You people are nuts…seriously. Nuts. Winning isn’t good enough anymore.

January 17, 2012 | Drew Forrester


So I blew up today.

HERE IT ALL IS if you’d like to listen to it.

I lost it.

If you had to listen to these goofs call me up and complain about Cam Cameron and the offense after the team wins a playoff game, you’d flip out too.

I don’t know what you do for a living, but I guarantee it’s less stressful than what I’ve gone through for the last two days while I have to evaluate feedback from people who want to criticize the Ravens after they won the biggest home game in the history of the franchise.

You people are nuts.

I’m on tomorrow at 6:07 am.  Hope to hear from you.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Drew –

    I’ve listened to you for quite awhile now and always viewed you as the “Ron Smith (aka. Voice of Reason)” of the Baltimore sports media community. I am actually suprised it look you this long to blow up, considering the number of nut-job callers you get. I think you are completely on-point and I honestly thing that most fans in town are excited the Ravens won and more importantly, thankful that we are lucky enough to have such a well run and successul NFL team. It is just too bad that the nut jobs out there (like this caller) are the ones you hear from the most. I think the rest of us normal people owe you a few more calls to help you keep your sanity.

    Keep up the awesome work Drew. Your show is the highlight of my otherwise crappy drive down 95 each morning.

  2. charlie Says:

    amen. a win is a win is a win is a win is a win. . .

    they can win ugly all the way thru the super bowl as far as i’m concerned.

    fans who can’t feel good after a playoff win will never be happy.

  3. bigkat Says:

    You know that is why Baltimore Fans are labeled as whiners by outsiders. Some fans want Brady as quarterback, Calvin Johnson as wide receiver, and the 2000 ravens defense every game. I hope they play Sunday against the Pats as they played against the Texans;


  4. RobCrazyPolock Says:

    Druw….ey….dunt thk u givey peoplu enuf kwedit…its viry diffikult doin things liek tiping oer dialineng a fon withg a strraight jakit on….gO RAvins!

  5. gary p Says:

    Four years of.winning? Wow I.must has missed those back to back to back superbowls. Are they (DF: Another comedian heard from…show me the back-to-back Super Bowls of any team in the last decade. Oh, wait, never mind. The Ravens have won more games than anyone in the last four years. Look it up, if they have computers up there in Pittsburgh. Say hi to Ike Taylor for me. Hope his sunburn is better.)

  6. Christian Says:

    Some of my fellow Baltimore fans are just plain pathetic, winning is winning, winning is the only thing that matters.

  7. eric Says:

    Don’t know why this surprises you. After all they complained that we didn’t win the Super Bowl pretty enough. But there is a middle ground. Cam deserved criticism for the lack of offense and it’s design Sun,namely all he did was throw deep or run the ball. No screens,play action bootlegs,crossing patterns or slants. However that should not be a story longer than on postgame shows. Once Mon starts people should be happy and looking forward to NE

  8. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    To “drive” you crazy is more like a….short putt! As a Ravens fan, I ALWAYS want to see them win! They won a Super Bowl in “ugly” fashion and, I hope they do it again this year, especially in Indianapolis! But, I happen to think they have a very talented QB in Joe Flacco, who has the potential to take that next step, but whose progress is being impeded because he’s in a “flawed” system with an offensive coordinator who does not appear up to the task! My criticism is not directed at the team, who I continue to believe wins in spite of Cameron, not because of him! That is not a FACT; it’s just an opinion! Based on Bisciotti’s comments at the end of last year, he may be of a similar “opinion”!

  9. Diddy Says:


  10. Chuck Says:

    “I don’t know what you do for a living, but I guarantee it’s less stressful than what I’ve gone through the last two days…”

    -Police Officer
    -Jail Guard
    -Air Traffic Controller
    -Child Protective Services case worker
    -Member of the Military serving in a combat zone
    -Sailor serving in the Strait of Hormuz
    -A naval officer or enlisted sailor serving on a nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed submarine that’s underway for nine months.
    -Teacher in a rough neighborhood.

