no other team in baseball would give him that either.  If I’m the Orioles, I re-sign Markakis.  I don’t know what he thinks he could command on the market, but he’s a $10-$12mm a year player, essentially.  He might be able to coax some crazy team into him giving him something like $50 million for four years, but that’s too much.  Offer him $32mm for three and try to keep him.”

2. Barry asks:  “Does Tiger make the cut next weekend in the British Open?  Any chance he wins?”

DF — “Yeah, he’ll make the cut.  He’s had a couple of weeks to work on the things that let him down at Congressional.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sneak in a really good round (66/67) on Thursday or Friday to put himself in the spotlight but I can’t see him winning the event.  He hasn’t won a major since 2008.  What makes anyone think he’s suddenly going to win one in 2014? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see him win.  Just don’t think it’s happening.”

3.  Tom in White Marsh asks: “Where does LeBron wind up going?”

DF — “I don’t know.  I wouldn’t bet this one, that’s for sure.  There are gobs of reasons to stay in Miami.  I’m sure his heart is pulling him in the direction of Cleveland, though.  If you made me bet a dollar on it, I’d say he winds up in Cleveland.”

4.  Pete asks: “My buddies at work always do a bunch of second half baseball prop bets and we thought we would let you set the betting line on two Orioles related wagers.  What’s the over/under on HR’s for Chris Davis this season and the over/under on Orioles wins for the season?”

DF — “For Davis, it’s 31.5 HR’s.  The Orioles win total is 91.5.  In case I’m allowed in on the wager, I’ll take the under on Davis and over on the win total.”

5.  Jack in Baldwin asks:  “What’s your favorite Springsteen album?”

DF — “You know if you ask a Springsteen question you’re getting in “11 Questions” every week!  I’m sitting here thinking about this one and it’s a real struggle to pinpoint which of his albums is my absolute favorite.  I’m going to go with Tunnel of Love, although Magic and The Rising are right there.”

6.  Robert asks:  “Do you think penalty kicks is the right way to end these World Cup games?”

DF — “My opinion on PK’s has changed a little bit having now watched this 2014 World Cup.  Like most people, in general, I don’t like penalty kicks deciding the game, but I’m starting to come around on it a little bit.  It’s a “skill”, no matter what people think.  You’ve seen some goalkeepers steal the show in PK’s during this World Cup.  It’s not quite the lay-up everyone thinks it is for the shot taker.  One thing I do know for certain — PK’s shouldn’t determine the Semi-Final or Final.  I don’t mind having them decide knock-out games/quarterfinals, but once you’re down to the final four, you keep playing until someone scores.”

7.  Robert (not the same one as above) asks:  “You’re granted an expansion baseball franchise and are allowed to take any one player in the league to start your team.  Who is it?”

DF — “Is this a trick question of some kind?  This took two seconds to answer.  Mike Trout.”

8.  Kim asks:  “What’s taking the NFL so long with the Ray Rice decision?  And how many games will he get?”

DF —  “I’m not sure why it’s taking this long.  It shouldn’t, right?  The possibility exists, of course, that the league has already informed the Ravens and Rice what’s going on and the appeal process is underway.  I think he gets a 6-game suspension and it gets appealed down to 4 games.”

9.  Terry asks:  “Do you think the Orioles should try to re-sign Nelson Cruz right now?”

DF —  “Sure, but that’s not going to happen.  He signed for one-year specifically to have the chance to put up good numbers and be a free agent again next November.  There’s no way he’d re-sign right now.”

10.  Glen asks:  “I know you tried to qualify for the U.S. Senior Open recently.  The tournament is this week.  Who do you think wins and what do you think you would have shot there?”

DF — “I don’t even know who is in the field, honestly.  I don’t follow the Senior Tour at all.  I did see that Fred Couples and Craig Stadler both withdrew with back issues.  I’ll take Mark O’Meara (if he’s even playing).”

11.  Don in Kingsville asks: “I’ll ask a wine question with hopes of getting in.  Do you chill your red wine before drinking it?”

DF — “You’re right!  You’re in.  I don’t own a wine cooler myself, but that’s the best way to treat your red wine if you’re serious about having it be the right temperature.  If I’m having friends over and we’re “serious” about the wine, I’ll throw it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, max, before we open it up.  Otherwise, if I’m just watching baseball and having a glass, I’ll just pull it off the rack and drink it.”