    Oh sure, your job is so stressful. Sounds like you’re the nut.

    (DF: You left out a bunch of other stuff in your attempt to take me seriously. How about a coal miner? A lifeguard on a busy beach? How about the guy who does nipple piercings? I mean, one slip up and there’s blood everywhere…)

  11. jpetrosino Says:

    My biggest take from the Texans game was the poor execution of our offense with the dropped passes (3 or 4) and poor pass blocking. That has nothing to do with Cam other then making sure they don’t repeat these same mistakes against the Pats assuming these are correctable mistakes. If our players aren’t good enough or hurt at this stage of the season then there isn’t much Cam can do this late in the season.

  12. Tim from Ruxton Says:

    I agree Drew. Let’s think about this. Thr Ravens have beaten the Texans twice, a playoff team. They have beaten the Bengels twice, a playoff team. They have beaten the 49ers, a playoff team. They have beaten Pittsburgh twice, a playoff team. They are 7-0 against playoff teams. Albeit ugly, they know how to win when it matters. On the other hand, NE has only played three playoff teams, They lost to the Giants, they lost to the Steelers (who the Ravens beat twice) and they beat the Broncos twice, the playoff team with the worst record in the AFC. The Ravens are the only team in the NFL to go to the playoffs four years in a row. We have gone (are going) to the AFC chanpianship in two of those. Get a grip everyone. The Ravens are a really really good team and I’ll guarantee you that we are the last team the Patriots want to face!

  13. PghSteve Says:

    ” The Ravens have won more games than anyone in the last four years. Look it up, if they have computers up there in Pittsburgh.”

    I live in Baltimore where there are certainly computers. So I looked it up.

    -Ravens’ regular season records over the past 4 seasons: 12-4. 12-4, 9-7, 11-5 = 44 total wins (avg 11 per year, darn good)
    -Steelers’ regular season records over the last 4 seasons: 12-4, 12-4, 9-7, 12-4 = 45 total wins (avg 11.25 per year, just slightly darn gooder).
    -Ravens’ postseason records: 1-0 (so far), 1-1, 1-1, 2-1 = 5 wins, total of 49 over the past 4 seasons.
    -Steelers’ postseason: 0-1, 2-1, 0-0, 3-0 = 5 wins, total of 50 over the past 4 seasons.

    Not a heck of a lot of difference there. Both teams seen to be doing pretty good. By the way, the Patriots have 48 regular season wins over the past 4 seasons, plus 1 postseason win (total of 49 wins).

    Good luck to the Ravens Sunday

    Insert rude Pittsburgh comment here: It’s going to be fun watching the Ravens play this Sunday – along with the rest of the people in Pittsburgh.

    (DF: How’s that? Rude enough?)

  14. PghSteve Says:

    BTW, maybe instead of describing your job as stressful over the past 2 days, ‘frustrating’ might be more accurate? (DF: Here’s an idea. You stick to chewing on your toenails up there in Pittsburgh and I’ll decide how to define my job. Cool? Good. Thanks.)

  15. Phil Says:

    Nestor coming in to calm you down was classic. Agree with Tim, we are most definitely the last team NE wanted to face. We will win, I have no doubt. We have five common opponents, we scored as much as NE did and we held them to less, all history though but I just believe we are a better team that knows …how…to….WIN…that’s all that matters.

  16. Dan Says:

    I sure hope Ed Reed was listening , Come on Ed A win is a Win !
    What’s wrong with all you Goofs ?

  17. Vince in SC Says:


    I don’t get to listen a bunch except when I can catch it on the web, but that was 10 minutes of the best radio I’ve ever heard. I laugh so hard I cry every time I listen to it. I miss listening to the morons in MD. The best 32 years of my life.

    Keep up the voice of reason.


  18. matt Says:

    Speaking in a Tuesday radio interview, Reed said Flacco was “rattled” by the Texans’ defense, and “just didn’t look like he had a hold on the offense.” He continued, “(the) offensive line gotta block better … they gotta communicate better, gotta pick up blocks (and) Joe’s gotta get the ball out of his hand.” Reed is on the short list of NFL players who can say whatever they want, but a team leader publicly calling out his play likely isn’t what Flacco needed heading into the biggest game of his life Sunday.

    do you have the full video or audio of this?

  19. unitastoberry Says:

    Love your rants…..How about one on why Mike Curtis isnt in the NFL HOF? GO BIRDS!

  20. Justafan Says:

    Talk about ugly football? How about the old Colts super bowl victory over the Dallas Cowboys in 1070? It was ugly but the result was a world championship for the old Baltimore Colts.

  21. Garyp Says:

    Well someone already did the analysis for me so now need for a computer.. .. for the record.. 1st.. not from Pittsburgh (thank god).. 2nd.. *(DF: Another comedian heard from…show me the back-to-back Super Bowls of any team in the last decade.)* I believe in the last decade the Pats won back to back super bowls.. maybe they don’t have computers there in Baltimore.. 3rd.. You said all they do is win.. I guess my impression of all you do is win is win the big game.. not win a bunch of regular season games and do nothing in the playoffs.. that’s why Pats fans can’t claim all they do is win in the last few years.. 18-1 is great but they lost the important game.. :-) (DF: That’s YOUR impression…which, frankly, I don’t care about. My impression is this: The Ravens are the only team in the entire NFL to have a playoff game for the last four years. Your beloved Steelers haven’t done that. Neither have the Patriots. All the Ravens have done for the four years is win. That’s pretty much all the Patriots have done, too. Neither has a Super Bowl to show for it. But if every year the only way you’re a “winner” is to win the Super Bowl, than you’re set up to fail from the start, because only one team will be doing that. Sorry to hear about Mike Tomlin’s dad.)

  22. Tom Says:

    your act is bush league. dude, it’s your job to talk to these people. (DF: I did talk with him. Did you hear the interview or were you busy chewing your toenails like the rest of the Steelers fans up there in your neck of the woods?)

  23. Russ Says:

    I agree Drew. I just can’t take these Flacco haters. I’m not going to start a ‘Flacco for MVP Club’ but I would say at this point in his career, he’s an average to slightly above average QB. I know a lot of teams in the NFL would take him in a heartbeat over what they have. He’s not a Brady or Brees, and probably never will be…not many QBs are, but I think he’s good enough to win a Superbowl with. It seems a lot of the haters aren’t truly intelligent sports fans..they’re bandwagon fans who whine and complain when the team plays bad and are silent when they play good. The most important thing is the end result. The stats for Flacco at this point don’t lie and he has improved every year, plus the team has won with him. Can he have a bad game occasionally? Sure, but the fact remains, the Ravens have been successful. So many other factors are related when the Ravens lose…the play calling in my opinion has no consistent flow, Cam needs to be more creative and call plays opposite of what the other team may be expecting…don’t run when everybody knows you’re gonna run! The receivers are, for the most part, young, and also this Flacco’s fault. The O line has struggled to be consistent…again, is this Flacco’s fault. The point is, there are other factors that effect the offense’s efficiency. If we were fortunate enough to win a Super Bowl this year, the haters will remain silent in their critique until the offense (aka Flacco) has a poor game. Sometimes, as in the Texans game, you just gotta take your hat off to the Texans D…they played lights out. Baltimore has NO baseball team to be excited about but does have a football team that is run first rate and wins most of the time…how about getting behind them 100% and stop waiting for them to fail to crow. As for Ed Reed’s comments…no surprise…way to go Ed, and what a great time to open your mouth. Just what we need. I haven’t seen any players throwing you under the bus, while you failed to tackle in run support all year. I’m sure you’ll be clamoring for a new contract any time now.

  24. Jim Traber Says:

    So glad I listened to it – it was a catharsis for me! I deal with it too where I work, guys shaking their heads, saying we won but…Screw that!!! We won! Next up! Win by a lot, win by alittle, just win baby! 16 year season ticket holder here. Truly knowledgable fans understand.

  25. steve Says:

    Your getting alot of mileage of the Steelers being out of the playoffs and the Ravens still in. Finish the deal and get to where we have been..Create a history of winning..Not a few years..Ravens fans are so jealous of what the Steelers have accomplished…Man, let it go..Focus on the Ravens being where they are without all the Pittsburgh stuff.. They have accomplished alot more than the Ravens have..You guys still haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 12 years….Good Luck. (DF: I never mentioned the Steelers once in this piece. Not sure what got your dander up — other than losing to Denver and being forced to watch the good teams play for a few weeks after your boys got dismissed.)

  26. Justafan Says:

    The Ravens have been in the league 16 years. Almost half of these years they have made the playoffs and went once to the Super Bowl which they won. Not too shabby!

  27. David Manzo Says:

    I enjoyed the rant personally and i feel the same way, im sure if the Ravens win and make it to the Superbowl and then win it the fans here will still find something to complain about and how it could have been done better. Im sorry Drew but the Pats did win back to back Super Bowls in 2004 and 2005 so that one guy was right. Now for the Steeler fan with his history of winning???? I guess they forgot the 15 years between Superbowl 15 and Superbowl 30 then forgot about the 10 years between Superbowl 30 and 40. Then the failure to make the playoffs after Superbowl 40 and 43. I love all the talk about the past as being great but forgetting the parts in between all the wins. Idiots.

  28. Ken Says:

    Drew you’re right. People complain because we don’t win every game 45-0. I really think some of the complainers decided a long time ago that Joe Flacco will never win a Super Bowl and they point out every little thing in a pathetic attempt to prove themselves right. As you said this morning, they continue to do it even though they’re wrong 70% of the time. The majority of us (the sane ones) understand that a win is a win. It doesn’t have to be pretty. It doesn’t have to be anything other than our team walking off the field after the game having scored more points than the other team. Winning the game is the only thing that matters (the Orioles still need to learn that). I listen every morning and honestly don’t know how you put up with these idiots every day. Most of them have nothing intelligent to say and just want to hear themselves on the radio. Take comfort in knowing that some of us remember when we didn’t have a team and now that we do, it makes the winning a little sweeter.

  29. John in Westminster Says:

    Cost of winning the AFC North?
    … 12 wins (including 6 against playoff teams)

    Cost of winning a divisional playoff game to put you in the AFC Championship?
    … 1 win (requiring 20 points against the NFL’s 2nd ranked defense)

    Having your favorite local talk-show host finally snap because he is tired of ungrateful fans who don’t appreciate the home team going deep into the playoffs 4 years in a row or feel the need to apologize for a playoff win?
    … Priceless!

  30. Garyp Says:

    DF.. why do you keep insisting that I like the Steelers? I also now realize why you are specific about four years and not five years.. because they were 5-11 five years ago.. By the way, second place is first loser… Wait.. they haven’t been second place either. When is not making it to the Superbowl considered making it deep in the playoffs? get realistic.. they are a good regular season team and a mediocre playoff team.. Much like the Pats (of late) and the Colts (before this year ha!) (DF: Boy, you really don’t know anything about the subject at hand, do you? I reference “four years” instead of five because the John Harbaugh era is FOUR years, not five. Brian Billick coached the team in 2007. Got it now?)

  31. Russ Says:

    I remember when the Ravens released Dilfer, calling into a rival station, and debating the merits of the move with Steve Davis. He crowed on & on about Grbac being a superior QB, and to call him at the end of the season to agree with that. My point then, as is now, is that the chemistry is so often under-rated. The Ravens WON with Dilfer and that was the result that mattered. Archie Manning put up great stats, but guess what, the Saints sucked every year while he was their QB. Flacco could very well be a similar case…not a superstar, but a QB with whom the desired result is achieved. Give me a team with a winning chemistry anytime, over a collection of disconnected stars, who sometimes play more for the next years salary.

  32. Garyp Says:

    Thanks DB.. I got you now.. still doesn’t disprove my belief that they are not “winners”..

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